For training purposes only, we want you to send a Warning to Betty as if she was Doc for whatever Doc does that you feel needs an official warning.

This is not something we do in the client, but for training purposes we want you to send the warning you would send to Doc to Betty.

In the text of the warning, please start with your name, just the name not the guide part,. i.e. I would start my warning with Dawg-

Putting your name at the beginning of a warning is also another thing we don't do in the client, we are only learning how to give and word warnings.

We have you put your name in the warning in training so that betty can keep track of the warnings and who sent them and, Doc gets to act the ass

So, for training purposes, when you are talking to Betty it is just as if you are talking to Doc.  AND, we are only practicing our warnings now, please nothing else. JUST WARNINGS.

Remember, you need to put words in warnings, blank warnings do not cut it.


What we want the member to know is that first they are being warned, second why they are being warned, what they need to do, and in some cases the consequences if they don't follow the TOS.
This all needs to be done in a very short warning
You can "warn" a member and still not come off like a meany, use please and thank you, but be to the point
The language used on your avatar is not suitable for the family server. Feel free to use it on the adult server. Thank you

If a warning comes before or after the action make sure they know what they got the warning for!


The idea of a warning is to let the member know that what they are doing is improper, saying "don't do that" doesn't tell them a thing. 


If someone is harassing, make sure you are telling them they are harassing.  Cut a small piece of the text, include it in the warning.  If they have a nasty avatar tell them it is inappropriate.


That is inappropriate <<tells them nothing !!  What is inappropriate?


Was there room for "thanks", TY, TYVM?  Always try to be polite.


All warnings are recorded.  It is a pain to have a member write to support and ask what was I warned for and the warning recorded was obscure. 


"Your Avatar is inappropriate"  is better than "you know better than that" and not as good as "Please change your naked avatar, thanks." and really helps when support has to answer a complaint.


You need to make sure your warning to the member is clear to the member as well as to whoever is answering support email.


Whenever possible when you can include a small snippet of text it clarifies it for everyone, remember you can only copy in small snippets of text.


Every once in awhile we come across a really dumb warning we will call you on it!


Its rare for anyone to just get it right off
 Its difficult to understand and implement, this is not a test
 But I will call you on everything you do during these sessions
 for a couple reasons
 1. To make sure your getting it
 2.  If you cant take the criticism here, your going to be dead in the client with the members



<<hey fucker


<<heya tubby
<<ya fat cow
<,saddam sucks
he should die
nazi bugger
 kill him fast i say
kill them all
kill all ragheads


each different remarks are for different warnings, different scenerios

<<im going to take you out

<<your dead
<<be scared
<<im coming
<<your going down
<<you will regret the day you ever crossed me

did you not feel there was a need for a warning on that scenario?
You're dead, be scared, I'm coming is very blatant

Next Scenerio

Betty put on very nasty woman's av




<<you ugly?
<<i bet your a lame assed fat do0d sitting there unclean telling people your a doctor

<<fat cow
 <<nice udders tubby


You will send warnings and people will go off on you saying oh great I get a warnin saying moo. Since when did moo become a bad word.  They have forgotten what they said before. Forget all that, you know why they were warned.

No matter how meticulous you are you will never be right when warning a member.


all penalties with the exception of eject to observe, are recorded on a members account forever. Don't send another warning apologizing to them,  they can't be removed by anyone.  If you make a mistake, apologize to them, don't ask us to remove it.

you can put it in your report that you sent it by mistake.  don't tell the member you will have it removed, it won't happen.

What you can do however, is leave a USER NOTE on their account explaining what happened.


We will show you how to leave a USER NOTE on a members account a little later.  Right now, just remember you can leave one if you make a mistake.


Everyone, please send Doc a warning (to Betty)

Put on the Mouse/Hand avatar (if not already used)

Warn me if its needed
No need to wait
Just do what you think is needed
So either you warn or you don't

 Has anyone NOT sent a warning

 "ok hun" isnt needed
 So you all sent a warning

 based on an OMG?

A mouse depicts what?

 Not one IM before the warnings went out :)

 Had i got 1 IM i would have mega'd for you
 Dont jump to the tools because you see an OMG
 Look at the av
 If you need a magnifying glass to see what it is, its probably ok
 There is nothing wrong with this AV
 Remember to IM first, unless is clearly a really nasty av
 Talk to the members, 99% of the time the problem will be resolved in an IM
 And if your going INTO the rooms, most inappropriate avs will be changed before you get the chance to even IM them

frick off dwag
As to the comment on "hun" ... if you use "hun" an "sweetie" it is NOT appropriate as a guide to use
We get complaints

im NOT that assholes "hun"

 remember the family server is not Disney, its more like pg-13, the language and graphics don't have to be cartoons
 Its a tough thing to deal with, and there are no black and white answers for you.

 I will put on avatars etc but any actions taken, please do them to doc so he can see
 When "I" see racist comments, I warn right away