Guide Email

Guides all have guide email. (just the name, NO guide)

get the idea?

Your login name is:  (all lower case)

Your Password is:  your guide password

When you are at the location you normally guide or check your normal email please use either Outlook or Outlook Express to download your email to your own computer keeping our servers nice and clean saving space for other things, like this guide tutorial.


If you have Outlook Express use this link for setup instructions

If you use Outlook use this link for setup instructions

We send mail to your guide address fairly often
ALL email correspondence will be to your guide email address
ALL email to us will come FROM your guide email address

DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ANYTHING using Guide Email.  Do not send cards from sites to Guide Email.  Nothing that will generate spam.  If you have to send a card to a guide, make it.  Do not use this email for anything that will generate spam.