Family First

The name of this says it all "real life family always comes first"
This is chat, jobs, lives and family comes first.
You do not ever have to ask permission to take care of yourself your family or do your job please just do it.
If you feel you want to let us know what is going on, tell us later
We will eject and IP ban any guide that's guiding when they are sick, have a family member sick, should be working, or have family issues to deal with.

We are a great group and will jump in when needed.
If you have to go, a quick message in conference saying "I just can't be there, talk to you when I get back", then get going. This is especially helpful for events.

An email to explaining you will not be available for an event and will need a sub including any prep needed or saying you didn't have time to do the prep is always appreciated.

Your REAL family first...always.