Hackers. Crackers. And nutcases. There is far to much stock given to this VP phenomenon. 99.9% its nonsense.

If you see this nonsense call it that. "nonsense"

Your IP can NOT be harvested on VPchat pages. Period

All websites have stats, and there are programs that compile the stat data and show IPs. On VPchat pages the ONLY access to this is VPchat staff and guides.

That said, the members.vpchat.com websites CAN have these programs installed on them i.e.; counters.

Your IP is not the golden egg, having an IP does not mean they can do anything. Relax, and don't worry about it, if someone is going to get you, they wont brag and make noise, it will just happen.

Do NOT accept programs from others. NO ONE can read IMs, not even Halsoft, this is one of our favorite myths.

Running netstat while in an IM or a file transfer will NOT show your IP #.

If someone asks to send you a file, whether it's a text file, avatar or gestures, just say "as guides, we don't accept files".

There are malicious programs out there. If you see anything unusual happening contact an administrator immediately. Somebody will get a not so smart idea and decide it will be fun to create a booter, lagger, corrupt avatar or corrupt gesture which can cause people to lag or disconnect from VPchat. Administrators and Sr Guides can help you with these problems, please let them know when there is a problem happening.