Alerts and Mass IM's


Mass IM's and Tracker IM's


Mass IMs, advertising, promotional material etc.


Mass IM's for anything .. NOT allowed!

VPchat Alerts

Public & Private Alerts are the ONLY way Gaming Ladders, Paint Shops, Radios or Groups may communicate en-mass with their members

Tournament, paint contest or group messages CANNOT be sent via the client or tracker.

These client or tracker messages are considered advertising spam and are not allowed.

Tracker is ONLY to be used for one-to-one communications


Public Alerts

Any account owner can send public alerts after they have been approved. They are limited to two alerts per day.
*Public alerts must be on topic to any one of the six lists.
*You can only send two public alerts per day, per list.
*Anyone can join to receive a public alert list.

Private Alerts

Private Alerts much be purchased and they can send as many alerts as they want.
*Private alerts can be about anything, and
*Private alerts can be sent as often as you like.
*With private alerts you can control whether or not the list is public as well as manage who is on the list.


In order that, as Guides, we can offer the most help to Members... Its best that we understand, broadly, the capabilities Private Alerts offer to List Owners and those who elect to receive Alerts.

First, when we are dealing with Gaming Sites Its important we all understand they Utilize Cases Ladder to run their Ladder's.

A common concern is that Private Alerts Breaches Cases "Spamming" Rules. Quite simply Alerts DO NOT BREACH CASES RULES.

Alert Lists are VIEWABLE by the Account Owner

Alert Lists are EDITABLE by the Account Owner

Those who have Signed up to RECEIVE ALERTS may be REMOVED by the List Owner ( Although any name removed may Sign up again to RECEIVE)

The only Function the List Owner Cannot Do is ADD to the list who wish to RECEIVE. The member is the only one who may ADD their name. This is an OPT IN system.

List owners are able to provide URL's (And page Links) which will Link directly to their SPECIFIC List Sign up. (And not to others)


Alert Secondary Names Policy:

Guides can pass this information on to the members when dealing with them about the private alerts.

When purchasing add on alerts, cybil accounts or larger (i.e. group accounts) are entitled to set up a secondary name that can also access the Send feature of the private alert.


We suggest that they make the secondary name for the account reflect the name of the group, i.e. ABC Gammon, ABC Paint Shop,ABC Wolves etc.


 The account owner can give access to the secondary name to whomever they wish by simply giving the person the password to that secondary name.


The account owner can change the password to that name at any time to stop access. Once they select their secondary name they need to send their account number, and the second name that they wish to have access, to


Allow 3 days for secondary name activation.


It may take less time, but please allow for this 3 day time period. We will try to do it as quickly as possible but there are times we aren't available.

If a member with a basic or family account is asking for the secondary name, please tell them this is only available for cybil and larger accounts and they are welcome to upgrade their account in order to get the additional name to access their alert administration.



If you receive a complaint from a member about an IM about contests, auctions, games, etc you know it is a mass IM.

Ask them to c/p it to your IM including the name of the sender.

Go talk to the sender and your first complaint will be well why do I get them all the time

The TOS is very clear on mass IM's
Refer anyone that is concerned that you are picking on them to the TOS that is for every member
Transmission of any advertising, promotional materials, or other solicitations not authorized by HalSoft are not allowed.
Under the not allowed column you will see Transmission of mass instant message or use of mass IM programs.

If they say I didn't use a mass IM'r I sent them one by one.  If we receive a complaint, they are unwanted.

It doesn't matter if they are sent one by one or using a program to mass send.

This goes for Tracker also.  If it is an Unwanted IM regarding a game or paint contest, etc. it's not allowed.

They will say, tell the member to contact me and I will remove their name. 

Can't do this.  We never tell who is complaining.

We have the Alert System to send out these messages. 

They can use the General Alert System or they can Purchase Additional Alerts.


Let me give you an example or a problem we run into.  Names changed to protect the innocent AND guilty.

Once we had a member named Tran who received tracker alerts constantly for games.

This member didn't play gammon and didn't want the many alerts sent out from multiple ladders all the time.

They went to the ladders and complained and complained.  They continued to receive the messages thru tracker.

We finally found out that Ladders let you use other names, not just your chat name.

Someone with the name Tranquility used the shortened version Tran when they signed up for multiple ladders.

When the person was removed from the ladders they were very unhappy.  Seems they were an excellent player and lost their standings bux, etc.

The one receiving the alerts was terribly unhappy getting the 100's of IM's.

We always tend to have some disagreements on the mass im's
The policy is very clear
As with all complaints, you respond to mass IM's or advertising IM's
Find out who sending it and pay them a visit