Guide Tracker

Download the dat file from just below or above the Schedule on VPguides.


1.  From the shortcut for tracker on your DESKTOP open tracker.

2.  Once tracker is open go to the connectivity tab under Options by  going to options/preferences/connectivity tab

3.  Make sure it says in the server box.


4.  Go to File at the top of  Tracker and Sign in

Sign in as Guide-xxx@host  (please use your own guide name)

5.  Right click, highlight and delete (remove) the two categories, Friends and Work.

6.  Go to File/Import and browse to the dat file you saved from the download page.

7.  You should see the guides and admins that are on line and in tracker.



Click around on Tracker and see your other options:

File Tab and People Tab


Options Tab


Alerts, Messages/Emoticons and Connectivity

Help Tab under About you can get the Tracker Build.  This build can be different from the chat build being used if they didn't close tracker when they were doing a new install.