Language Problems

Language concerns isn't just about the words that cannot be used on the Family Server, but also has a great deal to do with context on both servers. We aren't here as guides to police chat, and very little is black and white, so using your common sense and best judgement is the key.

You dip shit
Shut the shit up

Shit, I spilled coffee all over my keyboard"

There's a definate difference in context between the two exchanges above, even though the same cuss word was used. Although we'd rather see crap, I spilled coffee all over my keyboard", the normal approach would be to let it go. There will be slips, big deal, don't worry about it.


It is NOT okay to turn letters around, exchange certain letters for others. The implied meaning is the same, take it for the same word.

You're gay
You're a loser
You're a big fat cow, mooooooooooooooo

Although no cuss words were used here, all three statements warrant at least an IM from a guide. These are disparaging remarks, and there is absolutely no reason to insult others.

You're a queer gay boi
Kill the Arabs
You're a pig-nosed Nazi

Disparaging or racist remarks against groups of people are not acceptable either.

You're such a damn pig
I had a damn hard day

Why did I get a warning for saying damn, but he didn't? Is he special? He must be your best friend. You're out to get me, big deal I said damn. Favorites win here I guess."

You will see comments like this! Don't let it get to you. Just explain exactly why you warned or gagged them.

(Yes! Yes! Yes! You're Ganna Make Me CUM...OH GOD!)

Gestures ARE text and therefore the same rules apply. We all know there's oops, many times members will play a gesture and realize it had an inappropriate comment or word in it, and say so in the room. Let it go, or even say something in good humour letting them know you saw it, but realize it was a mistake and are going to let it go.

There will most likely be a time that someone gets angry and will vent to you in IMS, using foul language. Minimize the IM, let them vent. If it is one that you need to pay attention to, you can always request them not to swear at you, you didn't swear at them and would appreciate the same courtesy.

Fuck can be used on the Adult server, but You fucking pig is not. Rougher language is acceptable, but insults, racism and disparaging remarks are not. Use your common sense, PG for Family and R for Adult.

In different parts of the world, words may have a different meaning. It is difficult for us to know what is okay and what is not. And slang will be used a great deal also. If you see a trend in the use of a certain word you are unfamiliar with, or if it's brought to your attention that a word is not acceptable, look it up and deal with it. is an excellent source for slang. can be used for translating other languages.

"All I said was Moooooooooooo and got gagged, this just isn't fair !" This particular member cried about it for weeks, and had others upset to the point they were using "mooooooooo" in every sentence or phrase they could when a guide came into the room.
Why would someone get gagged for saying "moooooo"?
They wouldn't !
Sometimes by the time we get the warning or gag out, 100 lines of text has passed by and everybody forgets what was said before hand. What he failed to mention while whining was the gag for "fat fucking cow" before the "moooooooooo".