Gomers, Goofs & Goobers

No matter how much we'd like to consider ourselves near perfect, we aren't ! There's been some doozeys over the years.

I can't tell you how many times one of us has typed in "WTF!" instead of "WTG!" during events. Or how about "I love (insert not nice name of female anatomy) music" instead of "I love country music". Try this one on for size....."I'm going to smack you dick" instead of "I'm going to smack you Duck" .

Even our own Jules has made a boo-boo or two ! She messaged a guide once to correct a situation. After 5 minutes into the IM she realizes she's messaged the wrong person. The poor guide was new, and still lacking in self-confidence and here's Jules chewing his hind end off ! She gave herself a 60 minute time-out over it, and thankfully the guide is still with us !

One memorable day, I swear it had to be a full-moon day, two very obvious gomers were made by two different guides.

I'll tattle on Dawg first. The Spades game was still in testing and no information had been released to the general public as yet. Dawg accidentally pops into 50ish, still in the game, after leaving a private room during testing. Needless to say, the cat was let out of the bag !

Later the same day during a backgammon tournament I announced in the room "Member So-and-So over MyRegularPlayName" instead of "Member So-and-So over MC-Jubilee". I felt like crawling under my desk and dying of embarrassment !

Every single one of you will make a goof or a gomer and feel like a goober at one point or other during your time as a Guide. More than likely, more than once or even a dozen times. And that's okay ! In fact, sometimes it makes us more human and likable to our customers ! Just take a few moments to let Dawg or Doc know what happened so they can be ready to thwart or deny, deny, deny any consequences if necessary !