VP Guides

VP Guides is your 2nd life line in the world of guiding, your first being conference. Always keep this web page up while you're in client. We'll go through each link one at a time to familiarize you with it.

This site is for guides only.  Never give a member a url from this site. Use the http://vpchat.com/help pages to give URL's to members.

Logging In

To log into VPguides you will need to use your guide name, do not add "guide" to your name, and your password, all in lower case.

Front Page

The current schedule is posted on the front page of VPguides. It's an easy reference to see who is scheduled to rove, or what hours are needed to fill in. Any important messages, such as Meetings are also posted on the front page. During holidays the holiday avs will be found here also.

VP Guides FAQ

Just about every question you come across can be found in FAQ. When doing a search, be as general as possible to get better results. Sometimes it will take a few moments for you to find what you're looking for.

hey guide, i have a question
i save a page to favorites, but when i come back to vp it's not there
guide, you there
The attribute on your favorites file is set to Read Only. Close VP and Buddy List, then go to C:\Program Files\vplaces and RIGHT click on vplaces.txt file, choose Properties, and take out the check mark beside Read-Only, check Archive.
ur welcome

What's wrong with this exchange above? A LOT!

When someone messages you for help, take time to greet them. Be polite at all times. Remember that the written word is much different than when you speak. Many would take the "what" in an abrupt and possibly rude fashion. "Sure thing ! What can I help you with?" is a much better approach. After the chatter has asked the question, don't be afraid to tell them you'll have to look for the answer and ask them to be patient for a moment while you check. Don't leave them hanging and wondering what you're doing or where you went. We do NOT have to know everything off the top of our heads, that's what FAQ and Conference is for. Never paste the answer from FAQ's, always use your own words to convey the message. NEVER give out the URL for FAQ's to a member, this is what the Help Desk is for. Do not use slang! It's You're, you are, not UR. Stay with the chatter until they have the problem fixed, don't just dismiss them thinking that your answer should be satisfactory.


The date is already entered. Using the drop down box enter the hour and minutes, whether it's AM or PM when your rove started and when it ended. We always use USA Central time. If you have a problem calculating Central Time, there are a lot of desk top clocks you can download for free to help you manage the time differences.

The first part of the guide report should be important issues. If you had to use your tools, or had problems when requesting someone change avs, move off a web page, etc. Give a recap of the situation and paste any text that is applicable. NEVER alter text !

The second portion is a Summary. This is used for letting Administration know what guests you greeted, what small problems you may have encountered, and any thing that's happened on your rove that they may need to be aware of.

The last section, Miscellaneous can be used to paste entire room or IM texts into.


The links to the current and last month schedule can be found here. To make your schedule you will need Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc. Open Office is free for download on this page.

You will need to download this year's work sheet. Open it in either of the above mentioned programs. Type your name in the cells corresponding to the times you want to rove. Just a quick note, you have agreed to rove 5 hours per week, and 2 weekend hours per month ! That's what needs to be scheduled. Save it as "Guide-Name.xls". Email the attachment to schedule@vpchat.com You must have your schedule in by the 25th of the previous month, or your guide and mc names will be locked.


Go through each of the links on this page, there's some very useful information here.


You will become more familiar with this when you start in-client training. You will be asked to evaluate your Guide Tutor after your rove and they will be asked to evaluate you. The Shadows link is to show what Guide you have roved with and how many more in-client training sessions you have left.


You can find a variety of programs for download here, including the Tracker Dat File, Anti-Virus Programs and Spyware Programs. Be sure to download the IM Reader, this is an invaluable tool ! Post It is a great program for capitalizing text. This is a must have if you become an MC.


You will need to log in as guide-name and your password. There are three sections in Tools.

User Notes

This is to keep a record of all information on people in a handy diary type format. Enter the chatter's name, and then the information about them. Only you and administration will see these notes. Always make notes on anyone you had to deal with in a negative way (message, gag, kick to obs, av ban). Make notes on anyone you come across that you feel would make a good guide or MC.

Penalties by name

Enter the chatter's name and whether the penalty was given on the adult or family server. It will tell you what type of penalty was given, when it was issued, when it expired, if it's still in effect, and who issued the penalty. If there is a penalty still in effect there will be an option to forgive it.

hey, guide rick banned my av, how much longer am i bagged for?
hang on, let me look

Never give this information out! If you did not give the penalty do not discuss it with the chatter. Tell them they need to discuss that with the Guide who penalized them or administration. We do not want them to know just how much information we have access to first off, and you do not know what happened, what caused the penalty so you would not be able to answer any other questions they may have regarding it.

You have 5 people fighting in a room of 25 people, and you hit the wrong av and gag them. Mistakes happen ! That's why we have the forgive option. Be warned though, do not ever forgive anybody that you did not penalize.


You don't have access to forums at the moment, so I'll just scan over it real quick. A lot of good information is exchanged here. One of the biggest uses is if you are unable to make your scheduled rove or event, you can post it here asking for help.


We would much prefer you to use Outlook or Outlook Express, or whatever mail program you have installed on your computer. When it's not possible, if you're at work checking your mail, or away on vacation and need to check it, Web-Mail is the resource you'll use. To log in you will use guidename@vpguides.com and your password. You will be given the option of signing into 3 different mail programs, any of them is acceptable, it's your choice as to which one you want to use.


You can download your Guide and MC Avatars here.


The main page here shows all Events and when they are scheduled. There is a list of guides who can send alerts for you if you become an MC.

Trivia Broadcast/Prize page gives a good outline of what is expected of the MC's and how to run a good trivia event.

Broadcast Tool will not be available to you.

Event Archives has questions and avs that have been used in prior events. These are placed here in case of an emergency.


There's numerous useful links here. Take some time to surf through them, read them.