Each month guides submit schedules for the upcoming month.
Schedules are due by the 25th of the month or your guide and emcee names will be locked.
5 hours per week minimum plus 2 weekend hours per month (all times are CST)

We suggest one guide scheduled per hour since our goal is to get 24/7 coverage.  Use Microsoft Excel or Open Office (available below the schedule on  Download the calendar and fill in the days and times you can schedule.  Mail the xls page to  If there are any overlapping times, and there always are, you will get an email or an IM to see if you can move to an empty time slot.  We are happy to work with you.  If your schedule changes mid-month, fill out another xls sheet for that month and resubmit it with a note that your schedule has changed.  If you don't know your schedule for the next month before the 25th of the preceding month, send in a "best guess" schedule and then resubmit when you have the real information. 


You are more than welcome to log in at other times that you do not have scheduled.  We love to see more than one guide on line at a time or if you see no guide online and wish to jump on go for it and send a report afterwards

if you log on we ask you stay for an hour and always submit a report.

When you submit your hours we are aware that things will come up.  If something comes up and you have time to let us know please email if you are going to miss an event.  Please attach any questions or avatars that you have prepared.  If you are going to miss a shift please see if someone can cover for you in conference or in the proper thread on the forums.

If you need to miss a shift and there is no advance warning and you have no time to let us know, let us know afterwards, remember Family is always first.  We don't need a story.  If you can't make it, you can't make it.  A quick note "I cant make it tonight" is fine.  Remember this is a leisure activity,  not your life, or your job and we appreciate every second you give us.  You don't have to justify to us your real life schedule.  But, with that said, if you're MIA for a period of time, and in chatting, you will get asked.