ok open a new browser
go to that ^^^ url
save it in your favorites
everyone log in to make sure you can
I sign in as dawg and my password
never ever go to that url in the client
always open it in a separate browser
save it to your favorites

Once you are in, you will see two catagories

Penalties by Name

User Notes


everyone click on penalties by name

type in guide-doc
and then click generate report



for the next few minutes you can all practice warnings, gags av bans and
getting ip addresses on the three of us
no penalties can exceed one minute
Guide-Dawg you can continue to send warnings although we already have penalties
Guide-Dawg this is what you've been waiting for , go for it
*** [ Guide-Doc left the room @ 22:55:59 ]
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Indigo lol we all hitting doc
Guide-Dawg lol
Guide-Taylor lol
*** [ Guide-Betty left the room @ 22:56:30 ]
Guide-Jazz ohhhhhhhhhhh i forgot to put in a time
Guide-Taylor I couldnt wait to do that
Guide-Taylor that was better then phone bonin
*** [ Guide-Betty entered the room @ 22:56:41 ]
Guide-Indigo weeeeeeeeeeeee
*** [ Guide-Marie entered the room @ 22:57:07 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo entered the room @ 22:57:07 ]
*** [ Guide-Tinker entered the room @ 22:57:07 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 22:57:07 ]
*** [ Guide-Taylor entered the room @ 22:57:07 ]
*** [ Guide-Jazz entered the room @ 22:57:07 ]
Guide-Marie ooooo we didnt go over how long they are ejected
*** [ Guide-Marie entered the room @ 22:57:38 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo entered the room @ 22:57:38 ]
*** [ Guide-Tinker entered the room @ 22:57:38 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 22:57:38 ]
*** [ Guide-Taylor entered the room @ 22:57:38 ]
*** [ Guide-Jazz entered the room @ 22:57:38 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 22:57:38 ]
*** [ Guide-Betty entered the room @ 22:57:38 ]
Guide-Indigo ahhhhh that feels sooo good
Guide-Taylor LOL
Guide-Indigo -dances
*** [ Guide-Doc left the room @ 22:58:19 ]
Guide-Tinker hahahahaha
Guide-Marie lmao
*** [ Guide-Betty left the room @ 22:58:27 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 22:58:40 ]
Guide-Indigo hahahaaaaaa
Guide-Doc do each other as well
*** [ Guide-Taylor left the room @ 22:59:00 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari left the room @ 22:59:03 ]
*** [ Guide-Jazz left the room @ 22:59:06 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo left the room @ 22:59:13 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc left the room @ 22:59:17 ]
*** [ Guide-Tinker left the room @ 22:59:21 ]
*** [ Guide-Marie left the room @ 22:59:24 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 22:59:28 ]
--DEBUG-> void CPlace::whispered(); From: Guide-Jari; Type: 0; String: how do i get
back in??; Data Length: 0
Guide-Doc dont forget the file/reconnect to get back in the room quick
*** [ Guide-Betty entered the room @ 23:00:04 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 23:00:19 ]
--DEBUG-> void CPlace::whispered(); From: Guide-Doc; Type: 0; String: 403-275-3161;
Data Length: 0
Guide-Jari ty
*** [ Guide-Marie entered the room @ 23:00:29 ]
*** [ Guide-Taylor entered the room @ 23:00:32 ]
*** [ Guide-Tinker entered the room @ 23:00:33 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo entered the room @ 23:00:36 ]
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Dawg keep going
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Dawg get it out of your system now
Guide-Dawg have fun
Guide-Tinker hahahahahaha
*** [ Guide-Jazz entered the room @ 23:00:56 ]
Guide-Jari i'm ggod
*** [ Guide-Doc left the room @ 23:00:57 ]
*** [ Guide-Betty left the room @ 23:00:59 ]
Guide-Jari no
Guide-Jari *good<
*** [ Guide-Jari left the room @ 23:01:04 ]
Guide-Jazz i booted myself,,,grrrrrrrrrrr
Guide-Tinker LOL jazz
*** [ Guide-Marie entered the room @ 23:01:35 ]
*** [ Guide-Taylor entered the room @ 23:01:35 ]
*** [ Guide-Tinker entered the room @ 23:01:35 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo entered the room @ 23:01:35 ]
*** [ Guide-Jazz entered the room @ 23:01:35 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 23:01:35 ]
*** [ Guide-Marie left the room @ 23:01:39 ]
*** [ Guide-Jazz left the room @ 23:01:47 ]
*** [ Guide-Tinker left the room @ 23:01:51 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo left the room @ 23:02:00 ]
*** [ Guide-Marie entered the room @ 23:02:10 ]
*** [ Guide-Marie left the room @ 23:02:17 ]
*** [ Guide-Taylor left the room @ 23:02:22 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 23:02:22 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc left the room @ 23:02:27 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari left the room @ 23:02:31 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo entered the room @ 23:02:35 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 23:02:36 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc left the room @ 23:02:40 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo left the room @ 23:02:45 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 23:02:46 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 23:02:52 ]
Guide-Jari ((Neener......neener.....neener......))
*** [ Guide-Doc left the room @ 23:02:59 ]
*** [ Guide-Marie entered the room @ 23:03:04 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo entered the room @ 23:03:06 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari left the room @ 23:03:09 ]
*** [ Guide-Marie left the room @ 23:03:10 ]
*** [ Guide-Betty entered the room @ 23:03:29 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 23:03:29 ]
*** [ Guide-Betty left the room @ 23:03:31 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 23:03:39 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo entered the room @ 23:03:48 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc left the room @ 23:03:48 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo left the room @ 23:03:52 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari left the room @ 23:03:56 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 23:04:10 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari left the room @ 23:04:20 ]
*** [ Guide-Tinker entered the room @ 23:04:21 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 23:04:23 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 23:04:41 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 23:04:41 ]
*** [ Guide-Taylor entered the room @ 23:04:45 ]
*** [ Guide-Marie entered the room @ 23:04:56 ]
Guide-Dawg next onethat click s us to the picker is gonna be booted out of the client
Guide-Dawg lol
Guide-Dawg you know how to do that already
*** [ Guide-Indigo entered the room @ 23:05:14 ]
--DEBUG-> void CPlace::whispered(); From: Guide-Jazz; Type: 0; String: why cant i get
back in room; Data Length: 0
Guide-Marie lol i dunno how
Guide-Indigo me either
Guide-Taylor me either
Guide-Dawg ok everyone come one in
Guide-Dawg on in
Guide-Dawg let's get everyone in the room for a sec
Guide-Dawg if you are in obs click File/REconnect
*** [ Guide-Jazz entered the room @ 23:06:18 ]
*** [ Guide-Tinker entered the room @ 23:06:22 ]
*** [ Guide-Betty entered the room @ 23:06:31 ]
*** [ Guide-Betty left the room @ 23:06:35 ]
Guide-Indigo that was the most fun ive had all day
*** [ Guide-Betty entered the room @ 23:06:38 ]
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Jazz all training
Guide-Taylor lol
Guide-Marie oooooo wb everyone...i am sorry!
Guide-Dawg There are three functions
Guide-Dawg that have just recently been added for guides
Guide-Dawg 1
Guide-Dawg eject to obs is now 10 minutes
Guide-Dawg and cerberus does not stop it
Guide-Dawg 2
Guide-Dawg you can read all text from observe
Guide-Dawg cerberus etc does not block text to obs
Guide-Dawg 3
Guide-Dawg when you enter a room you don't show up as a junior guide or senior guide or
anything else in third party programs
Guide-Dawg you are just like any other member
Guide-Dawg when someone is ejected to obs
Guide-Dawg they can enter any other room and chat in im's
Guide-Dawg but they cannot reenter the room they were ejected from
Guide-Dawg any questions
Guide-Indigo no
Guide-Taylor no
Guide-Jari no
Guide-Tinker no
Guide-Marie yes is that used pretty much as a last resort too?
Guide-Jazz no but i am sure ill have many as i go along
Guide-Dawg an eject to obs is the only tool you have that will not give the member a
penalty on their account and is sometimes a kind thing to do
Guide-Dawg Remember when you have ejected to obs you havn't prevented them from chatting
Guide-Dawg they can still talk in im's and they can go to other rooms
Guide-Dawg you have just been removed from that room for 10 minutes
Guide-Dawg you have just removed the troublemaker from the room for 10 min
Guide-Dawg there are two exceptions
Guide-Dawg games
Guide-Dawg megaheads
Guide-Dawg and tours (3) if you eject them to obs they can come back in
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Tinker ok
Guide-Jazz k
Guide-Taylor ok
Guide-Dawg if you are removing a person to obs because of an inappropriate tour name,
game name or megahead name the objective has been served
Guide-Dawg if you are needing to remove people using these three things
Guide-Dawg for room disruption you do want them to remain out of the room for 10 minutes
so the room has a chance to recover
Guide-Dawg then simply eject them quickly when they return in
Guide-Betty questions?
Guide-Indigo no
Guide-Jazz no
Guide-Taylor no
Guide-Tinker no
Guide-Jari no
Guide-Marie to tours and megas will also be ejected for 10 minutes?
Guide-Marie whaaaaaaa how come im the only one with questions always........
Guide-Jazz u are not marie
Guide-Tinker lol
Guide-Marie yikes
Guide-Indigo cus we now you'll ask them so we just pretend like we dont have any
Guide-Jazz i have asked lots
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Tinker LOL indigo
Guide-Betty tours/megas/games when ejected can re enter imediately
Guide-Betty their game/mega/tour is dropped by the eject
Guide-Betty if they reenter and the problem is solved leave them alone
Guide-Tinker k
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Betty if they were ejected because they did need the full 10 mins in obs
Guide-Betty quickly eject again
Guide-Jazz ok before they get a chance to remega
Guide-Betty right
Guide-Jari where would i direct a chatter if they ask "where are the rules!?" ?
Guide-Betty in your FAQ there is a urls section
Guide-Betty there are the tos/members agreement etc urls in there
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Jari ty
Guide-Betty you will all recieve a complimentry account...BUT we are going to have jules
talk to you about that later on in the week
Guide-Indigo k
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Tinker oh.... ok
Guide-Taylor ok
Guide-Dawg You have 5 more hours of inclient training, you can go with any guide you
like with the exception of the last hour you must go with laz, rick, aly, intro, or dawg
Guide-Indigo ok
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Dawg You have one day to get your five hours done
Guide-Tinker ok....
Guide-Dawg take as long as you want
Guide-Jazz oh darn im away next week
Guide-Indigo 5 hours in one day?
Guide-Dawg (the one day was a joke)
Guide-Indigo oh phew
Guide-Jazz and all week to
Guide-Jari oh good
Guide-Jari ty
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Indigo bad dawg
Guide-Jazz i knew she had to be kidding
Guide-Tinker well i have tomorrow off
Guide-Dawg that's ok jazz you can take a week to get it done, what ever it takes it is
up to you
Guide-Dawg you might want to take a day to rest or get right at it
Guide-Dawg before yo ucan guide by yourself you need to do those 5 hours
Guide-Indigo ok
Guide-Jari ok
Guide-Jazz ok..
Guide-Tinker ok
Guide-Jazz will have to be after i get back
Guide-Dawg We have a conference that runs 24/7
Guide-Dawg one or two of you may have been invited to it by mistake already
Guide-Tinker lolol
Guide-Marie do we have to rove?
Guide-Marie or just be in there?
Guide-Dawg in the 5 hours?
Guide-Betty rove
Guide-Marie yeah
Guide-Dawg rove
Guide-Betty 5 seperate guides
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Dawg just like you did before
--DEBUG-> void CPlace::whispered(); From: Guide-Taylor; Type: 0; String: its on; Data
Length: 0
Guide-Dawg but you can go with ANY guide
Guide-Jazz pray tell me i dont have to go with nuts
Guide-Indigo except the last hour
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Dawg You may ask a guide and they may decline
Guide-Dawg that's ok too
Guide-Dawg just ask another
Guide-Jari <<Doc?? how about a date???
Guide-Dawg please accept your conference invites
Guide-Jazz ty
Guide-Jazz what is the oops
Guide-Marie the last hour has to be with one of the 5?
Guide-Dawg this conference runs 24/7
Guide-Dawg if you come on line and you don't get an invite right away
Guide-Dawg just ask someone on line to invite you in
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Dawg and if you see someone on tracker not in the conf, send them an invite
Guide-Jazz okies
Guide-Jazz now i need a scotch
Guide-Marie LOL
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Dawg not quite yeet
Guide-Dawg yet
Guide-Jazz ohhhhh
Guide-Marie scotch or scootch?
Guide-Betty ok comp accounts.
Guide-Jazz bith,,lol
Guide-Betty open
Guide-Jari open
Guide-Dawg click support
Guide-Dawg click complimentary account
Guide-Dawg follow those instructions exactly
Guide-Dawg email the details to with
Guide-Dawg from your GUIDE EMAIL ACCOUNTS
Guide-Dawg also email JUST the account number
Guide-Dawg not the name
Guide-Dawg In your emails, please include your guide name
Guide-Dawg this basic account is yours to use anyway you like as long as you are a guide
Guide-Dawg you can use it give it away, you're responsible for it do with it as you
Guide-Jazz oh ok
Guide-Dawg any questions?
Guide-Indigo no
Guide-Jari yes
Guide-Jazz i just signed up for a year,, and in advance,,lol
Guide-Marie do we wait for jules contact to sign up for that?
Guide-Dawg if you are unsure about any of this contact any of the three of us later
tonight or tomorrow no hurry
Guide-Dawg none has to be done this minute
Guide-Jari oh good,,,,,, i'm toast
Guide-Dawg no just go ahead and do it marie
Guide-Dawg that's ok jari, just contact one of us later, no hurry
Guide-Jari ty
Guide-Dawg this next bit is important
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Jari 5:30 comes too fast
Guide-Dawg from your guide to
Guide-Dawg your real name, real phone number and real mailing address
Guide-Dawg this information is for jules eyes only
Guide-Dawg NO ONE sees this but jules
Guide-Jari a NEW user name, right?
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Dawg any questions
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Dawg yes jari
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Tinker got it (saved it too)
Guide-Dawg from time to time we might want to phone you
Guide-Dawg we will ask you for your number
Guide-Dawg it's 100% your choice
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Dawg you dont have to hem or haw just say no I'd rather not
Guide-Jazz wont bother me
Guide-Dawg some we have already called
Guide-Dawg and we have lousy phone boners in this class
Guide-Taylor heyyyyyyyyy
Guide-Indigo excuse me??????
Guide-Betty lol
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Taylor I moaned
Guide-Tinker hahahahaahahahaha
Guide-Dawg don't listen to what taylor and indigo say, they are really not that good
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Taylor LOL
Guide-Tinker lololol
Guide-Betty roflmao
Guide-Dawg and marie and tinker what are you laughing about you weren't so good either
Guide-Taylor your just jelous dawg we didnt bone u
Guide-Indigo we gonna have to phone bone each other heck with everyone else>>
Guide-Marie i wasnt called! pffffffft
Guide-Tinker hahaha BUT BUT BUT i give you chew toys LOL
Guide-Taylor <<yeppers phone me baby
Guide-Dawg Jazz and Jari were at the top of the class
Guide-Jazz me either marie
Guide-Marie <<<lol
Guide-Jari huh?
Guide-Jazz hey bud >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Guide-Indigo lies....all lies
Guide-Dawg we wouldn't tell you all who we've called anyway
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Dawg that's it
Guide-Dawg remember the list of names you can go to for help at any time
Guide-Jari i need to try this voice thing........ anyone game?
Guide-Tinker sure........
Guide-Jari ty dawg
Guide-Dawg laz, rick, aly, intro, dawg, doc, betty, calanche, clancy
Guide-Jari saved to note pad
Guide-Dawg and the three of us here if you are having problems whatsoever
Guide-Dawg 24/7 anytime
Guide-Jazz i have saved to
Guide-Tinker ty
Guide-Dawg if we dont' answer we may be sleepig
Guide-Marie okay pager number?
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Doc thank you
Guide-Dawg thank you
Guide-Doc welcome to guiding
Guide-Jari tyvm Dawg, Betty and Doc
Guide-Tinker *S*
Guide-Doc not get the hell out of here
Guide-Betty thankyou everyone
Guide-Doc *now
Guide-Marie wooooooo hoooooo thank you guys!
Guide-Jari pffft