Using common sense regarding Avatars is expected also, as there are few definitive black and white rules regarding the use of them. Nudity is not allowed on the family server. Some will try getting away with it by using an av with a see through shirt, "She's not nude!" Nope, it's not a nude av, but it sure doesn't leave anything to the imagination.

If you're in doubt, use your resources! The other guides are one of your biggest resources. Ask one of us for a 2nd opinion.

Some of you will be more strict or stern than others. Some Guides will let more go than another Guide. And yes, it can cause some grief, but that's okay, it's dealt with just fine :) We do not want robots and you were chosen for this program because we felt you had what we were looking for.

Damn Dice, Gumby was just here and didn't say a word about my av, why are you being such an asshole about it?

This happens, think about what your response may be. Don't try to be the most liked, most popular guide. Keep in mind that you are representing all Guides when you're in client. Don't be a hard-ass, but don't let everything go either. Find a good middle-ground that you feel comfortable with.

There is only one TOS, and it applies to both servers. We allow more risque' language and avatars in adult than in family. However disgusting, gross, illegal avatars; disparaging, vile, insulting remarks are not allowed on either server. They aren't tolerated in life, they aren't tolerated in VP.