Zone Alarm

The vplaces.exe uses a number of different ports to provide the different functionality of VPchat, the client itself, avatars, gestures, and voice.

In order to access these ports your firewall needs to know it is ok to do so.

If members complain of not being able to use the client normally, boots with av change, room change, etc, it could be a firewall stopping them.

First ask if they have a firewall or router. If they say yes, I have Zone Alarm they need to do following routine;

#1. Take Zone Alarm OUT OF STARTUP, then restart their computer
#2. Come back into VPchat, move around, change avatars.
#3. If they are able to use the client properly THEN turn on Zone Alarm and ok the pop ups that allow VPchat to function..

They will only need to do this once. Zone Alarm will remember that changing avatars is a function of vplaces exe. In some cases this also happens with gestures and moving around to different rooms.

Turning zone alarm OFF won't do it.

You have to take it OUT OF STARTUP because it runs in the background even when it's turned off. Then restart and return with it off.

Zone Alarm is the single largest firewall problem in VPchat

We NEVER ask someone to uninstall another program. You NEVER suggest fiddling in the registry or system files, this includes the register32 for ocx files and games. Halsoft games are exe installed programs that install everything that is needed to run the games and they have the uninstall capability thru Control Panel/Add Remove Programs. If a member asks how to remove game names left in their list please direct them to the original makers. Those are third party programs and we suggest they go to the original makers of the games. You may be a gamer and if so you most likely know about the register32 functionality. The games that require members to drop the ocx into the reg32 are not Halsoft games and we as guides don't ever offer that support.

The new 180 build of Halsoft will get rid of all the games and they will need to be reinstalled.  If they need to get rid of games a clean install is a great way to do this.