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 Ban Avatars

Doc puts on black avatar
I don't know why but everyone wants to ban that avatar
any one know why?

about a year ago there was a program that had an avatar that would boot some folks with 163 and filters
the avatar was black
 so anytime a black av shows up we have members screaming we need to come get rid of the hacker booter
 and we have had some guides bag/gag it
 don't do it
 it's a black avatar

 Who wants to see my cock?
 I beg your pardon?
 Dont you want to see my cock?
 I do
 come on
 i have a nice cock
 its huge
   was the cock talk okay?
 I would have IM'd the member and ask they stop
 regardless of the av
 it seems to me most of you are very quiet
 is there a reason for this?