Email Addresses



Whats the email address for general information and support?, members should use the form at in the first instance


What's the email address for billing and payment information?, members should use the form at and select the billing category in the first instance


What's the email address for Guide applications?


What about the email addresses members mention; tom@, jules@, dvela@ etc

These are personal email address, and are not to be given to the members.


Can I give my name@vpguides email address to members?

Absolutely not, that email address is for VPchat business only.


Mail address



What is the VPchat mailing address?

Halsoft.Com Inc, P.O Box 26662, Austin TX 78755-0662


How long will it take for a check to arrive and be processed?

Please don't offer any actual estimates. The mail is checked every day, and payments are processed (and accounts opened) the day they're received. Beyond that, it's an issue for the postal service.


Phone Numbers



Is there a VPchat Phone number?

Yes, but we prefer members and guides use the provided email addresses.


Emergency contact



Is there a 24 hour emergency contact for VPchat?

Contact any admin names and they will get through to the necessary party.





New Sign up issues



You started to set up an account but didn't finish for some reason, you may have left the user name and your email address "locked" so they can't be used again.

No problem. We can fix that. You can completely remove all information associated with the account and name, or you can resume where you left off.



Its been more than a week since I mailed in my payment and I still haven't received my password. Can you give it to me?

No, Guides don't have access to members account information. You will need to fill in the form at , select Billing category, and give them your Name and the Email address you used to setup the account.



My account expires on the 15th of the month. Will it automatically renew?

Depends if you have authorized further deductions from your credit card or paypal account. If you have then it will automatically renew. If you paid by check or one time deduction, then it will not automatically renew.



I mailed my money order to VPchat over a week ago. When will you activate my account?

VPchat will clear your money order as soon as it arrives and as soon as this has happened your account will be activated. The mail can be slow and this is why we need to allow at least a week, longer if outside the United States.



I started a new account, when is my credit card charged?

On new accounts, the credit card is charged immediately. Billing is immediate; you pay in advance for your subscription, and same when time comes to renew your account.



When are EChecks deducted from my bank account?  

They are deducted straight away, same as credit cards, although there's usually a hold for an EChecks to clear. ECheck's can take up to 7 days to clear the banking system and be credited to VPchat.


Transferring names



Can I have one name on "X" account moved over to "Y" account. Is this possible?

Yes, the owner of account 'X' needs to delete the name from their account. Then the owner of account 'Y' contacts support requesting the name be added. Make sure to include account number and name. There is a $1 per name fee for transfering names.



Can I move my name from a friends account and start my own account?

Yes, you will want to start an account with the name that's already on an account by going to the standard signup page and registering with that name. If you can provide the password, the name becomes the owner of a new account.



I have tried to add a name to my account thatís not taken in the Members List and it says itís not available. How can I get this name as it is one I want?

Complete the form with details of your account and the name you want. If it is available, it can be added. There are no guarantees on names available and some are never available for reuse.



How often are locked or deleted names freed up for reuse?

There is no time limit on the names. Once a name is deleted from an account the only way for it to become available is to ask support via the form at and ask for it to be added to your account.


New Accounts




Is there anyway I can keep my real name confidential when signing up for my VPchat account?

Yes, first obtain a web based email address, eg hotmail. Create your new account using this email address and choose to pay by check. Obtain a money order and mail to VPchat with your account details.




Can I use my email address to create more than one account?

No, each email address can be used only once to set up a members account.




Why can't I create a name starting with a dot?

Thes sort of names have been blocked mainly because names beginning with dots aren't legitimate email addresses. VPchat is offering an email forwarding service now.




Why can't I create a name starting with a hyphen?

Names beginning with a hyphen have been blocked because you can't FTP an account with a username that starts with a hyphen. This is an FTP server limitation, not a VPchat problem.




Account Page



The My Account page will not show sometimes, why?

Make VP a trusted site. In Internet Explorer go to Tools Menu, select Internet Options/Security tab. Click on Trusted Sites, then Sites button to add new trusted sites. Make sure Require Verification is unchecked.



What are the URL's to add as trusted sites?

Members need to add two URL's to the trusted site list: http://* and http://* Some may also need to add and



Why is it necessary to sign in again to My Account page if I am already signed in to chat?

Because they are standard web pages that can be seen from any web browser, even if you are not chatting. You are asked to sign in to protect your privacy.



How can I turn back off (or back on) automatic renewal for my Credit Card or Echeck payments for my account?

To sign in to Account web page, go to and click on My Account. On the summary page click on the link "Change Payment Info" in the box on left side of page and follow the prompts depending on your requirements.



The My Account page will not show sometimes, why?

Your Security or Privacy maybe set too high, a level less than Medium High is required for VPchat to work correctly. In IE6 go to Tools Menu, select Internet Options/Privacy tab. Check privacy setting for the Internet zone and lower if required. Click OK



What is the option of Locking a Name on my account for?

Locking a name on your account means that it can no longer be used to access VPchat services. The name is still available for future use but while locked no one can make use of it. Account holders can lock/unlock any name on their account.



What is the option of Restricting a Name for?

This is an option so that the account holder can stop a name on their account from being able to access the adult community. The name will still be able to access the family community and their web space.



How can I change the status of a name to either locked or restricted on my account?  

Go to and sign in to My Account area as the account holder name. Choose the Name Status link in the Change Account box. A check mark means the option for that name is selected, to unselect remove tick. Click on Apply Changes.



How can I make a payment using my credit card?

Go to and sign in as account holder. This will bring up the payments screen and allow you to make a current or future payment.



How can I change my account so I now pay with a credit card or echeck?

Go to and sign in as the account holder. You can then choose which method of payment you wish to use and set up your account. Remember to cancel PayPal account as well or you will be billed twice.



How long does an ECheck take to be processed and my chat account to be credited with the money?

EChecks take up to 7 days to process. Once your bank takes the money from you account, the money travels through the FDIC before it arrives at our bank. We apologize for the inconvenience. Contact for further information.



Can I see how many penalties/warnings I have against my name?

You can if your the account holder, otherwise you will need to ask the owner of your account for that information. is the url





I have forgotten my password, what can I do to get it back?

Go to and click on the My Account link. At the bottom of the Sign In box is the link "I forgot my password". Click on the link, move to lost password page, fill in your user name and click Send My Password button.



Who is my password sent to when I request it?

Your password is always sent to the Account Holder's email address. If you are not the account holder, please contact them to obtain your retrieved password.



How can I update my Credit Card expiration date on my account?

Go to, enter My Account area and select Change Payment Information. Enter the new expiration date and click on the Update button.



If some one steals my account, will they get my Credit Card Information?

No, only the last 4 didgits of your credit card will show, and the expiration date. The rest of your credit card number shows as **** (asterisks)



What does it mean to have "account in good standing"?
It means all of the following: Your account is paid in full, there are no pending payments, your account has a history of good behaviour, and your account has not had any privileges revoked before.



How do I make changes to my PayPal account?

All PayPal questions need to be answered by PayPal, they are a seperate company. Their FAQ site is



Is their anyway that my account can be hacked, and my password stolen

No one has ever successfully hacked into our account database. There are only 4 ways someone can get your password, you give it out, a trojan that is recording your keystrokes, visit one of the illegal chats and use your vp info, you use a proxy servers



Why can't I change my password? When I try nothing happens.
All passwords need to be a minimum of 6 letters/digits in length. If its under that then page will just sit there, you dont get any message. Increase the number of characters or digits.



How can I pay from the UK if I didn't have a credit card?
Most banks in the UK will give the person a US funds money order, you could also go to the US embasy to obtain a money order.



What is an eCheck?

A payment instrument combining the security, speed and processing efficiencies of all-electronic transactions with the familiar and well-developed legal infrastructure and business processes associated with paper checks.



Can I use a money order to pay my account from Australia?

Yes, Australians can obtain Western Union International Money Orders at the larger post offices and send to VPchat.,1083,CH2020%257EMO19,00.html








Hello guide, how is Guide-Dawg doing these days?

Dont get drawn into this sort of conversation. A good response would be "Catch Dawg online and ask them, they will be able to tell you that much better than I can. :)"



I need to see Guide-Dawg, do you know what time they will be on next?

          Guide shift times are not published. The best response is "Sorry, I'm not sure when Dawg guides but if I

          see them I will say you're looking for them. Can I be of assistance to you now?"


Adult/Family Login



What is the correct ID to have while guiding in family server?

Name = VPchat Help Team; Location =; Email = left blank



What is the correct ID to have while guiding in the adult server?

Name = VPchat Help Team; Location =; Email = left blank



Do I use the same Guide name to log into both servers?

Yes, for now use use Guide-Name on the family server and on the adult server.






What is the official VPchat Time Zone?

VPchat uses USA Central Standard Time (CST). All times are this unless told different, eg additional tools page.



Can I use my email address for personal use?

No, this email address is specifically for VPchat related communications such as Guide to Guide or Guide to VPchat. Please do not give this address to others.



How do I set up my vpguides email account?

Got to click on Training and select outlook or outlook express to set up your preferred email client.



How can I have a questions added to this FAQ page?

Email or contact Dawg or Bingo in Tracker with your questions and or additions or changes.





When are next months schedules hours due to be sent?

Keep your eye on the VPGuides homepage. Each month towards or shortly after the 20th it is posted Schedules are now due. Send them in as soon as you see this notice.



Where can I find the times I have scheduled myself for?

Go to  The schedule will be posted on the main page.




How many hours do I need to do in a month?

All Guides are required to do a minimum of 5 hours per week with an additional 2 weekend hours per month.



Are events part of my scheduled hours?

Do not add Events to the schedule you send in Event hours are separate from Guide hours. There is no minimum for event hours. It's your personal choice which events you choose to do.





When should I fill in my Guide Report?

Reports are to be completed and submitted at the end of each shift. Information from your reports are used to answer support mail as well as to let us know what is happening in the community.



Do I need to do a report for when MC for an Event?

Yes, event reports are still needed to show your times. Please include the amount of people present at the event. (approx) They are also a great way to say how the event is going, how popular it is or any comments chatters have made. Include any trouble and send them to



Where do I find the report form to fill in?

Go to and choose either link: Tools or Reports.



Why cant I Paste my information into my report?

You can still, but need to use the key combination Ctrl and V to paste, right click will not work.





Can I use my Guide name to run an event?

MC names have been developed so as reduce members frustration when they try and ask for help during an event when you can't leave. Using your Guide name means you may receive a number of IM's during the event and as such unable to fully concentrate.





How do I become a Guide?

Send some background information about yourself and an explanation of why you want to be a guide, your timezone to Include all your chat names so you can be located.



I sent an email to training to be a guide, no one has gotten back to me, didnít I make it?

Guide applications donít receive email notifications of receipt of email. VPchat will make contact with you thru the client, not thru email. Did you include your play name in your email have you changed it and not updated your training email? Patience is a virtue that you will needs lots of as a guide.





Can I sign a guestbook as a Guide?

No, please don't sign anything in your guide name. Good intentions usually turn into negative results.



Can I post to forums on the Internet?

No Guide can post to forums in their guide name. In playnames do not post in any VPchat related thread on any forum.


Buddy List



When should I have Tracker (Buddy) List logged in as my Guide name?

Your Buddy list should be open and active anytime you are online doing a shift. Also please have buddy open anytime you are available to provide help to other Guides and stay up to date if there are any changes.



Can I have Tracker (Buddy) open as a stand alone program?

Yes, as a VPchat staff member you may have buddy open in your Guide name alone.



How do I setup my Guide Tracker (Buddy) list with the dat file?

Go to and click on the Training link to see instructions on Merging a new dat file to keep your buddy list up to date.


Supplementary Tools



What is the URL for the Supplementary Tools page?

The URL is or



What name and password do I use to log into Supplementary Tools?

Use your guide-name and the same password as use to log into client. Make sure guide-name is entered in all LOWER CASE letters, no combination of upper and lowercase.



Do I need to add more Trusted Sites as a Guide?

Yes, it's a good idea to add https://* and http://* to your trusted site list.


Client Tools



Do we have a place to refresh our knowledge on in-client tools?

Yes, go to and click on the link to Training. This will cover basic usage and if more information is needed, just ask.



How do some chatters seem to be able to get straight back into the room after a room eject?

It happens when that chatter is a member of a group, that is on a tour, linked or part of a game. The chatter has to be alone for the 10-minute eject to work. Eject them again if they come straight back in and the 10-minutes eject is warranted.











Should I tell a chatter who reported their actions?

No, keep the chatters name that reported it to yourself. Leave it to the first chatter to say, if they want to. Guides can always say we were just roving past.



I told my ex-boyfriend my password and email, he went in and changed them and now I can't get into my account that I paid for. What can I do?

When you signed up for your account, you agreed not to pass on your password to anyone. The best suggestion is to stop future payments on the account and setup a new one. Impress the need for keeping account information private.





Where can I look online for information on stalking?

          One good site is:


Conflict Resolution



When asked to change an offensive name, the chatter's response is I spoke to Clancy and he said this name was ok (what do you do?)

Don't let this sway your judgement. You felt the name needed changing and that is why you asked. Say "I am here now, not Clancy, and I would like the name changed. Please change it. Feel free to have Clancy discuss it with me later."


VP Families



What are VP Families?

VP Families are groups who have instituted a structure. An example are Wolf Packs but there are others. They have very strong group loyalties.





How can I log into the adult server?

Go to Tools Menu and select Community Servers. From the list choose and highlight the Virtual Places (Adult)/ line and click on the Connect button. You will be taken to the adult sign-in page.



Can I make the Adult server my default for when I sign on?

Go to Tools Menu and select Community Servers. From the list choose and highlight the Virtual Places (Adult)/ line and click on the Set Default button.



Can I visit and chat on any web page using the Adult server?

Using the adult community allows wider access to web sites. No member shall visit and/or chat on a web site that promotes, advertise or supports activates that are illegal, for example child pornography or the distribution of pirated software.



If I go to the adult community I can do anything and no Guide will stop me?

No member, in either Halsoft community, will use or promote content that is unlawful; harmful; threatening; harassing; defamatory; or racially, religiously or ethnically hateful, including threats pertaining to sexual orientation.





Can I use any web page using the Family Server?

No, all web pages with adult content or an adult lifestyle need to be visited using the adult server. Any chatters using such pages will be asked to move to another room, or to use the Adult server.



Can we have discussions of an adult nature on the Family Server?

All discussion of a an adult nature is not suitable in the family community. Such discussion will be moved to the adult community server.



What are the restrictions on names and avatars in the family community?

No member shall use offensive language, names and/or avatars in the family community. Common sense is to be used on what are acceptable using wider community values.


Potential Suicide Calls



What do you do if have a suicidal caller?

We can't take an active preventive role but we can keep them talking. Whatever you do, don't engage in trying to help them, i.e., don't try to be the hero. We need to recommend a suicide hotline, or other trained help, Guides are not trained help.



Who do I call if I have a suicidal member?

First step is to contact Jules, and if she isn't online look for Dawg, or Tom.


3rd Party Programs



Which 3rd Party Programs does VPchat support?

None, Guides only offer support on VPchat products. Best to suggest they contact the owners of the relevant program for that programs support services.



Can I use Cerberus or Patchworx if I upgrade to the new build?

VPchat wasn't tested to work with these programs. They are third party and as such not supported. A good response is "The client has not been tested with those programs, so best to not use them."


Mass IMs



What is the difference in a Mass IM and a Targeted IM?

A mass IM is one sent to a broad cross section of the community while a targeted IM is sent to a specific group in the community. Activity Alerts have replaced the need for any such IMs now.



Are targeted IMs legal?


Use Alerts for group communication like Painters now. IMs are not allowed if the receiver didnít want that IM, or ask for an IM.


Can I go from room to room IMing people, or is this still a Mass IM?

Sending IMs to people who don't want them is the reason behind no Mass IMs, so going from room to room IMing people is the same, only use IMs for person to person conversations or to small groups who have agreed to be IMed.



Can't I use my own mass IMer and do the same as Activity Alerts?

No. Mass IMs have always been illegal in Halsoft. If you use a mass IMer you'll put your name and your account in jeopardy. IMs will only be tolerated for member to member communication, i.e. no one complains about receiving one.



Can I send my banner to people sitting in obs of my room?

NO, you can put your banner into the room and they can see it, but dont sent your banner by IM to anyone, not even in obs.



How can I make contact with members of my shop/ladder?

Private Alerts is the ONLY way Gaming Ladders, Paint Shops, or Groups may communicate en-mass with their members. Their is no exceptions to this.



How can I contact all of the members who wish to be kept up to date with my radio stations programs?

Private Alerts is the ONLY way radio stations may communicate en-mass with their members. Their is no exceptions to this.



Can I send my radio station information to people sitting in obs of my room or in other rooms?

NO, you can put your information into your main station room and they can see it, but dont sent your banner by IM to anyone, not even in obs. Do not not post into other rooms, use IM only when asked for info.





Can anyone have a an av with Halsoft written on it?

The word Halsoft witten on a red strip is not okay as it is guide impersonation. The word Halsoft alone could be okay, their is stock avs with Halsoft on them even. If they can be seen as Halsoft staff it is not allowed.



Can I have an av with a red strip on it?

Yes, the red strip alone is okay, the combination of Halsoft written on red strip is not allowed.


Feedback: Positive and Negative



How can I send Halsoft praise for a Guide's action?

Go to and fill in the form, subject Guide Praise. The praise will be passed on to the guide, they will be pleased to hear from you.



What are the two types of support offered to members?

First point of support is VPchat guides. Or Support can be contacted via the form at


Page ownership



Why can't you remove this person from my paintshop?

The page is on the Internet, we can't make a person move off a specific page. Halsoft is a web browser and makes use of Internet Web Pages. If you don't want people to use your room please make a Private Room or use Ignore in a Public Room.



Do I own the room I made on Halsoft?

Your membership entitles you to space on the Halsoft servers to create a web presence. These web page can be used as a chat room, however you do not own the room; it is available to anyone on the Internet. You can add passwords to limit access.


User Created Rooms



How can I add a room to the User Created List?

Only Account holders can add rooms to this list. Go to, has information and place to add room. The default size is 25 people.



I have my room listed on User Created List, how can I have more then 25 chatters in my room?

Go to and delete you room from the list, then re add the room, selecting a higher maximum number, ie 40. Maximum room numbers are 15, 25 or 40 people.



Can I have a script in my page that may disrupt Halsoft chat for other chatters?

Scripts that close Halsoft, or leave you traped are not appropriate. Scripts that direct people safetly to another page to continue their travels, or open a popup are okay. Please add pages with harmful scripts to your reports when they are found.



How long will it take to have a room added to User Created Room list once I submit it?

Rooms are added to the list within a couple of minutes. They will be removed from the list if found to be not appropriate for the specified list.





How can I check which email address I used when I registered my account?

Go to, click on My Account. You will need to log in your account owner name, now choose the link Change My Email. This will show the current email address for that account. You can change email address in same spot.



I have contacted Support weeks ago from my Hotmail account and not got a reply, why?

The reply may have been filtered to junk mail, please add to your safe list and then use the support form again.



How do I add a domain to my safe list in hotmail?

Open your hotmail account to the first page. Choose the Options Tab. Click on the Safe List link. Type into the field, then click Add button. Will see domain added to the safe list. Safe List addresses are always delivered to Inbox.



What should we ask a member who hasn't got a email reply?

1. When did you send the email? 2. Which email address did you send the email to? 3. What email address did you use to send the email?



How long should it take to get an reply back from VPchat support?

All requests will be replied to within one business day of being received. If a request is made on Friday afternoon, it may not be answered until Monday afternoon.



If I email support, which email address will they reply too?

All emails to Support are replied to by pressing the reply button. It will not matter if it is sent from a different email address to the one account registered too. Better to use



I never received a renewal notice for my account?

All account generated emails are sent to the registered account email. Please check that it is still your current email address. Check at



What is the preferred way to contact VPchat support?  

Please use the support form at, it is not reliant on any email or spam filters.





Chatter x is showing avs with child pornography can you stop it?

Ban the avatar for 2 minutes. Warn the chatter with the reason for the ban. Open an IM to the chatter to explain such behavior is not tolerated. Call either Dawg, Admin or Jules for further action.



Can I advertise a new product or service to other members of Halsoft?

No, all members agree, by signing in, not to transmit any advertising, promotional materials, or other solicitations not authorized by Halsoft.







How do I enter a room automatically?

Go to Tools/Preferences and place a check mark beside Enter the Room Automatically when I launch VPchat.



How can I have new IMs appear on the chat bar?

To have your new IMs appear as tabs at the bottom of the chat window: Go to Tools/Preferences and place a check mark beside Display IMs as they first appear in the Chat Pane.



How can I turn off Gestures?

Go to the Tools/Preferences and take out the check mark beside Show Gestures.



How do I stop people sending me files in VPchat?

Go to Tools/Preferences and take the check mark out from Enable Sending and Receiving of Files.



Can I turn off Mega Avatars?

Yes, this will allow all avatars to be displayed as regular sizes. Go to Tools/Preferences and take out the check mark beside Show Oversized Avatars (Megaheads). To turn large avatars back on, place a check mark back in the box.



Why can't I see large avatars when I go to change avs?

You may have the option turned off in Preferences. To check, go to Tools/Preferences and confirm that a check mark is beside View Oversized Avatars in all my Galleries (Megahead).



Can I stop people linking to my av?

Yes, this is called antipairing. Go to Tools/Preferences and place a check mark beside Allow No One to Pair with Me. While this is on you can link to another av but they can't link to you.



How can I stop people sending me an Instant Message?

Go to your Tools/Preferences and look down the list of options for Ignore all IMs. Take out the check mark to turn them off.



Can I see IMs even if I have them off?

Got to Tools/Preferences/Ignore all IMs. Under the place you type the Ims Off Message is a box to place a check mark for Show IMs when in Ignore Mode.



Is their anywhere else I can find more information on the client features to help answer questions?

Sure, look in the technical support section of the VPGuides web page. This is a resource for Guides only. Direct URL is



How can I change the way my chat window is and save it permanently?

First you have to position and size the chat client to how you want it. Then go to View Menu and choose Save Layout, this will change the way your client always opens.





How do I move my Avatar?

To move your av, place your cursor on your avatar on the screen, then click and hold down on your left mouse button and drag the avatar to the spot you prefer.



How can I move my Megahead without it going back down to Regular size?

To move your Mega, move your mouse along the top edge of the mega until you see ďYour Name Mega BigheadĒ along the bottom of it. Once you see that, click and hold down mouse, dragging the mega over to the area you prefer.



How can I connect/link my Avatar to someone else?

Click your AV with your left mouse button and hold dragging it over to the AV you wish to connect to. You will see a talk bubble appear on top of your cursor. Let go of the mouse button and the AV will jump into position.



Now that I am linked, how can I turn my AV to look at my partner?

On your VP screen, go up to the top and click on AVATARS. Now go down to FLIP HORIZONTALLY, and click on that. Your AV will now face the other way. To reverse these actions, simply repeat what you have just done.





Where can I download the latest VPchat client?



Where can I find information on latest features?



Can I open more than one instance (clone) of the VPchat client?

Yes, but you will need to edit your vplaces.ini file. Close your client and go to C:\Program Files\vplaces and open vplaces.ini moving to the bottom of the [Settings] section and add the new line -> multiinstance=1. Build 175 has this line already added.



How can other free chats use the same software as VPchat?

They canít use the latest Build so itís not the same software. Itís illegal to use copyrighted software for other than its intended purpose. Other chats are breaking the law, as are the people using them.



What are the System Requirements for VPchat client?

The minimum requirements for VPchat are: Pentium processor (or compatible), Windows ME/NT/2000/XP, at least 64 MB of RAM, and at least 12.3 MB of free disk space. The download is approximately 6.7 MB's in size.



Will VPchat work on a Mac?

VPchat no longer supports the Macintosh Operating System, but older versions of the client may still work.



Will VPchat work on a Mac with the new Apple OS 10?

Yes the VPchat Client will work if they use the PC emulation program. MAC OS is not supported by VP any longer.



What files and folder should I save a copy of before doing a clean install?

Your favorites - C:\Program Files\vplaces\vplaces.txt Buddy dat file - C:\Program Files\vplaces\trak\Yourvpname@bud.dat Avatars - C:\Program Files\vplaces\exts\gallery Gestures - C:\Program Files\vplaces\exts\gestures




How do I do a clean install of my VPchat client?

Close VPchat Buddy & Client. Go to Control Panel/Add Remove Programs/highlight VPchat in list/click Remove (Choose automatically if asked). Go to C:\Program Files\ & delete the vplaces folder. Reboot computer & load VPchat.





How can I save a Room to my Favorites?

On your VP screen, go up to the top and click on GO, come down to FAVORITE PLACES, and over to ADD TO FAVORITES, and it will be saved. To go back to that room, just go to GO, down to FAVORITE PLACES, click on the name of the room to go to it.



How do I Ignore a chatter or their Avatar?

Right click on Chatters name or avatar, from menu that appears Ė choose ignore



How do I send an Instant Message?

Right click on the chatters name or avatar and click Send Instant Message. You can also use the middle button on the bottom right called Message. Highlight their name in the list and click Message.



How do I turn avatars off to view a web page?

On your VP screen, go up to the top and click on AVATARS menu. Go down to SHOW AVATARS, and unclick it (when you do this, you will not hear any sound from gestures). To turn avatars back on, make sure the line that says SHOW AVATARS is checked.



How can I send a file, avatar or gesture through Halsoft?

To send a File through VP, RIGHT CLICK on the Chatters name or AV of the person you want to send the file to, and choose SEND FILE from the menu that appears. On the pop-up window, you will be asked which you want to send a FILE, GESTURE, or AV.



How do I know which Build of VP I have?

Click on VPchat Help menu, then click on "About VPchat". The build and the date of the release will be in this popup.



Why do I lose new rooms I added to Favorites when I close?

The attribute on your favorites file is set to Read Only. Close VP and Buddy List, then go to C:\Program Files\vplaces and RIGHT click on vplaces.txt file, choose Properties, and take out the check mark beside Read-Only, check Archive.



I installed VPchat on my new computer. How come it says I don't have a browser installed? I have IE6 on that computer.

One reason is that 163 does not recognize IE6 whereas 170 doesn't require the presence of IE. Try downloading and installing the latest build of the VPchat client.



Can I get my password sent if I forget it?

At Sign-In on the left is a link you need to click to send a request to VPchat for your password. When Halsoft gets the request, it is automatically sent to the Account Holder's email address.



Why are some people back on Ignore when I have taken them off?

Right click on an ignored chatter and take off the tick beside Ignore in the menu. Also remove the name by going into Tools/Ignore List. Highlight the name you wish to take off Ignore and click the Remove button.



Can I Ignore someone who is calling me from Buddy?

Click on Locate, type in the members name with prefix of @buddy eg: chattername@buddy. Right click on the name and select Ignore from menu. Another option is to add the name to the Ignore List in the Tools menu with chattername@buddy.



What does it mean when someone says they are cloning VP?

Cloning is logging into VPchat with more than one name at the same time or the same name in both the Family and Adult servers.



Why doesn't sound work on my gestures?

You will need to check with your gesture maker



Is there a way where VPchat can be deleted and yet the Buddy be kept?

No. You may not translate, reverse-engineer or reverse-compile or decompile, disassemble or make derivative works from VPchat software. You may not modify VPchat software or use it in any way not expressly authorized by this Agreement.



What are the IP numbers or IP address for the VP chat servers?

The IP numbers for the servers are is and is



I log into VP and I am fine till I go to change my av from the default to my av, then disconnected, why?

ZoneAlarm can cause this, it blocks the av data. Close and disable ZoneAlarm, then reboot computer and log back to VPchat, then turn Zonealarm back on, it will ask you to add the new program to its list, accept and it will be okay from then on.



I have saved avs in my Personal Gallery but when I try and change I can't find them, why?

Go to the Tools Menu, select Preferences, then the Folder/Emoticons tab. The path to your Personal Avatar Gallery should be C:\Program Files\vplaces\Exts\Gallery\, if set as C:\PROGRA~1\vplaces\Exts\Gallery\ the avs will not show.



Why would I be still getting disconnected, I have tried, calling ISP, unplugging phones, checking wires etc, etc, etc?

Try making the size of the folders with avatars and/or gestures smaller. When they open it may be causing memeory overload.



Why do I show as being in a private room when someone locates me?

If a room has had adult content, it maybe listed in a forbidden places list so that they will always show as though you are in a private room. Only way to get there is a url, you can't just surf to it.



How do I select FTP Tunneling?

This is a checkbox in the Tools/Community Servers window. If you use FTP Tunneling then your VP program connects to the server using the FTP port (21) instead of the standard VP port (1533).



What does FTP Tunneling do, and when should I use it?

Sometimes network firewalls are set up to only allow specific ports, and 1533 may not be one of them. If it's not easy or possible for you to change the firewall, you can try using the FTP port instead, since FTP is usually allowed by firewalls.



How do I remove Zonealarm from start up on my computer?

To disable Zonealarm, click on Start Button/then Run. Type msconfig in the box, click OK. A dialog box will open, click on the last tab that says Startup. Scroll down list until you see Zonealarm, untick the box(s) for it. Click Apply and then reboot.



Why do I get a pop up message when connecting with 175 telling my drive controller has changed?

This normally happens when a Member has changed their vplaces.ini file manually, for instance added the line ďIsDebug=1_ to the file. To fix take the added line out while Client is closed or do a clean install. Do not make modifications to an .ini file.



Why do I get a message saying "Timed Out" while logging into client?

This can happen when connection is lagging. The server is waiting for the sign in information and after a period will stop waiting and send a Timed Out message.  Best to try later when no lagging or close some other programs using the connection.



When I try and save an avatar from a page it will only allow me to save it as a .bmp file, how can I fix this?

You need to clean your cookies and temporary internet files from your computer. This should allow saving of the avatar as a .gif.  You may need to reboot after clearing the files if still a problem.



I am using a router and internet sharing software and I seem to be getting booted all the time, any ideas why?  

Try this, Start Internet Explorer, Go to Tools Menu / Internet / Options / Advanced tab, Select the Use HTTP 1.1 through Proxy Connections, Click OK, Quit, Restart Internet Explorer, and then try to connect to VP.



Why doesn't animations work on my gestures?  

You will need to contact your gesture maker, a suggestion is that animations that show as all images in one huge frame just wonít play, need to have individual frames.  



Why canít see the pages or pages?

Try looking at pages using Internet Explorer, if still nothing clear your cookies, remove temp internet files, add url to trusted sites, then try to make sure vpchat is not blocked.



I can't see page but can see, why?  

This can happen if your connection has been filtered at some point, best place to start is to contact your ISP and have them check if has been blocked.





What is a Gesture?

A gesture is a file that works to reflect an emotion or a feeling in VP. You will find your GESTURE PALETTE on the LOWER RIGHT side of your screen.



How do I delete Gestures?

Open the gesture palette by clicking the smiley face on the right of the chat line. Point with your mouse to the gesture and while holding down the (Ctrl) key, click the right mouse button to delete the selected gesture.



What are Emoticons?

When you type characters like : - ) they are automatically translated into an image such as a ďsmiley faceĒ.



How can I turn Emoticons off?

Go to Tools / Preferences where a dialogue box will open. Choose the Folder/Emoticons tab. Remove the check from the box at Show Emoticons.



How do I play a Gesture?

Click on the Gesture Button (smiley face at the end of the chat line). Click on the gesture from the displayed palette then click on the send button.



How can I find an Emoticon to send?

Click on the Gesture button to open the Gesture palette. Press the F3 function key to display the Emoticon palette. Select the Emoticon with your mouse, and click the send button.



Can I use a gesture to advertise an event or a radio station to other members?

No, such information is best sent via the alerts system, either use the Groups list or start a private alert list for your radio station.





How do I start a Tour?

Right click on your Avatar and go down the menu to GUIDE A TOUR.



How can I change the tour bus?

Left click on GUIDED TOURS in the menu bar at the top of your screen then SET UP A TOUR. On this screen you can give your tour a name, change the picture, and choose whether you want it for 2 or 11 people.



What size is a tour graphic?

The small tour is 50 x 40 pixels saved as 256 color gif file and holds 2 people. The large tour is 144 x 64 pixels saved as 256 color gif file and holds up to 11 people.



How do I join a tour?

Left click on your avatar and drag it towards a tour. When you see a little car symbol, lift your finger from the left mouse button.





How do I start a voice conversation with someone?

Same way as you IM someone. Right click on the avatar or the name, and choose Call from the menu.



Will Ignore work with Voice calls?

If you put someone on Ignore, then you wonít see any call requests from them. If a call is in progress, Ignore will not stop the call.



Will a Gag stop voice calls?

No, while a chatter is gagged they will still be able to call other chatters.



Can I make a call to more than one person?

A voice call can only be made to one person at a time. You will not be notified if someone else calls you while in a voice call. The caller will not be told your in a call nor will they be able to connect.



When I try to call someone I get a error saying wavs out?

This is caused by sound being already in use. Close down and reboot the computer, donít open any audio programs or chats like Yahoo or MSN. Try voice and it should work.



Will programs that stop popup advertising effect voice?

Yes, most will stop the connection pop up from showing. The popup blocker is built in to AOL Version 8.0 and MSN browsers.



Is their any anti virus programs that can effect voice connections?

Avg Control Anti Virus is a freely available program any it contains a firewall which can stop voice connections. Disable the program, restart client and try a voice connection. If voice connects, may need to look at different Virus protection.



How can I set up my Mic in Win XP?

Go to control panel. Open your sound devices. Tab to voice. Click on test hardware. The wizard will take you through the process of setting up the mic.



I have a Linksys router, why can't I make voice work?

Better to suggest Linksys support than try to deal with a non Halsoft product. Linksys offers many types of support at and some excellent tutorial files at



I have a SMC router, why can't I make voice work?

Better to suggest SMC support than to try to deal with a non Halsoft product. Help files for SMC Routers are available at





Who can sign up to receive Alerts?

All members can choose to receive Activity Alerts. The choice of groups they receive and all other options can be changed at anytime. Default settings is for all alerts off.



Who can send Alerts to members?

Account holders, in good standing, can only send alerts and only after their request to have sending permission has been approved by Halsoft.



How do I sign up to receive Alerts?

Go to and sign into the name you wish to receive alerts too, once signed in click the link My Alerts in the box on the left of the screen. Tick the groups you wish to receive alerts for and click the save button.



Can I choose to have alerts sent to my Buddy name?

In your My Alerts area of your account look in the Online Notification section and you can tick to receive alerts to either buddy or chat or both. Click the Save button to make the changes.



Can I still receive alerts while not online in Halsoft?

Yes, you can choose to have notification of the alerts sent to your email or even a phone or a pager. Go to My Alerts link in your account to set these options. Place a tick in the one or both and add the correct details, then click save.



Can I stop my alerts filling my mailbox while I am away?

Yes, go to the My Alerts section of your account and there is a option, Stop delivery of offline alerts, tick this and click Save. Remember to untick this option when you want alerts sent to you again.



How do I sign up to be able to send Alerts?

Sign into your account as the account holder name, select the link Send Alerts. Place a tick beside the Activity you wish to be able send alerts to, can choose more than one. Click the request permission button. Your permission may take a while to be appear



Why is their no box beside an Activity for me to be able to tick?

Once you have permission to send to an Activity the box is taken off, the only Activities available are the ones you donít have permission to send to as yet, or havenít request permission to send too.



I have permission, now how do I now send an alert? (Part 1)

Go into your Account page, using your account holder name to log in, then select the Send Alerts link. Select the list from the Alerts you have permission for and click the Create button. This will take you to the next screen.



I have permission, now how do I now send an alert? (Part 2)

Fill in the box with the message you wish to send. Keep your message appropriate and under the 250 characters limit. Then select either Send Now or the time for the message to be sent. Then click the Send Alert Button.



Why did my alert get sent twice?

If you refresh your browser then the information will be recompiled, this will include your action of clicking the Send Alert button. Better option is to click on another link and then click back on Send Alerts link to refresh the page.



Will Alerts be monitored?

Yes, all Public Alerts sent will be monitored and can be traced back to the account owner. Use of Activity Alerts against ToS will result in permission being revoked on all of your accounts.



Why can I only send two Activity Alerts per list per day?

To make sure that members who sign up to receive alerts are not inundated with messages and decide to cancel. Once a pattern forms of how much people are using the service then the limits will be assessed. Its important not to send to a wrong lists.



What type of things will result in suspension of the Alert Service privilege?

Sending an adult message or link using a list not explicitly labeled as adult. Sending a message containing text or a link with no purpose other than to be nasty toward another member or website. Sending an off-topic message to any list.



Why do I get an error message when I try to access the My Alerts page?

You need to add the following URL's to your Internet Explorer trusted sites and, remember to remove the check out of the box at the bottom of the grey box, requires server verification, before clicking OK.



I have signed up for Activity Alerts but I still havenít received any yet?

It will take a little while for your Activity Alerts to be turned on, after that they will arrive as an IM. If you choose to ignore IMs then you will also be ignoring the Alert IM and so miss it.


Will I get Adult alerts on the family server?

Yes, the Alerts you receive are related to the ones you signed up for and will be delivered to you in client no matter which server you are logged into.


Can I sign up to send alerts even if I dont want to receive any alerts?

Yes, sending and receiving of Alerts are seperate, you dont have to sign up to receive the alerts you send to be approved. It would be handy to get them to make sure were send okay.


How many Public Alerts can I send per day?

You can send 2 alerts per list per day (or 12 in total in a 24 hour period if approved for all lists). Do not send alerts to the wrong list to try and get around the limit as your alert privilages will be removed.



Do I need to have the latest build of Halsoft to receive alerts online?

No, alerts work like an IM when your online, the server send the alert to you name, same as if anyone sent you an IM. They will work in any build.


Does this alert service cost extra?

Not the Public Alerts, they are included in the package for account owners, its not an additional cost to use the service. There is no discount if you choose not to use the service either.


What are Private Alerts?

VPchatís Private Alerts allow you to notify subscribers and friends about anything and everything as often as you'd like. The content of your alerts is entirely up to you. You can send an alert to your subscribers whether or not theyíre online.


Does this Private Alert service cost extra?

Yes, it costs $5.00 per month for this add on. You can choose to list your Private Alerts in a directory in our members area. You can let anyone join your list, or you choose to approve who joins your list.


Can I change the name of a Private Alert List?

The name cannot be changed but you can edit other sections. Do not delete the Private Alert to change the name or you will have to buy a new one.


Can I change the setup of a Private Alert List?

Yes, you can change the URL, description, show or not show, approval of members and such like, but you cant change the name.


How many Private Alerts can I send per day?

With private alerts you can send one every 2 minutes. These alerts are only sent to the people who have choosen to join the alert list.


Do I have to be able to convert time into PST to have alerts send at the right time?

All alerts are scheduled in your own local time; this time is obtained from your computer. They are translated once you schedule the alert.


Why are my alerts not sending?

One suggestion to try is that if they have a number of alerts pending, try deleting the first one, sometimes it can be like a cork in a bottle stopping the ones behind.


Is there any limit to the number of Private Alerts that can be scheduled?

No, there is no limit to the number of pending alerts set for a list. Sometimes if a problem does occur try waiting for several minutes to allow the alert system to reset to correct before you try again.


How can I setup a secondary name to be able to send my Private Alerts?

Have them select the secondary name, then fill the second name that they wish to have access at Allow 3 days for activation. It may take less time but please be patient.


Who can setup a secondary name with the ability to send private alerts?

When purchasing add on alerts, Sybil accounts or larger are entitled to set up a secondary name that can also send the private alert. The account owner can then change the password on that name at any time to stop access.


How can I cancel a private alert list so not charged again?

Go to and mark the list you want to remove with dot in Edit column, then click Remove List. It will be removed from future bills but there is no refund for current time.


Can I transfer my Private Alert list to a new account owner?

No, sorry private alert lists are non transferable, you can cancel your list and new owner can set up their own list. Before you close your list send an alert to tell them all to join the new list.


How can I remove my name from a Private Alert or Game List?

Sign into the page with the name you want to remove from list. Scroll through lists untill find the one your subscribed too (has a green check mark). Click the unsubscribe link and name will be removed.


Third Party Programs



I use Cerberus and get booted and a Server message saying removed for inapproriate behaviour, why?

Cerberus reads packets differently and when sending information back the Halsoft server may think it is a flood causing a disconnection message. The Halsoft servers are different from what Excite use to run and so Cerberus perceives the data differently.





What do Guest's have access too in client?

Guest's have access to all the same servies as any Member with couple of exceptions, they cant access Buddy List or the Adult Community.


How long will a Guest account last?

14 days is the time limit on Guest's ability to log in, they can use a number of names during that time, but all will be blocked after 14 days.




Operating Systems



How can I use VP on my Linux OS?

You will need to use a windows emulator like vmware, you can search online for 'windows emulator', however we can not provide any support for that operating system, sorry.


Can I use VP on Mac OS?

In order to use VP or any W32 program in Linux or Mac you need to use a windows emulator. However we cant offer support for these Operating Systems.




Sign in



Why can't others see me when I sign in to Buddy list as Guide?

Make sure you are signed in as guide-name@host.


How do I change my sign in name on Buddy list?

Go to File menu and select Sign in. All names end in @buddy unless specified, such as for Guides with @host.


How can I tell which name I am signed into Buddy List as?

Look at the Buddy List Title bar. You should see full named you signed in with.


How do I create a shortcut on my desktop for my Buddy list?

From Build 176 on the installer places a shortcut icon on the desktop at installation.





How do I Load a new name list?

Go to File menu and select Import List. Load from the choices offered. This will delete any list you currently may have in your buddy.


How do I Merge a list of names with my current list?

Go to File menu and select Merge List. This will open a dialogue box allowing you to select the required dat file. This action will not delete the current list.


Can I share my list of names with another member?

Go to File menu and select Export List. This will open a dialogue box allowing you to choose were to save the file and a name. Guides DO NOT share their buddy list with members.


Add/Remove/Edit names



Why do I lose names when I close Buddy List?   

The attribute on the buddy dat file is set to read only. Closer VP and Buddy and go to C:\Program Files\vplaces\trak and RIGHT click on chatname.dat file. Choose Properties and take out the check marke beside Read-Only, check Archive.


I logged into Buddy list with a new name and I have lost my names, why?

Every name you use for Buddy has its own dat file. Go to Tools/Import List/Load and navigate to C:\Program Files\vplaces\trak and choose oldname.dat file to load. All the names you had on old name will be back.


How do I add new a New Group to my Buddy list?

Go to People menu and select Add. Select the Group tab, enter the new name and press Add Group button.


How do I add a chatter to my Buddy list?

Right click on either the chatters name in the list or on their av then from the menu select Add Person to Buddy List. Select the group and type in a name for the person then click Add Person.


Can I add a person to Buddy list when not in same room as them?

Yes, you can locate a person and then right click on their name in locate box. Choose Add person to Buddy List. Choose the group and type in a name and then click Add Person button.



Connectivity issues



I have an old build of VP. Can I use my Excite Pal program?

No, most PAL programs have no place to change the server address. This means it will not connect to vpchat/vpadult servers. The best idea is to use Buddy List.


Can I still use my old version of VP and the new version of Buddy List?

Build 163 may work with Buddy List. Not all of its features will work, eg: can't add a person to list from the older build to Buddy. It is better to use the same Build of VP client and Buddy list.


Can Buddy List be used as a stand alone program?

With the release of build 172, a shortcut direct to Buddy has been added for both desktop and start Menu, this means Buddy can more easily be run stand alone


Why cant I get my buddy list to work while I am using Norton 2005 Internet Security, have disabled Norton Security in order for the buddy list to work.

Use FTP Tunneling in the Connectivity tab of your Buddy Preference. This should allow Buddy List to connect through Norton.





How can I stop the sounds from Buddy list?   

Go to Options/Preferences. In the Alerts tab remove the check marks beside Play Sound under New Message Alert and/or People Entry Alert.


Can I change the sounds my Buddy list makes?

Go to Options/Preferences. In the Alerts tab you should have Play Sounds ticked. You can then use the Browse button to find a new wav file to use. Only use smaller wav files.


Can I turn off the Emoticons in Buddy list?

Go to Options/Preferences. Choose the Messages/Emoticons tab. At the bottom is Show Emoticons. Take out the check mark. To turn them back on, place a tick in the box.


Why does my name appear like Guide-Ri in conference and everyone has a full name?

Your name in the conference can only be a maximum of eight characters in length. Everyone else can have full name as it is sourced from the Buddy name list.


How can I change my name from Guide-Ri to Rick in my conferences?

Go to Options/Preferences. Choose the Messages/Emoticons tab. Move down until you see My Name. Change the name to read how you want. This name shows on your computer only. You are limited to a maximum of 8 characters.





Why can't I see any names on my Buddy list, no matter if I choose online people only or the whole list?   

It maybe because you have closed your group with the names in it. Look to the left of the group name and click on the arrow. This will expand or collapse your list of names so can see or not see them.


Why can I see a person online in my buddy list, but when I try and see were they are online I get a message saying User not online?

This can happen when a member logs into VPchat with a space in their name this causes Buddy to still show them online, but cant show their location in client, is an undocumented feature.


When I try and sign in I cant access my password field to change the password, how can I make the change?

Press the Tab key till cursor is in password field, then backspace to remove the old password, then type new one and username, then log in as normal. May need to press Tab a few times.


Can I use Buddy to send my ladders/paintshops ads to a members list?

NO, Buddy is for one to one conversations, not an advertising system, the public or private alert lists are design to advertise your banners.








Why do only file names show after I uploaded? 

The base page of your web site needs to be named index.html and this is the page that will be shown when your web site is viewed.


What sort of content is not allowed on web pages?

Content such as offensive materials, illegal materials, programs or information regarding malicious "hacking" activity, personal information about others posted without their consent and advertising or other commercial activity are all not allowed.


Is their a place that members can see that shows what is allowed on Halsoft web space?

Yes, the main place were the content is set out is


How can I add subfolders to my Halsoft web site?

To setup subfolders in your web site, you will need to make use of FTP which provides a faster and more flexible interface.


What is the address for the FTP server?

The FTP server address is Sign in with your chat name and your chat password.


Can I change the amount of space per name or transfer limits for the webspace on my account?

Yes, go to, log in as account owner, and you can change space or transfer limits for names on account, as long as the totals stay within the Account Total.


How do I activate my Web Space if I have not done so?

Go to, read down the page for information regarding your webspace. At the bottom is a button Activate My Home Page. Click and your webspace is now activated.


If a name on my account hasn't activated their Home Page can I transfer the whole 10Mb to another name on my account?

If a name on an account has not activated their home page, their storage limits don't even appear. This means their 10Mb are there for the transfer to other names on that account.


If a name has activated their Home Page but not uploaded any files, can I only transfer a maximum of 9 Mb to another name?

Yes. You can only transfer available space and "1" is the smallest number allowed in the box, so even if a user is only using 100K, you'll have to allow for 1Mb of space for them.


When I transfer space or bandwidth to another name how long does it take before the changes come into effect?

All changes should take effect in a couple of minutes. That is as soon as the database updates.


Will the new space and bandwidth allowances show on my Upload Page or only in the Account Holders Web Site page?

If a subaccount holder logs into their account and clicks on "Home page stats" they'll see their own revised individual max allowable space.


Will all members who activate their web space have their page automatically added to the User Room List?

No, you will still have to request a listing at


Can I have a page on my halsoft space and listed in the User Created List that instantly redirects visitors to my old web site?

Yes, although if there are too many popups or it shows unavailable Halsoft reserves the right to take the page down.


If a name deletes their home page, will the space be available for other names on the account straight away or will they have to wait till files from the folder are deleted?

The space will be available within a few minutes, as soon as the database updates. This space and bandwidth can them be moved to another name, the deleted page will not be able to be reactivated.


I have uploaded my files, but cant see them unless I turn my firewall off, why does this happen?

Your firewall is blocking data from the server, please add IP,, to the trusted IP list in firewall.





What are the size and bandwidth restrictions on Halsoft web space?

Each user name gets: 10 Megabytes storage and 2 Gigabyte bandwidth per month. This applies to every name on your account, not just the account holder.


How many rooms can I list in Halsoft?

Basic Account Holders = 1 room Family Account Holders = 1 room Sybil Account Holders = 2 rooms Group Account Holders = 1 room per 5 users


Why can't I list my page?

Only an account owner can list pages. They can find further information at


Can I list a non-Halsoft page, for example Geocities?

No, only pages on Halsoft hosted pages can be listed. You can link from your Halsoft page to other pages. Only the listed room can have larger maximum room numbers, linked pages will still have the default of 25 chatters.


What is the IP number for the members directory?

The IP number for is and this is the server where member web pages are stored.


How can I make a link on my web page so that it takes chatters to the Adult server to view the room?

By adding server information to a HTML link you can direct chatters to the adult server. Link will look like a href="vp://? URL". eg a href="vp://?" for Music


The number of rooms I can add to the User Created List, are they related to the server or all of Halsoft?

Listing limits for adding to the User Created List is limits per server. For example, if you have basic account can add one room to Family and one to Adult server, they don't have to be same room on both servers.


What can Halsoft do if I report someone for leeching my bandwidth?

In other words, you likely have illegal music files on your website, and you want to report that someone is leeching these files. If Halsoft acts on the leecher, we'd also have to act on the original copyright violation as well.


Do I need to add anything when Dreamweaver asks for a host directory when I upload my webpages?

When using Dreamweaver with Halsoft, you do not put anything down as the host directory, only need to add as FTP host.


Why is it when I combine my web space to one name do I still get out of disk space errors?

Sometimes the new settings haven't "taken" and even though it looks okay, the settings are still wrong, only way to fix it is to reset to default or as close as allows you to the 10MB per name. Confirm and close, come back in and move the space again.


 Can I get more space to store my files?

If you need more space to create your VPchat member page, weíve got it. You can buy extra storage for your VPchat member page in 100MB increments. Cost is $4.00 per month per 100MB.


Is their a limit on a file's size that I can upload to my web space using the web browser uploader?

Their is a maximum limit of 2MB's per file set using the web browser upload. Files larger than 2MB can be uloaded using FTP clients like Ace FTP.


Does locking a name on an account effect the webspace?

Yes, while a name is locked by an account owner the webspace attached to that name is also locked. A default page will show directing them to contact support.


How can I get to list extra rooms in User Created List?

You can't get more rooms listed than your account allows, but for every 100MB of extra space you obtain you have the added bonus of one new listing you can add to User Created List.


What does the reset date mean on the homepage statistics page?

Bandwidth for your page is reset each month. The reset date is the date this will happen for your page. When your page is created, the reset date is one month from that date. If you go over your bandwidth limit this is the date your page will be unlocked.


What does Web Hits mean on the homepage statistics page?

Web Hits are the number of files accessed from the server when page is viewed. For example, one page with 3 graphics equals 4 hits; one hit for the page, and one each for the graphics.


What does Page Views mean on the homepage statistics page?

Page Views are the number of pages viewed on your web site, this is a count of the page as a whole no matter how many files are part of the page.





Will FTP work for all members names?

FTP will work for most names. Some exceptions are the ones that have symbols at the start of the names, eg -. For these names, they will have to use the browser upload method.


What is a good FTP program to use to upload my web pages to Halsoft?

Any FTP program will work to upload files. Two free examples are WS_FTP at and AceFTP at


I transferred a name and now why canít I FTP to that name?

Changing the webspace available can often reset help. Have the Account Owner change your quota of megs. If you have 10meg change it to 9 then back to 10 again.








What sizes are a regular avatar, mega avatar and tours?  

Regular = 48 x 64, Mega = 102 x 116, 2-Person Tour = 50 x 40, and the 11-Person Tour = 144 x 64


What format restrictions are there on Avatars?

Avatars need to contain a maximum of 256 colors and be saved in the non-interlaced CompuServe .gif format. The total size of the avatar file should not exceed 14.7 kb's. This size restriction is for all avatars.


Moving Your Avatar



How do I move my avatar?

Left click on your avatar and drag it to an open area then let go of the left mouse button.


Why can't I move my avatar to the right just a little bit?

Moving your avatar perfectly right or to the right and below doesn't always work. Moving those two directions need to be in full avatar length jumps.


How do I attach my avatar to another?

Left click on your avatar and drag it to the RIGHT of the avatar you wish to link. When you see the little chat symbol, let go of the mouse button and you will be linked.


How do I jump into a game?

Once invited, RIGHT click on the game name in the room list on the right. Choose JOIN GAME AS and the position in which you wish to sit.


How do I hop on a tour?

Left click your avatar and drag it toward the tour. When you see the car symbol, release the left mouse button.





How can I delete an avatar I no longer want?   

Open your avatar gallery, click once on the avatar you wish to delete, then while pointing to the selected avatar with your mouse, hold down the Control key and right mouse click on the avatar. You will be offer Yes or No to delete the selected avatar.





Download Address



Where do I download the games?


Game Choices



What games are available in Halsoft?   

Currently available are: Backgammon, Battleship, Checkers, Chess Spades, Acey Deucy and Yahtzee. A lot of the games are also available in meghead configuation as well as classic look.





I have installed the games, why can't I still join other Gammon Games?   

Right click the game name in the chatters list pane on the right of the room. Choose to join game as the opponent, or a Viewer.


How can I stop strangers joining my gammon games?

When you start the game, enter the number of Maximum Participants you want in the Game Details Box, 2 means no viewers.


Why can't I join a game?

Check and see if the user has the same game as the one they are trying to join.


Why don't my games do anything when I double click on them in the games list?

This normally happens when the game file is moved or deleted. Ask the user to reinstall the game.


I can start a game, the game opens but nothing happens. What's wrong?

Check to make sure they aren't running a filter like Cerberus. Some programs like these can limit the sending and accepting of packets which can stop data. Also, firewalls like ZoneAlarm have been known to cause this problem and boot the user.


Where can I find game heads like the "Master's Lap" game?

As Guides, we only offer support for the games that are available on the game download page.


I'm playing Yahtzee, alot of times the dice I select don't stick, why?

Its a connection issue, mostly with dialups. Redownload the game, check the dice uncheck them and check them again.


Every now and again I get disconected from a Gammon Game, why does this happen?

Sometimes the data is slow sending to the server with lag on the net. When it gets all sent at once the server removes you thinking its a flood attack. Will get the Server warning but be able to log back in straight away.


Can I play Gammon with someone I have on Ignore?

Yes, you can play a normal game of Gammon, just will not see any of their chat or avs.


Chat Chits



What are Chat Chits?


Chat Chits are the currency of VPchat. Any chatter can transfer Chits to another chatter. Chits can be used to enter Tournaments, or for selected VPchat events.


How can I obtain Chat Chits?

* New Account: Ę500 * Refer a friend: Ę500 * Purchase any add-on: Ę250 * Win a VP Tournament - Chit amount varies * Win a VPchat event - Chit amount varies


How can I transfer Chits to another members?

Go to and sign into My Account, click on the VP Chat Chits link. On the page enter EXACT members name and the amount you wish to transfer, then click Confirm.


How do I check my Chit's balance?

Go to your account summary page. Both account and non-account owners can review their current Chit's balances on the right in the Account Summary box.


What happens to my Chits if my account is suspended or closed?

If for any reason your account is suspended or closed, you lose all your Chat Chits.


What can I do if I transferred Chits to the wrong chatter?

You can try asking for them back otherwise sorry, there's nothing that can be done. Be sure you enter the exact chat name of the recipient when you're transferring Chat Chits.





How are game wins and losses reported?   

Any game played to completion anywhere on VPchat is recorded via the server. No one has to record the result for it to be counted.


I use an old version of VPchat. Can I join a game Ladder?

Yes, but you need to have the latest versions of the games installed which can be optained from page.










Where can I find a list of current events?

A list of events and the times they are held is available to all members at


Is there a place with more information on events for Guides?

Yes, go to and click on the the Events link. This will take you to more detailed event information for each of the Halsoft Events.


Event Help



What does optimising your Avatars for the event mean?

This refers to the process of making the avatar the smallest possible size in KB's so it will load quicker for everyone in the room. The smaller the file size, the less data that needs to be downloaded, and the faster it will display.


How do I optimise my Avatars?

In PSP 7 go to File Ė Export Ė Gif Optimizer. This will open a dialogue box with a button at bottom left named Wizard. Work your way through the questions, settings being, No Transparency, Appropriate B/G colour, Web Safe Colors, Smallest File Size.


Event Setup



What size is the graphic used in the event broadcast?   

Broadcast graphic are 200 x 80 pixels and under 6 KBís in size. Incorporate Halsoft on it subtly; donít forget to optimise the graphic. If help is need for this please ask Dawg.


What are the requirements for a room background?

All Halsoft room backgrounds have the dimensions of 480 x 200 pixels. Files are saved in the jpg formate and are held to under 32 KB's in size. Keep the graphics simple and always optimize the finished work.


I have an event idea, where can I find details on event requirements?








Halsoft Standards (Community Guidelines)


Halsoft Membership Agreement


Halsoft Terms of Service (ToS)


Halsoft Privacy Policy


Halsoft Rules





Family Server Address



Adult Server Address





Chat Download




Avatars - this address will bring you to the 1st page of several to choose from.





Members Account Page


Change Type of Account


Members Account Email


Change Members Password


Members Referral Program


Members Online Profile


Members Online Profile


Add new name to Account


Delete Name from Account


Customer Support Page


Lost Password


My Alerts


Send Alerts


Web Site Information


Update Home Page


Make a Payment


Change Payment Information


Alert History


Purchase Add-Ons for Account


How can I check if a chat name is available?





How to become a Guide


Top 100 Rooms


Top 100 Chatters


Members Online Now


Where can I access the Halsoft Slide Show? Click on the slide show link.


Halsoft Chat Health Meter


Voice Help Page








Will Halsoft read my Instant Messages?

Halsoft staff do not read your private communications. We respect the confidentiality of your communications in private chat rooms and via instant messages. We do not monitor any private communications.


Is it a good idea to fill in my ID?

Filling in your identity information can be a good way of connecting with other members of the community, but be aware that this information is public. Don't put in anything you don't want everyone to know.


Can people access information on my computer?

Never download files unless you know what they are and who sent them to you. Computer viruses and destructive programs that could cause your computer to divulge personal information are often transferred in cleverly disguised files.


If I am looking at my profile or my account page while chatting, can other people see it?

No. If they join you in the same "room" they will see their own information, not yours.





Last Resort (Careful with the use of these)



My ISP filters all Adult content. Is there any way I can still use the Adult Server?

Some ISPs filter activities by looking for the word "adult" in the URL. Use the different server address -, Community Name - Halsoft Adult. This contacts to the same adult server, just with a different address.


I have a Linksys router, why can't I make voice work?

In a browser type, and when prompted type in password, generally "admin". Click on the advanced tab, then click on the DMZ tab. Add the computer IP found by doing an ipconfig, or winipcfg and then click Apply OR support at


Is there an alternative address for Family Server?

Yes, use Server Name - and Community Name - Halsoft Family. This will connect to same family, just with a different address.


Is their a link for older build of VP client?

Once have tried every option with current build suggest they send in a request via help desk form for help gaining access to a download for most suitable older build for their operating system.


3rd Party Suggestions



Why do I get an odd URL when I click on a link in VP?

One suggestion could be that VP is running in compatability mode. To check you will need to right click on the VPchat Icon, and go to Properties. Select the Compatability Tab and see if the box for Run this program in compatibility mode is checked.


Why when I open Buddy do I find the file diablo hack data file?

This is likely caused by a program that works with a non VP game called Diablo, suggest they contact Diablo or a local computer support person as often a reinstall of VP will not remove it from their system.


How do I cancel my paypal subscription? (Part 1 and 2)


1. Log in to your PayPal account.

2. Click the History subtab.

3. Choose the Subscriptions field from the Show dropdown menu.

4. Check the From box and change the date back 2 years.

5. Click Search.

6. To view the details of a specific Subscription Creation, click Details

7. in the Details column.

8. At the bottom of this page, click Cancel Subscription.

9. On the confirmation page, click Cancel Subscription again.









What causes the message when entering a room..Your access was denied since you are making requests too frequently?   

Its part of the server bot protection, to fix, reload the page, or hit the back button and re enter the room.


Why did I get message saying you have been removed for inappropriate actions when I was just playing a game?

Lag is the most likely cause, they connection can lag and when it unsticks the data from their client is sent to server to be passed. This appears like a large amount, and the server disconnects them incase its a flooding attack.


Why do I get a message saying "Timed Out" while logging into client?

This can happen when connection is lagging. The server is waiting for the sign in information and after a period will stop waiting and sent a Timed Out message. Best to try later when no lagging or close some other programs using the connection.