We have talked about IM's & Warnings and now we'll talk about ROOM EJECTS
what we are mostly talking about tonight is how the tool works and how you would use it

Remember to always try to talk to the member before you use any of your tools
Jumping all the way to the bottom of your drop down menu is EJECT FROM ROOM

One of the nice things of the room eject is that it does not leave a penalty attached to their account
Many times this is the easiest way to diffuse a fight or argument in a room, get rid of an inappropriate avatar or an abusive member
Once they are removed from the room, they cannot reenter that same room for 10 minutes
This is also a good time if they had a really offensive avatar to have a nice chat with them in IM
Warnings Gags and Av Bans are recorded and attached to that account

They do have an effect on that account standing when there are numerous issues and complaints
Do not ever gag av ban warn one of your friends just for fun

While guiding if you run into a situation and feel that perhaps the troublesome person is just having a bad day not necessarily a troublemaker would you suggest ejecting rather then put a mark on their acct?
Talking to them in im afterwords can resolve a simple issue that is growing into something really silly


 Now obviously Doc doesn't want to have to reconnect to the sever 50 times
 so if you plan to room eject him please send him an IM,  either Eject or No Eject  depending on how you feel
 Sometimes it is important to remove someone from a room immediately,  before you IM or warn them
 does anyone know what reason you would remove them immediately

Doc puts on Very Offensive Avatar
ok guys
With an avatar of that type remove it from the room immediately
it's offensive,  they know better
at that point in time you can then IM them and discuss the TOS
and how it pertains to avatars
if they go back into the room with the same avatar
again immediately remove it
av ban it and again im and talk to them
Guide-Java no
Guide-Olay yes

 Remember what was said earlier about following the GUIDELINES
 you are trying to give them the opportunity to see the errors in their ways and make a correction
 We really aren't power hungry, we really don't want to hurt their accounts
 We just want them to understand there is a TOS they need to follow
 By removing them to observe it gets them out of the view of the other members
 and gives you the opportunity to talk them into doing the right thing
 if they don't, then you will proceed with warnings and av bans
 I am sure you have all seen many times
 my av was banned and I was gagged and removed, and I got no warning, no im nothing from a guide
 this is bunk
 everyone knows why they have been av banned, gagged removed from the room or ejected from the community
 if they are not told before the penalty they are told right after
 remember there is nothing in the TOS that says that a member will be IM'd then warned, then banned or gagged depending on the incident
 for some reason, there is a myth floating around (probably from your fellow guides)
 that a member MUST be IM'd/ IM'd/ then warned/ then actioned
 again this is total nonsense
 What are some of the reasons you would remove folks from the room
repeated offensive language after several IMs
if there av was offensive and they wont change it
offensive language , avs,
 if there swearing in the room and refuse to stop
Offensive av, offensive language and racism.
 it sometimes helps to defuse a room
 Drama is awfully general
 be very careful with Drama, vp is all about drama
 it doesn't matter what room you go into there will be some form of drama going on, vp fighting, vp marriages, vp children, vp pups being born