Child Porn

There is ZERO tolerance for child porn, period, no if's and's or but's about it. If you come across a website that depicts child pornography contact an Administrator immediately. If someone is on that website remove them immediately. If someone is wearing an av depicting child pornography, ban it immediately.

It is illegal to view child pornography almost everywhere in the world. You went to that site as a representative of Halsosft, not to view it. Report it to Administration, they will report it to the Authorities, and nobody has done anything illegal except the person who's put the website up, was viewing the site, or worn the av. You were there to eliminate the problem.

If you use your work computer while Guiding, do not jeopardize your job by going to a site if you receive a complaint about it. Call administration, they will deal with it. We have an awesome help team, use them :)

In FAQ's it recommends taking a screen shot. It's up to you whether you do this or not, personally, I would.

While we're on the subject of Zero Tolerance, bestiality is not tolerated in VPchat on either server, even though it is legal in many countries. If you come across an av depicting Bestiality, ban the avatar and then send a warning. If you come across someone on a site about bestiality, kick them to observe and then ask them to move. If they refuse to move, call in an Administrator. This holds true for anybody on a sexually explicit site on the family server as well. Most times they will leave peacefully, saying "oops, i forgot i was on the family server".