Guide to Member Privacy

Privacy is a HUGE part of Guiding. There are different forms of Privacy you need to take into consideration when becoming a guide.

The First part of Privacy is very important. You should never let other chatters know who you are. (Even your closest friends). After all, friends can come and go. It's better to be safe than sorry, and by letting one person know could lead to several knowing. Simply.. DON'T DO IT.

There are simple steps you can take in keeping your Guide Identity secret.

Step 1. When guiding you may want to stay clear of rooms you normally chat in, until you become more comfortable. If you are called to a room you normally chat in and become uncomfortable. Do not hesitate in asking another Guide for help.

Step 2. Try to change your style of typing. An example can be, using a different smiley face.
If you normally use =] .. try using :) or :-P .. and remember you are a Professional and you need to come across as being Professional. Do not shorten a word by using dis, dat, mk, wut. Do it the proper way while Guiding.

Step 3. Do not sit in your play name and bring in your Guide name to the same room. You can give yourself away very easily by doing that. It only takes one little slip up.

Step 4. When signing in as your Guide name, always double check your Id and AV, even if you're on the latest build. Also check your IMs off button in Preference. Never have text in there that can give yourself away incase you had forgotten about your IMs being off.

Step 5. Just because you're a Guide doesn't mean you're a badass.. So don't use this privilege to threaten others. You're no different than any other chatter, you are just there to Help with VPCHAT related needs.

Guide to Guide Privacy

Guide to Guide Privacy, is also a HUGE part of Guiding. You should never ask another Guide their play name and they should never ask you.
People tend to become friends as Guides, but you need to keep Guide and Play separate. There is absolutely no reason a Guide should be asking for another Guides info.

If you are approached by another Guide throwing hints that they know you're play name you need to contact Doc/Dawg right away.


Personal Information

You will all experience questions what is your name, where do you Live, male? female? etc.  It's very easy  to respond to these questions.  The simple answer is you do not provide personal information of any kind to members.

Only 3 people know who you are, Doc, Jules and Dawg, right now.

The only way anyone else will find out is if you tell them.  Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  You have tracker and guide-email and in the client to communicate joke around with each other.

There is never a reason to contact a guide and tell them you are guide so in so.

Every once in awhile Doc & Dawg might even call you on the phone to say hi.  this is always your choice.  You will be asked first and don't be afraid to say no, it's ok.  Anywhere in the world.  We don't have your phone numbers, it's your choice.  We always ask first .

Its obvious that we are going to develop friendships here as guides.  in fact im sure some have already been developed.
Guides have said they understand the privacy issue as far as using their plays names and then they ask, "can we share things with other guides about ourselves".  Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

I am sure you have all had a VP Friend you confided in, something happened  with that relationship and the next thing you know the confidence is blabbed all over the place.  How many of you have seen the typing that says "I promise I won't tell a soul" and within minutes everyone knows

One of the guides in this room could get upset and leave tomorrow and if  he knows your play names there are lots of other people that can be exposed as guides.  It happens and we do everything we can do to prevent it , the rest is up to you

The down and dirty answer to your question is NO, don't share anything with the other guides.  You can have hours and hours of conversation with another guide without telling them who you are or your play names.  People have been in chat for many years and never told a soul who they are.