Procedure for Guide Shift Reports

Complete Shift Reports at the completion of the Rove or Event, don't leave them until later as details can be forgotten.

Using the Report Form

  1. Using the Report Form under Tools

  2. Select the Month, Day and Year for your shift.

  3. Select the Start, Finish and AM/PM times for your shift.
    All times and dates are based on Central Standard Time (CST)

  4. Type or paste your report into the provided text boxes.

  5. Review your entire report

  6. Click Submit

  7. Check your vpguide email to make sure your was report sent.

  8. The Body of the Report

The Body of the Report

Reports are an important tool for the guides to get information about their shift to administration.  The information provided in these reports will assist in dealing with problem areas in the client. 

  1. Important Issues - Immediate Support Action Required 

    1. Any server issues.  Unable to log in, server inaccessible, slow or unresponsive web pages, etc.

    2. Abusive or troublesome members

    3. Broken links or links to old downloads on the server

    4. Member pages improperly listed or having content issues  


  2. Summary of Your Shift

    1. Type a brief summary of what happened during your shift

    2. List any tool use and the justification. Paste all IM or room text you had with this member preceding the penalty.

    3. Administration needs to be aware of any activity that could be deemed troublesome. Paste any relevant text from the room or IM.

    4. Support issues and the measures utilized while assisting members. Include the steps you took and a copy of the text you had with that member whether the issue was resolved or not. 

    5. List any members that you referred to Customer Support ( and the reason.  


  3. Miscellaneous

    1. We want to be made aware of members that you feel could make a good guide/mc or a member you think needs a thank you.

    2. Any requests or suggestions you may have to better serve the members of