Doc - Rule # 1..NEVER EVER EVER EVER Tool ME!!!!
Betty - Rule # 2...forget rule #1 and never ever ever ever tool me
Dawg - Rule # 3..Forget both of those, and never tool me
Doc - >>shush
Alrighty then
Now that you understand rule #1
Lets move on
If you are disconnected (you will be a bunch tonight) click file/reconnect to
get back in faster
When your booted to obs (something else that's going to happen a lot tonight) do the same thing right away
We don't want to wait 10 minutes between kicks now do we?

If you all right click on my av you should see some additional items there
Is there anyone that does NOT see anything new?

What do you see that's new?

The first item on your list is WARN
A Warn is something that you use AFTER you have sent an IM to a member to deal with his or her behavior, or avatar or gesture
(there are some cases where we deviate from these GUIDELINES and we will talk about that a little later)
Remember GUIDELINES are not rules written in stone
Too many times a member has said I know your rules you have to IM me warn me three times dance in a circle wave your arms in the air before you can gag me
this is nonsense
Every issue is dealt with independently based on the circumstances at that time
We want you to follow these GUIDELINES as closely as possible when dealing with members
If you need to deviate from the GUIDELINES you of course will explain the reasons for this on your guide report
When warning a member, make sure that the warning is clear and concise to the point indicating the problem with a please or thank you
A small amount of room text in the warning is fine
By the time you send a warning, the member should be well aware of the reason the warning is coming
Although sometimes they may not be there to see the im's or even the warning
What are some instances that a warning would be used after you have IM'd the member a couple of times


Get the Trainees to send Warnings and critique them.....Go to Warning Page