Member Names & Identities

Member Names


This is much like the language.  It's subjective and we rely heavily on your common sense and judgment.  These can be categorized by the family and adult servers.  For example bitch and whore in any form are not ok in family.  Bitch is the number one member name that we get complaints about and have to deal with on the family server.  We have seen more spellings of the word bitch in VPchat than you could ever believe possible, bitch, b*tch, bytch, b**ch, biotch from names to tour names and game names.

You are not cops you are not investigators and you are not bounty hunters. There is no bounty on finding bad member names or id's.  You'll see lots just doing your roves and member complaints.  Deal with those.  In most cases with the exception of bitch, members will change their names right away.  But for some reason most bitches wear the name with honor.  It applies to everyone.  We don't distinguish between a literal meaning of a word and the slang of a word, bitch is not ok.


When you see a name that is not appropriate, get another opinion before you IM the member asking them nicely to find a more family appropriate name to use while using the family server. 

Member ID's

For some reason there are a lot of members in VPchat who think it is real cool to have in their id.  Please IM them and ask them nicely to change.  Again don't go looking for id's, respond to complaints.

There are also other words not allowed for obvious reasons ..... help, host, guide, halsoft, vpchat etc.

It is ok to have just Sub, Master, Dom, Domme or Sir in an ID but a lot of our D/s, gor, bdsm members like to have master to, sub to, collared by (kollared and other spellings) this is considered adult activity and they can either remove it from their id or chat in adult.

As soon as you deal with one they will say, why me.  They will tell on another you will have to deal with it down the line
You don't need to be typing sub or dom or master in locate.  There are more tattle tales in VPchat than in all the kindergartens in the USA, Britain & Australia combined.