uide-Dawg everyone click on USER NOTES
Guide-Dawg type in Guide-Doc
Guide-Dawg type in a note
Guide-Dawg click ADD NOTE
Guide-Jazz see it
Guide-Dawg remember this goes on his account
Guide-Dawg permanently
Guide-Dawg while you are doing that we will explain what user notes are
Guide-Indigo done
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Tinker done
Guide-Dawg User notes is a place that you as a guide can leave a note on a members
account that you feels is important
Guide-Dawg feel (no s)
Guide-Dawg has everyone placed a note
Guide-Indigo yes
Guide-Jari y
Guide-Marie yes
Guide-Tinker yes
Guide-Taylor yes
Guide-Jazz whose name do we put or leave it blank?
Guide-Dawg you need to type in Guide-Doc
Guide-Dawg and leave a user note about him
Guide-Marie I was gonna leave a $100 note...but couldnt find that emoticon
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Indigo sheeesh...hes worth $100?
Guide-Tinker ooooooooooo
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Dawg did you do it jazz?
Guide-Dawg ok we see it
Guide-Jazz yes
Guide-Dawg taylor you sent a blank one
Guide-Dawg can you do another
Guide-Dawg just type something in it
Guide-Taylor ok
Guide-Jazz i was going to say he was cuddly but changed my mind
Guide-Indigo cough
Guide-Tinker lololol
Guide-Jari i need a break soon, plz
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Tinker ty jari
Guide-Jari doin the dance
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Indigo lol
Guide-Tinker hang 10
Guide-Dawg Just go pee and come back you don't need to tell us
Guide-Tinker lmaooooooo
Guide-Marie LOL
Guide-Jazz LOL
Guide-Doc He is evil i tell you....evil.
Guide-Doc Hi ya Doc :)
Guide-Indigo gasp
Guide-Doc You are a sweetie! LOL
Guide-Doc This note states that doc was talking in offensice language tonight
Guide-Doc Hi Doc .........LOL...they made me do this
Guide-Jazz o dear
Guide-Doc and 1 blank one
Guide-Doc hmmmm
Guide-Jazz spell check
Guide-Indigo >>
Guide-Marie you didnt get my $100 Note?
Guide-Taylor <<I fixed it
Guide-Doc Note
Guide-Indigo ok ok>
Guide-Marie ------runs to bank stops check!
Guide-Dawg Why would you ever have a reason to leave a user note
Guide-Marie If you made a mistake with a penalty?
Guide-Indigo If you accidently gagged or warned a chatter
Guide-Jazz ohhhhhh
Guide-Tinker if we made a mistake........
Guide-Taylor if we made a mistake
Guide-Dawg any other reasons?
Guide-Dawg keep going
Guide-Jazz if we did something in error
Guide-Marie Maybe for a particularly rough situation?
Guide-Tinker a borderline case?
Guide-Taylor if we did a mistake on someones account
Guide-Jazz like gagged or warn
Guide-Dawg whatabout if it is a really nasty member
Guide-Dawg how about advertising illegal chats
Guide-Dawg you've warned 10 times
Guide-Dawg constantly abbusive
Guide-Dawg someone who has gone out of their way to help you out
Guide-Tinker ahhhhhhh
Guide-Dawg someone kind all the time and helpful
Guide-Dawg might make a good guide
Guide-Jazz oh nice reports to
Guide-Jazz good
Guide-Dawg yes
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Dawg user notes are a function of your guide tools that will allow you to leave a
permanent note on a membeers account that you think is warranted both good and bad
Guide-Marie should you ask a more seasoned guide before you do such a thing?
Guide-Dawg We also have some situations where user note would be a MUST
Guide-Dawg no marie, you make this decision on your own
Guide-Dawg you could ask another guide if you felt you needed to
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Dawg We also have some situations where user note would be a MUST
Guide-Dawg any illegal activity
Guide-Dawg child porn
Guide-Dawg drugs
Guide-Dawg nasty websites on members
Guide-Dawg significant harrassment
Guide-Dawg continual mass im's
Guide-Dawg advertising illegal chats
Guide-Dawg did everyone click on Show user notes
Guide-Dawg Review
Guide-Dawg not sure not looking at it
Guide-Dawg did you notice anything ?
Guide-Marie it gives date and time
Guide-Indigo the date and time
Guide-Jazz is that in the review notes?
Guide-Marie and submitted by whom
Guide-Taylor it shows date and time and user name and note that was let
Guide-Dawg now guide indigo let's say you decide doc really isn't evil
Guide-Dawg you've made a mistake, what could you do
Guide-Indigo unlikely but ok
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Taylor <<LOL
Guide-Dawg how would you correct it
Guide-Indigo submit a new note?
Guide-Tinker add another note......
Guide-Dawg exactly
Guide-Dawg you cannot edit user notes
Guide-Tinker kk
Guide-Dawg you must leave another if you have done one in error
Guide-Indigo ok
Guide-Dawg with all of the names in vp that have dashes and dots make sure you copy and
paste the user name
Guide-Dawg it is the exact account name and requires them all
Guide-Dawg if you miss one you may be leaving a user note for the wrong user
Guide-Dawg Also, notice you only see your own notes
Guide-Indigo yes
Guide-Dawg do you have any questions on user notes, when to use them or how to use them
Guide-Dawg is anyone still here
Guide-Tinker yes.... i have a question........
Guide-Indigo not at the moment
Guide-Jazz i am
Guide-Dawg ask away
Guide-Marie so we are to save this address now?
Guide-Betty no
Guide-Betty this is only for training
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Tinker can we add a note if we witnessed something when not a guide?
Guide-Jazz i will have diary cards for my diary cards
Guide-Dawg the address that is in your browser right now will be redundant in about 1/2
an hour
Guide-Dawg Tinker, I would suggest that you let one of us know first
Guide-Dawg then we will let you know wether to add or not
Guide-Tinker k.. i was thinking about the good ones
Guide-Dawg not necessary really
Guide-Tinker kk
Guide-Marie we will have a new address to add notes to later? lol
Guide-Betty yes
Guide-Marie kk
Guide-Dawg yes you wil have a new supplemental tools address