We have tremendous support from all guides.

Communication is our key.

If you have a problem with another guide, come talk to Dawg.

Don't let small things fester.

Don't go bitching and moaning to other guides, come straight to us to get it cleared up.

We deal with text, vocal and physical emotion is not available and often causes drama.

We don't do drama.  We have enough to deal with in the client so we don't need to start drama among the guides.

Often you may get short answers to questions.  That is often because the person replying is busy.

A response is a response and the information is always given.


what is the rule about swearing on family side
no swearing tolerated

(GUIDE 2)...ask the same question
 swearing isn't tolerated, what word were they exactly saying?

The difference being, when the first guide asked, the helping guide had 5 IMs plus assisting 3 other guides.
When the second guide asked the helping guide was doing very little.

One is a busy response the other a not busy one.
One doesn't mean the helping guide is upset or angry, just that they are busy and you actually get the same answer, one just has less fluff.


During training, we will make you work for a lot of the answers.

We want you to try to find the answers rather than just giving you a straight out response.

Guiding isn't just being in VP

You will discover we hold on-going conferences and there are usually active guides in them 24/7. You will have lots of support for your questions from your peers.  If for some reason they are all AFK or sleeping, you can always say, I don't know, but I'll find out and get back to you as soon as I find out.  Always be polite, courteous and let them know you are checking not ignoring them.


When asking questions in the conference some guides will look up in the middle of the discussion and ask questions.  This is just human nature, they are not questioning your ability or answers they may just be trying to understand the questions. 


If you don't get a response in conference or if the problem requires an admin, please IM Dawg thru Tracker. 


Do our responses cause drama?...for some they do

Most of this drama will be outside of the client