Anything ILLEGAL we ask you to report immediately to us via IM. Don't wait until they leave the page, or until you fill in your report at the end of your shift. Contact one of us IMMEDIATELY. You will also include it in your report at the end of your shift, but it is imperative you contact us IMMEDIATELY. That includes drug solicitation and Drug how to sites.

Chat systems have become an avenue of solicitation for drug dealers and clients. Rather than using a telephone they log into a chat program. We haven't had any problems with this in VPchat so far, but it is becoming more rampant.

What is meant by solicitation is individuals partaking in manufacturing drugs, or instructions on how to manufacture them, and distribution and sales in VPchat.

I was smoking a joint with my buddy last night, talk about some good stuff.

i got so wasted last night, my g/f rolled the biggest doobie i've ever seen.

The above conversation is not considered solicitation. IM these two, politely ask them to keep it in a private conversation. If they persist in the room, then send a warning. If they continue, gag them until they realize they are talking nonsense in the room and it is not allowed. Contrary to popular belief drugs are not an adult activity, they are an illegal activity. Illegal is illegal, doesn't matter which server you're on, family or adult.