Welcome to the wonderful world of guiding! Being a guide can be one of the most rewarding and satisfying activies you ever do on the internet and in VPchat. It will be totally up to you what you get out of this program.

Here's a list of some basic should's and should not's:

A guide should always be polite.
A guide should always be courteous.
A guide should always be helpful.
A guide should always serve as a good role model.
A guide should always be professional.
A guide should always be friendly.
A guide should never be rude.
A guide should never participate in drama.
A guide should never demean another.
A guide should never police chat.
A guide should never let their personal feelings interfere with their job.

We are here to help those in need, pass along useful information, greet and make people feel welcome.

VPchat Members are the mainstay of VPchat. Regardless of the circumstances, always treat them with respect. A sense of humor will go a long way in keeping a situation under control, or defusing an already bad one. Talk with people, get to know them, know who you will be able to count on if you encounter a problem in a room. There will be times when you come close to losing your cool, before things become that stressful,  call for help!   Keeping a positive attitude is a must in order to have fun and enjoy your new role! Never join in room drama, whether you're in client as a guide or your play name. Guides should always be part of the solution, never part of the problem if guiding or in play name.

Guides/Conference Relations- The same rules apply toward other guides and in conference. Be professional, polite, helpful and friendly at all times.

Guiding isn't just being in VP.  You will discover we hold on-going conferences and there are usually active guides in them 24/7. You will have lots of support for your questions from your peers. Other support for guides will be discussed later but might be referred to before discussions.  Guide FAQ, Guide email to name a few.

Most of all guides should have fun! When you're having fun and are happy it shines through in your performance and attitude.