Warnings,  Gags,  Avatar bans,  Community Ejects are all recorded on a members/guide's account..

They are also all recorded on logs along with room ejects and ignores.

Guides that accumulate more than 3 penalties during training are toast

MYTH #462 a member cant get enough IGNORES to get them removes from Halsoft

we accumulate more ignores as guides than most chatters do, except 50ish, they hold the record,  some have 100's, ignore has become a sport in 50ish.

Wait until you get on the wrong side of the sweet innocent 50ish ladies :),  they are not shy, you WILL be told, and tighten you belt when you go in there, you may not get out with your pants on.

We encourage our members to use ignore and it is used for many different reasons, and another reason why we don't worry about ignores