Stolen Chats


One issue that needs to be discussed is Stolen Chats.
every now and again  there are a rash of these systems that pop up  and a lot of clowns like to come in and put their server address in their ID's and post in room the server and instructions to these stolen chats.  This is not OK.

This is one case where you can gag the individual for 60 minutes right off the bat, send a warning, save the text user note IM Dawg thru tracker right away the account they are on is immediately terminated.

Feel free to tell this to your friends in play names that if you advertise Illegal Chat systems the account will be terminated, not just the name they are using to advertise with but all names on that account and all names they are using.

We don't care about Yahoo chat, MSM, Voodoo,  they are legal.  We do care about chats like Yakity and Blacks Chat (Velo)  they do not pay for the license, only Halsoft does.  These stolen chats are infringing on the copyright of Lotus and the license agreement that Halsoft has with Lotus.

 Be sure to grab the text of their advertisement and put it in your reports.   As a guide many members will copy text to you
Look closely, there will be a name there. Be sure you see they are just telling you, helping, please don't gag them for what they are reporting to you that someone else is doing.  it would really suck to get gagged for 60 min and your account banned because you are trying to help out.

 When somebody says Halsoft Chat Client (180) doesn't work with other chats  say I'm really sorry but we don't support other versions.   You don't help them find 163 or set it up.

If you are unsure when you come across anything to do with illegal chats please ask.
Use the conference or send a private tracker IM to Dawg and ask.
Chatters should not be helping other chatters with server addresses helping them set up their machines in an open room  to go to these chats
If you see that happening,  gag them and let us know
It's an illegal activity.

Immediate Gag followed by a Warning.

Advertising Illegal Chats is not Tolerated in Halsoft.

It's no different if giving out a URL for a pirated copy of Windows or PSP.
There is no gray area in legal or illegal, stolen is stolen.