Multi-Instance, Cloning

Cloning means that you are in Halsoft more than once and yes, you can be in adult and family at the same time with the same name.

Using the most current Halsoft client you only need to click on the desktop icon again and sign in again. 

Guides are expected to be in both clients at the same time.  They can sit on the help page or events page in one while roving in the other.  Please be sure to listen for IM's on the opposite side that you are roving.  Some roves will be very quiet, some will get pretty busy.  If you get overwhelmed, IM Dawg thru tracker (Dawg has a very obnoxious ring on tracker IM's and if not AFK will hear your call for help) and/or yell in conference that you need some help on the "xxxxx" server.  (family or adult) .