Basics of Guiding

Guides are VPchats' public relations, support, members helping members; so a great attitude is always important when guiding.  Be friendly and courteous to all members while you are trying to help with their needs.     

While guiding, sign into both the Family and Adult servers. As you rove adult you can sit on the help page in family and vice versa. You can also sit on the event page if you want to promote events.  Please do not go in and just sit on the help pages.  Please get out there and go to lots of rooms and interact with our members.

All guides enter the room automatically. This way you just pop in the room when you select it. If a room is full don't worry about it, you can't enter,  just keep trying.

No you cannot eject someone to enter, and no you cannot use a room buster to enter. To many, this implies favoritism.

By using Show User Enter Exit it will help you to see who has entered and left.

As a guide, you don't play games, you don't link with other members, the reasons are favoritism and other issues that come up.

We want you to have fun but please avoid anything that would make the members feel that you favor one over another.

When visiting rooms try to interact with the room, don't just sit there in silence, have fun with them.  Visit as many rooms as possible, not just the popular rooms..  Get to know the members, let them get to know that you are there to help with any vpchat questions. 

When dealing with a trouble maker always remember to get your point across nicely, but be firm.  Always say thank you and we appreciate your cooperation.  Do not play favorites to certain members, there should be no favoritism in Guiding.

Do not be anal, if you see someone in family type “WTF” or “STFU”, don't give them a warning, it's always about context.  If someone is disrupting a room and telling everyone to “stfu”  then you can ask them nicely to stop. 

Do not go around checking members ID's  - if someone happens to complain about a persons ID then it's fine to check and if it's not suitable to family send them a nice IM asking to change, but do not Police Ids.  

Don't give out personal or guide email address's, MSN #'s, ICQ #'s or any other personal messenger to assist others.  Halsoft VPchat has one support address.

If as a guide you cannot help a chatter then it will need to go thru the Customer Support Form.  A link is found on the VPChat Help Pages at the very bottom of the page.

Don't be afraid to ask for help if you're unsure about a question. Everyone is here to help. No matter what the question is.  If after all else fails you can't find the answer to a question never be afraid to say "I don't know but I'll do my best to find out for you and get back to you". 

While in conference try to be helpful, if you see one of your fellow Guides asking for help, do your best to give them a hand.   

When asking for help in conference, ALWAYS give the name of the member, that way everyone is aware of who needs help. It's possible that another Guide may have spoken to them earlier about the same problem and can better assist you. It takes much longer to type "I have a member who ....." than it takes to type billybob on the adult server is having a problem with....."  Please don't make us ask who and which server.  This would be a good example of why it is good to have enter exit preferences checked.  It is sometimes easier to copy paste the complicated names and we do need the exact whole name.

The only time you should not place a members name in conference is when they are just giving playful comments. Example: xxxxx  Guide-Goofy is the best Guide.  You can put the comment in conference just replace the persons name with xxxxxxx. 

When Guiding try to come across as clear as possible with your answers... be outgoing and help the member all you can, don't just paste them a URL and be done with it.  Always answer a question in your own words don't give the member a copy/paste from VPguides FAQ or the Help Page, also remember to never give a member the VPGuides FAQ URL.  This reference is for Guides only. Always direct a member to the VPchat help pages.

When coming across a guest send them a nice Welcome IM, asking if they need help with anything.    

Most of all have fun and enjoy your time in the client.  If you're having a bad day, then it's best you don't sign in.

Personal Attitude

On a personal note, guides are held to a higher standard while they are chatting in their play names.  Remember, troublemakers can't be guides and guides can't be troublemakers.