Training Day 4 of 4

Guide-Betty everyone out of the conference please

Guide-Marie Betty did you check your email? lol

Guide-Tinker you really ARE reading my mind marie.... was going to ask that question!

Guide-Betty your emails are set up correctly

Guide-Marie well i didnt go forward with it until i knew for sure
Guide-Tinker *S*
Guide-Betty ok does anyone see anything different in here tonight?

Guide-Doc gomers all
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Tinker awwwwwwwww
Guide-Indigo blah
Guide-Jari Doc has no info?
Guide-Betty right click and look at docs id
Guide-Indigo we noticed that last night
Guide-Betty thats not diff jari
Guide-Marie he had no info last night
Guide-Tinker lol
Guide-Dawg right click SLOWLY
Guide-Dawg and look at his id
Guide-Dawg remember, take your time
Guide-Indigo lol
Guide-Betty well
Guide-Betty do you see anything different
Guide-Jazz i dont
Guide-Tinker i give up.......
Guide-Indigo its empty
Guide-Dawg ok this time, just right click on him
Guide-Dawg don't look at his id
Guide-Tinker ooooooooooooo call
Guide-Jari uh oh
Guide-Indigo calls always been there
Guide-Dawg tinker, look a little closer
Guide-Tinker kk
Guide-Jari i didn't d/l 170
Guide-Jari my bad
Guide-Jazz i see nothing
Guide-Tinker there are more things!
Guide-Marie i no see nooothing either lol
Guide-Dawg keep looking
Guide-Tinker (cheated and looked at mine)
Guide-Tinker sigh.........
Guide-Marie lol im stumped
Guide-Betty lol
Guide-Tinker gave up already
Guide-Jazz i am to
Guide-Jari UNCLE
Guide-Marie i alerted him
Guide-Tinker lolol
Guide-Tinker LOL marie
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Jazz same old doc without the info
Guide-Dawg ok we'll start booting you until you figure it out
Guide-Tinker awwwwwwwwwwww
Guide-Indigo geez
*** [ Guide-Indigo left the room @ 19:16:39 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari left the room @ 19:16:52 ]
Guide-Tinker did i say retrieve picture?
*** [ Guide-Jazz left the room @ 19:17:07 ]
*** [ Guide-Marie left the room @ 19:17:08 ]
Guide-Tinker ooooooooooooooohhhhhhh
Guide-Betty what?
*** [ Guide-Taylor left the room @ 19:17:26 ]
Guide-Tinker scared........ LOL
*** [ Guide-Tinker left the room @ 19:18:16 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo entered the room @ 19:18:36 ]
Guide-Indigo meanies
Guide-Betty lol
Guide-Indigo o0o now i see all kinds of stuff
Guide-Betty shhh
*** [ Guide-Jazz entered the room @ 19:19:06 ]
Guide-Jazz me to
Guide-Betty lol
*** [ Guide-Tinker entered the room @ 19:19:20 ]
Guide-Jazz and i got disconnected ,, was that intentional?
Guide-Betty yes
Guide-Jazz lol ok
Guide-Dawg that was a community eject
Guide-Tinker ahhhhhh haaaaaaaa
*** [ Guide-Taylor entered the room @ 19:19:46 ]
Guide-Dawg now you know what it looks like
Guide-Indigo good thing im used to it
Guide-Tinker NOW i see!
Guide-Tinker LOL indigo
Guide-Jazz but wasnt there before
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 19:20:08 ]
Guide-Tinker exactly Jazz!
Guide-Tinker HMM
Guide-Indigo nope it wasnt jazz
Guide-Indigo omg
Guide-Taylor can I ask something??
Guide-Betty it was too you didnt look close enough
Guide-Tinker (evil thoughts)
Guide-Betty aska way
*** [ Guide-Marie entered the room @ 19:20:34 ]
Guide-Jari OOPS
Guide-Tinker yeah for sure betty..... *S*
Guide-Marie whew
Guide-Taylor does this mean I got 2 penalities now???
Guide-Dawg one more and you're gone
Guide-Indigo lmao taylor
Guide-Jari may i use the new tool??
Guide-Tinker LOLOL
Guide-Betty nooooo
Guide-Jari ok
Guide-Betty look but dont touch
Guide-Jari i did,,,,,, so soory
Guide-Marie whaaaaaaaat am i lookin for?
Guide-Indigo <<trigger happy?
Guide-Betty you never know what you might do....lmao
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Indigo look again maire
Guide-Taylor I cant believe I chatted all these years and never been in trubble go to a
guide thingy and im in deep do do
Guide-Indigo LOL
Guide-Tinker lmaoooooo taylor
Guide-Marie oooo now i see goodies
Guide-Betty lmao taylor welcome to the guide world
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Marie man i was sitting there disconnected i had to ask rick whaaaaaat the
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Jazz lol.. i just tried back in,, thought was intentional
Guide-Dawg you're learning jazz
Guide-Jazz but never know with doc
Guide-Dawg lol
Guide-Taylor wait till they team up and tell you ......your floodin there server
Guide-Tinker hahahahahahah
Guide-Jari may i take the time to restart my PC.......... i took the min to d/l 170
Guide-Betty go for it jari
Guide-Jari tyty
Guide-Jari brb
*** [ Guide-Jari left the room @ 19:23:42 ]
Guide-Tinker hb!
Guide-Indigo hb
Guide-Marie i feel like i have been given a gift =)
Guide-Tinker *S*
Guide-Tinker xmas in march!
Guide-Marie guys Greek???
Guide-Jazz lol
Guide-Jazz early easter
Guide-Tinker there ya go jazz~
Guide-Marie who says there is no easter bunny
--DEBUG-> void CPlace::whispered(); From: Guide-Tinker; Type: 0; String: k done; Data
Length: 0
--DEBUG-> void CPlace::whispered(); From: Guide-Tinker; Type: 0; String: yw; Data
Length: 0
Guide-Tinker *S*
--DEBUG-> void CPlace::whispered(); From: Guide-Marie; Type: 0; String: done lol; Data
Length: 0
--DEBUG-> void CPlace::whispered(); From: Guide-Jazz; Type: 0; String: did; Data
Length: 0
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 19:26:43 ]
Guide-Tinker wb jari
--DEBUG-> void CPlace::whispered(); From: Guide-Jazz; Type: 0; String: had no words;
Data Length: 0
Guide-Marie welcome back jari
--DEBUG-> void CPlace::whispered(); From: Guide-Indigo; Type: 0; String: it was blank;
Data Length: 0
Guide-Jazz wb jari
Guide-Jari ty all
Guide-Doc Rule # 1..NEVER EVER EVER EVER Tool ME!!!!
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Indigo i was following orders
Guide-Tinker obeying orders
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Jazz me to
Guide-Betty Rule # 2...forget rule #1 and never ever ever ever tool me
Guide-Indigo haha
Guide-Marie yeah of high authority
Guide-Tinker LOL betty
Guide-Indigo lol betty
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Jari *note to self............ NRule # 1..NEVER EVER EVER EVER Tool Doc*
Guide-Dawg Rule # 3..Forget both of those, and never tool me
Guide-Indigo lmao
Guide-Doc >>shush
Guide-Tinker hahahaahahahah
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Doc Alrighty then
Guide-Dawg see
Guide-Tinker ooooooooooooooooo
Guide-Dawg doesn't work on me
Guide-Marie lolzzzzzz
Guide-Doc Now that you understand rule #1
Guide-Doc Lets move on
Guide-Jazz i like that av
Guide-Tinker i'm STILL allergic to gold!
Guide-Doc If you are disconnected (you will be a bunch tonight) click file/reconnect to
get back in faster
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Tinker kk ty
Guide-Marie lol okay
Guide-Indigo k
Guide-Jazz k
Guide-Doc When your booted to obs (something else thats going to happen alot tonight)
do the same thing right away
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Marie k
Guide-Doc We dont want to wait 10 minutes between kicks now do we?
Guide-Tinker noooooooooooo
Guide-Marie do you supply donuts with these boots?
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Marie rubber ones that is
Guide-Dawg Before we head into tools there is one issue we want to discuss
Guide-Dawg We like to refer to them as stolen chats
Guide-Dawg every now and again as in the last couple of days
Guide-Dawg there are a rash of these systems that pop up
Guide-Dawg and a lot of clowns like to come in and put in id and post in room the server
and instructions to these stolen chats
Guide-Dawg this is not OK
Guide-Dawg this is one case where you can gag the individual for 60 minutes right off
the bat, send a warning, save the text
Guide-Dawg user note im doc betty dawg right away
Guide-Dawg the account they are on is immediately terminated
Guide-Tinker ok
Guide-Jari ok
Guide-Jazz was a few today
Guide-Dawg feel free to tell this to your friends in play names that if you advertise
other Illegal Chat systems the account will be terminated, not just the name
Guide-Tinker kk
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Dawg We don't care about yahoo chat, msn, vodoo, excite super chat, they are legal
Guide-Dawg We do care about babbelon, visual places, TChat
Guide-Dawg they do not pay for the license
Guide-Dawg halsoft does
Guide-Dawg they are thefore infringing on the copyright of lotus and the license
agreement that halsoft hals
Guide-Dawg has
Guide-Dawg any questions
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Marie no questions
Guide-Indigo none
Guide-Jari no
Guide-Tinker perfectly clear and understandable
Guide-Taylor no
Guide-Jazz i wish i had kept the one that was flying around today
Guide-Dawg Be sure to grab the text of their advertisement and put it in your reports
Guide-Indigo i got one today to
Guide-Taylor I had that tonight and I did but didnt know what happen I pasted it on to
Guide-Dawg As a guide many members will copy text that text to you
Guide-Dawg look closely, there will be a name there
Guide-Dawg be sure you see they are just telling you, helping, please don't gag them
Guide-Marie k
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Dawg it would really suck to get gagged for 60 min and your account banned because
you are trying to help out
Guide-Jazz for sure
Guide-Indigo yes it would
Guide-Dawg When somebody says 170 doesn 't work with other chats
Guide-Dawg say I'm really sorry I don't know about that
Guide-Dawg you don't help them find 163 or set it up
Guide-Tinker kk
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Marie k
Guide-Taylor ok
Guide-Betty if you are unsure when you come across anything to do with illegal chats
please ask
Guide-Betty use the conference
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Betty or send a seperate message and ask us
Guide-Tinker got it
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Dawg Chatters should not be helping other chatters with server addresses helping
them set up their machines in an open room
Guide-Dawg to go to these chats
Guide-Indigo and if they are?
Guide-Marie if you see that happening what do you do?
Guide-Dawg gag them and let us know
Guide-Tinker k
Guide-Indigo ok
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Dawg it's an illegal activity
Guide-Marie immediate with no warning?
Guide-Betty yes
Guide-Marie k
Guide-Betty follow it with a warning
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Indigo what would the warning say
Guide-Dawg Advertising of Illegal Chats is not Tolerated in Halsoft
Guide-Marie k
Guide-Dawg It's no different of giving out a url for a pirated copy of windows
Guide-Jazz and PSP to?
Guide-Dawg absolutely
Guide-Dawg is that legal?
Guide-Jazz anything pirated
Guide-Jazz no
Guide-Dawg there is no gray area in legal or illegal, stolen is stolen
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Dawg Do you want to play with your tools now or do you want to learn about other
Guide-Indigo play!
Guide-Tinker lolol
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Taylor lol
Guide-Jazz i have a question about the tools
Guide-Dawg You're not allowed to ask questions right now
Guide-Jazz how long are they ejected from room for
Guide-Tinker oooooooooooooo
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Dawg Seeing that you want to play with the tools right now, we'll work on the
Guide-Dawg We're sending you some files
Guide-Tinker k
Guide-Marie lmao
Guide-Dawg please save it into your halsoft file
Guide-Betty marie..turn files on please
Guide-Jari the one we made on the desk top??
Guide-Dawg yes
Guide-Jari ty
Guide-Dawg anyone not have the new dat file?
Guide-Marie im sorry i dont see that option didnt know they were off
Guide-Dawg your files
Guide-Marie oh i found it
Guide-Jazz what is the new dat file?
Guide-Betty tools..prefs>.enable sending and accepting files
Guide-Marie okay ty
Guide-Betty did everyone save the file sent to your halsoft guide folder?
Guide-Indigo yes
Guide-Jari yes
Guide-Marie yes
Guide-Tinker yes
Guide-Taylor yes
Guide-Jazz i didnt get a file tonite
Guide-Betty its on its way
Guide-Betty open tracker
Guide-Betty right click on the two catagories and select remove so your tracker will be
Guide-Betty the catagories are staff (online) and staff (tracker)
Guide-Betty say yes when you have an empty tracker
Guide-Indigo empty
Guide-Marie yes
Guide-Taylor yes
Guide-Indigo oops
Guide-Indigo yes
Guide-Jari yes
Guide-Jazz empty
Guide-Tinker yes
Guide-Betty ok
Next save
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Indigo over it
Guide-Tinker DOC!
Guide-Doc This was done for a reason
Guide-Tinker oooooooooooooo
Guide-Doc now you get to learn how to add a guide/mc
Guide-Doc you have 2 catagories
Guide-Doc clcik on "staff on line"
Guide-Doc right click
Guide-Doc select add
Guide-Doc add person
Guide-Doc top box = MC-Indigo
Guide-Doc Bottom box - MC-Indigo
Guide-Doc clcik add person
Guide-Doc next
Guide-Doc right click on "staff tracker"
Guide-Doc sma ething except
Guide-Doc the bottom box is MC-Indigo@host
Guide-Doc everyone done?
Guide-Indigo put MC-Indigo in that one to?>
Guide-Marie done
Guide-Doc yes
Guide-Jari no
Guide-Doc because your special :)
Guide-Doc Your the only one there
Guide-Tinker done
Guide-Jari i was away
Guide-Betty who is done?
Guide-Indigo done
Guide-Marie me
Guide-Tinker me
Guide-Betty scroll jari
Guide-Indigo i dont think i like being "special"
Guide-Betty ok for those that added mc-indigo in the staff tracker list,
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Betty make sure its open, right click on mc-indigo and delete
Guide-Betty BUT
Guide-Betty make sure you are in the staff tracker list
Guide-Betty delete=remove
Guide-Indigo im gone
Guide-Marie k
Guide-Betty indigos special status is now gone and she is just a plain ole guide like the
rest of yas
Guide-Indigo lol
Guide-Indigo but i still have my gomer status
Guide-Betty now oyu know how to add a mc or guide
Guide-Taylor LOL
Guide-Dawg Her gomer status never goes away
Guide-Marie yeah but she isnt alphabetized......gawd
Guide-Betty and the difference between staff online and staff tracker
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Betty click on the name and drag it up and down the list
Guide-Marie k
Guide-Indigo dont drag me around
Guide-Dawg Drag her by her hair, she likes that
Guide-Indigo shh
Guide-Dawg at least that is the rumor in adult
Guide-Tinker lolol
Guide-Tinker ooooooooooooooo
Guide-Indigo geez
Guide-Indigo is nothing sacred
Guide-Tinker no more secrets! lol
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Taylor I told you that lamp shade pole dance was a little much
Guide-Tinker hahaahahahah
Guide-Indigo sigh~ i know
Guide-Betty everyone set?
Guide-Marie yep
Guide-Taylor yes
Guide-Jazz yes
Guide-Jari yes
Guide-Tinker yes.
Guide-Betty go to options>>show online people only
Guide-Indigo yes
Guide-Jazz yes
Guide-Indigo that shortens the list a bit
Guide-Betty the list will be a little smaller
Guide-Tinker a bit yeah
Guide-Tinker lol
Guide-Betty yes
Guide-Jazz but lots out tonite
Guide-Dawg Ok
Guide-Dawg Whatever Doc does you will warn betty for it
Guide-Dawg this is not something we do in the client
Guide-Dawg but for training purposes we want you to do this
Guide-Tinker ok
Guide-Indigo ok
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Taylor ok
Guide-Jari ooook
Guide-Dawg Also, please start with your name just the name not the guide
Guide-Dawg also another thing we dont' do in the client
Guide-Indigo ok
Guide-Dawg so when you are talking to betty it is just like you are talking to doc
Guide-Doc <<hey fucker
Guide-Tinker k
Guide-Doc <<slut
Guide-Dawg You need to put words in warnings
Guide-Tinker ohhh
Guide-Dawg blank warnings don't really cut it
Guide-Dawg if you sent a blank one , please try again
Guide-Indigo i havent warned her yet...was waiting for her to say something
Guide-Dawg if you have sent Two blank warnings, please try again
Guide-Dawg no doc said it
Guide-Dawg whatever doc says, you warn betty
Guide-Dawg just as if it was her doing the typing
Guide-Dawg we do this so that betty can keep track of the warnings and who sent them and
doc gets to act the ass
Guide-Dawg someone sent one without a name
Guide-Tinker lol
Guide-Jari me
Guide-Dawg if you sent one without your name, please send again with it
Guide-Doc <<moooooooooooo
Guide-Doc <<heya tubby
Guide-Doc <<<<<<mooooo
Guide-Doc <<ya fat cow
Guide-Dawg who gagged doc?
Guide-Indigo not me
Guide-Marie ooooo lol not me
Guide-Jazz i cannot Lie
Guide-Jari not me
Guide-Tinker not moi
Guide-Dawg please send warnings
Guide-Jazz i had sent him 2
Guide-Dawg just like you would send a chatter except start it with your name so we'll
know who it is from
Guide-Dawg we are only learning warnings
Guide-Indigo we dont put our name in when we warn chatters?
Guide-Dawg right now
Guide-Tinker k
Guide-Dawg no not in the client
Guide-Indigo ok
Guide-Dawg this is training only
Guide-Dawg name- warning
Guide-Dawg and not just the word warning
Guide-Indigo aww but that would be so much easier
Guide-Jazz i sent 2 warnings asking to want language
Guide-Taylor lol
Guide-Doc <,saddam sucks
Guide-Doc he should die
Guide-Doc nazi bugger
Guide-Doc kill him fast i say
Guide-Doc kill them all
Guide-Doc kill all ragheads
Guide-Jazz i wan tto eject him,, but scared to now
Guide-Betty just warnings
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Dawg we are only practicing our warnings now
Guide-Jazz okkkkkk
Guide-Indigo we ALL want to eject him Jazz...haha
Guide-Dawg each different remarks are for different warnings, different scenerios
Guide-Indigo im getting a little lost on what exactly to say in the warning
Guide-Dawg that is why we are doing this
Guide-Jari me too, but do the best u can, Indi
Guide-Doc <<im going to take you out
Guide-Indigo k
Guide-Doc <<your dead
Guide-Doc <<be scared
Guide-Doc <<im coming
Guide-Doc <<your going down
Guide-Doc <<you will regret the day you ever crossed me
Guide-Jari you all will LOVE my spelling
Guide-Indigo lol
Guide-Marie welp i didnt warn that time.....
Guide-Dawg spelling counts in warnings
Guide-Jari EEk
Guide-Marie im going to take you out...maybe out to dinner? lmao
Guide-Tinker oh oh.....
Guide-Jari looking it
Guide-Tinker marie! lol
Guide-Marie lmao
Guide-Indigo it was clear what he was saying marie
Guide-Dawg marie did you not feel there was a need for a warning on that scenero
Guide-Dawg scenerio
Guide-Marie no unless the chatter was unerved
Guide-Dawg You're dead, be scared, I'm coming is very blatent
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Dawg Next Scenerio
Guide-Marie ooooooo quick doc smoooth move
Guide-Doc <<YOU STINK
Guide-Dawg Jazz, jari, taylor did you not see a reason to send a warning
Guide-Jari sooy, i was late
Guide-Taylor harassing maybe but I couldnt make out the av
Guide-Jazz i couldnt see the av clearly
Guide-Indigo put on large avs
Guide-Indigo its very clear then
Guide-Doc OHHH NO
Guide-Betty eww do we have to
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Tinker ewwwwwwww
Guide-Doc no way
Guide-Tinker nonononononononono
Guide-Doc thats is nastyyyyyyyyyy
Guide-Dawg it is bad
Guide-Jazz ohhhhhhhhh
Guide-Doc think fish
Guide-Indigo gawd
Guide-Jazz ewwwwwwwwwwwww
Guide-Doc where fish dont belong
Guide-Indigo lol
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Indigo says who?
Guide-Doc the fish!!!
Guide-Doc jeesh
Guide-Indigo ohhhh
Guide-Betty NEXT
Guide-Indigo you just want a warning on that one?
Guide-Betty doc is just a chatter
Guide-Dawg we are just practicing warnings
Guide-Indigo k
Guide-Dawg regardless of when you send a warning you will always send one
Guide-Dawg before or after you av ban them
Guide-Tinker kk
Guide-Marie k
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Dawg Jari, no warning?
Guide-Tinker may i run to get a drink of water?
Guide-Betty go for it
Guide-Dawg The idea of a warning is to let the member know that what they are doing is
Guide-Dawg saying "dont do that" doesn't tell them a thing
Guide-Dawg if someone is harrassing, make sure you are telling them they are harrassing
and if needed cut a small piece of the text
Guide-Dawg and include it with the warning
Guide-Indigo ok
Guide-Dawg if they have a naasty avatar tell them it is inappropriate
Guide-Tinker back
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Dawg make sure when they get a warning
Guide-Jari wb Tinker
Guide-Dawg if it comes before or after the action make sure they know what they got the
warning for
Guide-Dawg it is a pain to have them come back and ask what was I warned for
Guide-Tinker ty
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Dawg we'll start again and it is the same thing
Guide-Marie we have no record of all of our warnings for the extent of our guiding?
Guide-Dawg send the warning you would generally send to doc for his actions, to betty
(with your name at the beginning)
Guide-Dawg We have a record but you don't have access to it
Guide-Marie okay
Guide-Tinker k
Guide-Dawg every once in awhile we come across a really dumb warning we will call you on
Guide-Tinker gulp
Guide-Jari lol
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Doc <<hey?
Guide-Jari i'll be the gober tonight
Guide-Indigo yay
Guide-Doc <<you ugly?
Guide-Doc <<i bet your a lame assed fat do0d sitting there unclean telling people your
na doctor
Guide-Dawg how was doc harrasing anyone
Guide-Indigo hes being mean
Guide-Jazz called her ugly
Guide-Marie insulting her and her friends
Guide-Dawg talking like what?
Guide-Dawg why isn't that in the warnings
Guide-Jazz insulting people
Guide-Tinker k.......
Guide-Marie lol i put harassement
Guide-Dawg what bad language tinker?
Guide-Indigo i said "harassing" in the warning
Guide-Dawg how was he harrassing?
Guide-Jazz i said like that..
Guide-Jari calling her names
Guide-Dawg we didn't see the problem happen
Guide-Marie making insults
Guide-Indigo i just couldnt think of a better word
Guide-Tinker insulting.....
Guide-Jazz called her ugly
Guide-Dawg we see the warning that says harrassment but we have nothing that says
Guide-Marie yeah i saw it........lmao
Guide-Dawg WE meaning halsoft after the fact when they get a note to support
Guide-Indigo ahh gotcha
Guide-Tinker k.......
Guide-Dawg and they will get an email
Guide-Marie okay we wait until we actually SEE it
Guide-Indigo should have put text in?
Guide-Doc everyone send another warning now
Guide-Dawg Marie, the warning is read by halsoft later
Guide-Dawg they aren't seeing what you are seeing
Guide-Marie okay i gotcha
Guide-Dawg so you need to make sure your warning to the chatter is clear to the chatter
as well as to whoever is answering support email
Guide-Marie k
Guide-Doc lets try again
Guide-Doc ready?
Guide-Marie yeah lol
Guide-Doc <<fat cow
Guide-Doc <<moooooooo
Guide-Doc <<nice udders tubby
Guide-Betty 2 warnigns have been correct
Guide-Indigo eek
Guide-Tinker (sorry was on the phone)
Guide-Betty indigo, jari and guys copies a little piece of text
Guide-Betty so now not only does the member know exactly what it was so does support when
they send in that nasty email
Guide-Doc do you all get that now?
Guide-Indigo yes
Guide-Marie yes
Guide-Jazz good guides....
Guide-Tinker yes
Guide-Jazz yes
Guide-Doc next
Guide-Tinker i tried on the first one but it didn't copy... sorry
Guide-Doc shit
Guide-Doc piss
Guide-Doc fuck
Guide-Doc c***
Guide-Doc co***sucker
Guide-Doc mothertrucker
Guide-Doc and
Guide-Doc tits
Guide-Indigo george carlin!
Guide-Tinker why didn't it my paste work......
Guide-Betty where is the example text?
Guide-Dawg remember you can only copy in small snippets of text
Guide-Tinker kk
Guide-Taylor ok
Guide-Indigo you want text everytime?
Guide-Taylor I didnt know that
Guide-Jazz mine owuldnt let me copy
Guide-Dawg if possible
Guide-Indigo ok
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Dawg whenever possible when you can include a small snippet of text it clarifies
it for everyone
Guide-Betty jazz...keep the copy/paste small
Guide-Dawg please send that last warning again whoever sent it
Guide-Tinker darn... had to copy the wrong one.....
Guide-Marie is hard if the room text is moving....hafta think quick
Guide-Betty jazz try the copy/paste again
Guide-Jazz i need help on that ,, i cant get it to copy
Guide-Dawg highlight the text
Guide-Dawg then control c
Guide-Dawg then click in the box and control v
Guide-Dawg or right click in the box and choose paste
Guide-Jazz wont highlight,, the box keeps jumping
Guide-Dawg ok then scroll up one
Guide-Dawg stop the room
Guide-Dawg and highlight what you need and copy
Guide-Dawg you will send warnings and people will go off on you
Guide-Dawg saying oh great I get a warnign saying moo
Guide-Dawg since when did moo become a bad word
Guide-Dawg they have forgotten what they said before
Guide-Marie i accidently sent a blank one...cause nail hit return......oh boy
Guide-Dawg forget all that
Guide-Dawg you know why they were warned
Guide-Dawg no matter how maticulous you are you wil never be right when warning a member
Guide-Dawg all penalties with the exception of eject to observe
Guide-Dawg are recorded on a members account forever
Guide-Dawg they can't be removed by anyone
Guide-Dawg if you make a mistake
Guide-Dawg apologize
Guide-Dawg don't send another warning apolgizing im them
Guide-Indigo ok
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Dawg don't ask us to remove it
Guide-Taylor I have a question
Guide-Tinker k
Guide-Dawg you can put it in your report that you sent it by mistake
Guide-Dawg don't tell the member you will have it removed
Guide-Dawg don't tell the member to ask for it to be removed it won't happen
Guide-Tinker poor betty!
Guide-Dawg what you can do however is leave a note on their account
Guide-Dawg does anyone know how to leave a note on a members account
Guide-Indigo no
Guide-Jari no
Guide-Marie no
Guide-Jazz no
Guide-Tinker no........
Guide-Taylor no
Guide-Dawg I bet that's why they call this training
Guide-Tinker guess so... *S*
Guide-Jari lol
Guide-Jazz hahaha
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Indigo i bet so
Guide-Dawg everyone open up a browser
Guide-Tinker done
Guide-Jazz done
Guide-Dawg For training purposes only we will use this url
Guide-Dawg do not save this url
Guide-Dawg forget about it
Guide-Tinker k
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Dawg it will not work on the other server
Guide-Dawg log in using guide-name all lower case (that's your guide name)
Guide-Dawg everyone let us know when you are in
Guide-Indigo cannot be displayed
Guide-Dawg try it without the s on https
Guide-Dawg only if it doesn't load
Guide-Dawg it should be used as https
Guide-Marie okay im in
Guide-Jazz im in
Guide-Tinker in
Guide-Jari Incorrect name and/or password, please try again.
Guide-Taylor im in
Guide-Dawg guide-jari
Guide-Dawg lower case
Guide-Dawg indigo are you in?
Guide-Jari in
Guide-Dawg earth to indigo
Guide-Indigo im in
Guide-Marie *cheap thrill
Guide-Tinker lmao
Guide-Dawg if doc was able to link to you you do not have your properties properly set
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Dawg please enable anti pairing
Guide-Dawg everyone click on USER NOTES
Guide-Dawg type in Guide-Doc
Guide-Dawg type in a note
Guide-Dawg click ADD NOTE
Guide-Jazz see it
Guide-Dawg remember this goes on his account
Guide-Dawg permanently
Guide-Dawg while you are doing that we will explain what user notes are
Guide-Indigo done
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Tinker done
Guide-Dawg User notes is a place that you as a guide can leave a note on a members
account that you feels is important
Guide-Dawg feel (no s)
Guide-Dawg has everyone placed a note
Guide-Indigo yes
Guide-Jari y
Guide-Marie yes
Guide-Tinker yes
Guide-Taylor yes
Guide-Jazz whose name do we put or leave it blank?
Guide-Dawg you need to type in Guide-Doc
Guide-Dawg and leave a user note about him
Guide-Marie I was gonna leave a $100 note...but couldnt find that emoticon
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Indigo sheeesh...hes worth $100?
Guide-Tinker ooooooooooo
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Dawg did you do it jazz?
Guide-Dawg ok we see it
Guide-Jazz yes
Guide-Dawg taylor you sent a blank one
Guide-Dawg can you do another
Guide-Dawg just type something in it
Guide-Taylor ok
Guide-Jazz i was going to say he was cuddly but changed my mind
Guide-Indigo cough
Guide-Tinker lololol
Guide-Jari i need a break soon, plz
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Tinker ty jari
Guide-Jari doin the dance
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Indigo lol
Guide-Tinker hang 10
Guide-Dawg Just go pee and come back you don't need to tell us
Guide-Tinker lmaooooooo
Guide-Marie LOL
Guide-Jazz LOL
Guide-Doc He is evil i tell you....evil.
Guide-Doc Hi ya Doc :)
Guide-Indigo gasp
Guide-Doc You are a sweetie! LOL
Guide-Doc This note states that doc was talking in offensice language tonight
Guide-Doc Hi Doc .........LOL...they made me do this
Guide-Jazz o dear
Guide-Doc and 1 blank one
Guide-Doc hmmmm
Guide-Jazz spell check
Guide-Indigo >>
Guide-Marie you didnt get my $100 Note?
Guide-Taylor <<I fixed it
Guide-Doc Note
Guide-Indigo ok ok>
Guide-Marie ------runs to bank stops check!
Guide-Dawg Why would you ever have a reason to leave a user note
Guide-Marie If you made a mistake with a penalty?
Guide-Indigo If you accidently gagged or warned a chatter
Guide-Jazz ohhhhhh
Guide-Tinker if we made a mistake........
Guide-Taylor if we made a mistake
Guide-Dawg any other reasons?
Guide-Dawg keep going
Guide-Jazz if we did something in error
Guide-Marie Maybe for a particularly rough situation?
Guide-Tinker a borderline case?
Guide-Taylor if we did a mistake on someones account
Guide-Jazz like gagged or warn
Guide-Dawg whatabout if it is a really nasty member
Guide-Dawg how about advertising illegal chats
Guide-Dawg you've warned 10 times
Guide-Dawg constantly abbusive
Guide-Dawg someone who has gone out of their way to help you out
Guide-Tinker ahhhhhhh
Guide-Dawg someone kind all the time and helpful
Guide-Dawg might make a good guide
Guide-Jazz oh nice reports to
Guide-Jazz good
Guide-Dawg yes
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Dawg user notes are a function of your guide tools that will allow you to leave a
permanent note on a membeers account that you think is warranted both good and bad
Guide-Marie should you ask a more seasoned guide before you do such a thing?
Guide-Dawg We also have some situations where user note would be a MUST
Guide-Dawg no marie, you make this decision on your own
Guide-Dawg you could ask another guide if you felt you needed to
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Dawg We also have some situations where user note would be a MUST
Guide-Dawg any illegal activity
Guide-Dawg child porn
Guide-Dawg drugs
Guide-Dawg nasty websites on members
Guide-Dawg significant harrassment
Guide-Dawg continual mass im's
Guide-Dawg advertising illegal chats
Guide-Dawg did everyone click on Show user notes
Guide-Dawg Review
Guide-Dawg not sure not looking at it
Guide-Dawg did you notice anything ?
Guide-Marie it gives date and time
Guide-Indigo the date and time
Guide-Jazz is that in the review notes?
Guide-Marie and submitted by whom
Guide-Taylor it shows date and time and user name and note that was let
Guide-Dawg now guide indigo let's say you decide doc really isn't evil
Guide-Dawg you've made a mistake, what could you do
Guide-Indigo unlikely but ok
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Taylor <<LOL
Guide-Dawg how would you correct it
Guide-Indigo submit a new note?
Guide-Tinker add another note......
Guide-Dawg exactly
Guide-Dawg you cannot edit user notes
Guide-Tinker kk
Guide-Dawg you must leave another if you have done one in error
Guide-Indigo ok
Guide-Dawg with all of the names in vp that have dashes and dots make sure you copy and
paste the user name
Guide-Dawg it is the exact account name and requires them all
Guide-Dawg if you miss one you may be leaving a user note for the wrong user
Guide-Dawg Also, notice you only see your own notes
Guide-Indigo yes
Guide-Dawg do you have any questions on user notes, when to use them or how to use them
Guide-Dawg is anyone still here
Guide-Tinker yes.... i have a question........
Guide-Indigo not at the moment
Guide-Jazz i am
Guide-Dawg ask away
Guide-Marie so we are to save this address now?
Guide-Betty no
Guide-Betty this is only for training
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Tinker can we add a note if we witnessed something when not a guide?
Guide-Jazz i will have diary cards for my diary cards
Guide-Dawg the address that is in your browser right now will be redundant in about 1/2
an hour
Guide-Dawg Tinker, I would suggest that you let one of us know first
Guide-Dawg then we will let you know wether to add or not
Guide-Tinker k.. i was thinking about the good ones
Guide-Dawg not necessary really
Guide-Tinker kk
Guide-Marie we will have a new address to add notes to later? lol
Guide-Betty yes
Guide-Marie kk
Guide-Dawg yes you wil have a new supplemental tools address
Guide-Dawg anyone want to take 10
Guide-Marie sure
Guide-Indigo please
Guide-Tinker please.....
Guide-Tinker eyes are burning LOL
Guide-Jazz need to stretch
Guide-Tinker brain's a buzzing
Guide-Jazz i need to know why i cant copy and paste when i am in warning
Guide-Dawg if you go to paste and it doesn't show up it might be too long
Guide-Dawg the field only holds so many letters
Guide-Dawg try send doc a warning
Guide-Dawg just copy paste one word
Guide-Jazz no it wont let me highlight a word
Guide-Dawg in the text here?
Guide-Jazz the warning screen jumps
Guide-Dawg you have to copy it first
Guide-Jazz n the text here?
Guide-Dawg then click on warning
Guide-Jazz okkkkkkkkk
Guide-Dawg copy it now, THEN click on warning
Guide-Betty once the warning dialogue box is up you can only work within it.
Guide-Jazz sorry.. i think i just did it
Guide-Dawg you did
Guide-Dawg I jsut got a warning
Guide-Jazz sorry about being duhhhhhhhhh
Guide-Marie ooooo laughing @ my dog
Guide-Indigo jammies on, bladders empty, hairs raring to go
Guide-Marie had to do the whole round of tricks with her to get her to quit bugging me
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Indigo o0o survivor starts soon
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Betty anyone not back
Guide-Marie i cant get regular tv yet
Guide-Jazz im here now
Guide-Tinker you can't marie?
Guide-Jazz had to smooch my puppy
Guide-Marie nope
Guide-Tinker gezzzzzzzzz
Guide-Tinker bummer.....
Guide-Doc get over it ingigo, you have your own surviving to do
Guide-Doc *indigo
Guide-Indigo taping it
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Jazz Doc is Mean isnt he
Guide-Indigo very
Guide-Tinker hahahahahahah
Guide-Doc i think the word was EVIL
Guide-Jari ("smiles and nods")
Guide-Tinker oh oh......
Guide-Indigo mhm
Guide-Taylor that works
Guide-Tinker hahahahaah
Guide-Jari *giggle*>>
Guide-Betty anyone not back?
Guide-Marie back
Guide-Tinker back
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Jazz back
Guide-Jari back
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Taylor back
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Taylor <<LOL
Guide-Indigo $#@#$%#$
Guide-Indigo i was back
Guide-Tinker hahahahahahaha
Guide-Betty what we are going to do now is talk about using the gag tool
Guide-Betty DONT USE IT
Guide-Tinker lordy!
Guide-Indigo stop that!
Guide-Betty we willt ell you who and how long to gag someone
Guide-Betty you must select OTHER and type in minutes
Guide-Betty for this excercise we are going to use 20 minutes
Guide-Betty tinker gag jari for 20 mins
Guide-Indigo we type in 20 minutes?
Guide-Betty marie gag indigo for 20 mins
Guide-Betty yes
Guide-Indigo k
Guide-Betty jazz gag taylor for 20 mins
Guide-Betty do it now
Guide-Dawg Go to your supplemental page (everone)
Guide-Dawg and click on Penalties by User
Guide-Dawg type in Guide-Doc
Guide-Dawg click on Generate Report
Guide-Dawg scroll to the bottom
Guide-Dawg that is what the list looks like
Guide-Jazz yes
Guide-Tinker kk
Guide-Betty yari gag jazz for 20 mins
Guide-Dawg yari gag jazz
Guide-Betty indigo gag marie for 20 mins
Guide-Dawg indigo gag marie
Guide-Dawg taylor gag tinker
Guide-Betty taylor gag tinker for 20 mins
Guide-Betty jari gag jazz
Guide-Dawg ok everyone type in supplement tools page the guide that you gagged
Guide-Dawg and generate report
Guide-Dawg scroll to the bottom
Guide-Dawg click on the radio button
Guide-Dawg and then on the FORGIVE button
Guide-Betty remember to make sure you have the right guide name typed in
Guide-Betty you can only forgive penalties that you have given
Guide-Betty the radio button is the little white button that turns black once clicked
Guide-Betty once you do that, scroll down further and click the forgive button
Guide-Jari radio button??
Guide-Betty white circle
Guide-Betty it will say YES under in effect
Guide-Betty and have a white circle near ir
Guide-Betty it
Guide-Jari in the report?
Guide-Betty anyone not see the white circle please type a letter but dont press enter so
i can see your bubble
Guide-Betty cancell that
Guide-Betty if you are having difficulty move your av tot he top of the room
Guide-Indigo there isnt a scroll bar
Guide-Betty everyone move back down
Guide-Jari no, there's not
Guide-Betty the possibly isnt
Guide-Betty but the more actions then a scroll bar will appear
Guide-Betty who did not have a radio button to click on?
Guide-Jari me
Guide-Indigo me
Guide-Jazz i didnt
Guide-Marie me
Guide-Betty on the training server sometimes thats a problem
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Betty normall beside the penalty there is a radio button you can click and below is
the forgive button
Guide-Indigo i was totally confused and couldnt say a word
Guide-Betty once you click it about 15 seconds later the penalty is gone
Guide-Betty we know and liked it
Guide-Betty lol
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Tinker lolol
Guide-Betty and yes we could have used the av ban for the same excecise but we prefer to
watch you struggle
Guide-Jazz can get a complex in here,,lol
Guide-Indigo lol
Guide-Jazz can get a complex in here,,lol
Guide-Indigo lol
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Tinker hahahahahaha
Guide-Betty does everybody now know how to forgive a penalty
Guide-Indigo i think so
Guide-Tinker yes
Guide-Jari i think so
Guide-Jazz i think so
Guide-Taylor yes
Guide-Marie click the phantom radio button lol
Guide-Indigo hopefully i'll see a radio button next time
Guide-Tinker lol
Guide-Jazz me to
Guide-Betty if it happens where you have gagged somebody for too long or the wrong person
and are unsure, yell for help
Guide-Indigo ok
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Jazz lol ok
Guide-Dawg only dawg betty doc laz rick intro and aly can forgive another guides
Guide-Dawg if you make a mistake make note of those names
Guide-Dawg they are the only one who can help you
Guide-Dawg let me add a couple of admins
Guide-Dawg calanche clancy and jules
Guide-Taylor clancy is evil I swear
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Dawg BUT he can help you
Guide-Taylor yeah right out of chat he does wonderful job at that
Guide-Dawg look at those innocent sweet eyes on doc
Guide-Indigo its a front
Guide-Tinker lolol
Guide-Taylor lol
Guide-Betty questions?
Guide-Jazz I know that
Guide-Marie I have a question about gag
Guide-Betty aska way
Guide-Marie once you gag someone....can they talk in IM's? or more importantly....hound
you in IM's?
Guide-Betty no
Guide-Tinker kk and if they boot themselves and come back.... are they still gagged?
Guide-Dawg hello
Guide-Betty a gag is a gag, they cannot type to anyone
Guide-Betty they will see their own text but noone else will
Guide-Betty my text goes to the gagged dawg
Guide-Tinker ohhhhhhhh
Guide-Betty but dawgs text does not come thru to me
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Marie okay even on link tab?
Guide-Betty right
Guide-Betty i could not see any of dawgs text
Guide-Betty dawg could see the text she was typing however
Guide-Tinker kk
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Jazz dawg was talking to self
Guide-Tinker lolol
Guide-Marie You said not to use gag.....what would be an instance where you would resort
to that?
Guide-Betty some chatters will not see zippers
Guide-Betty by default the client does not show zippers, guides will see all of the
Guide-Betty and members with 3rd party programs wills ee zippers
Guide-Betty everybody grab your partners again and av ban them for 20 mins
Guide-Dawg Marie we'll talk about when to use them in a minute, right now we are just
showing you how
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Dawg av ban your partners
Guide-Dawg Indigo and Taylor, gag away
Guide-Betty ban av not gag
Guide-Dawg sorry av ban
Guide-Betty just av ban
Guide-Dawg sorry my mistake
Guide-Marie lmfao i did not gag her
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Jazz lol marie
Guide-Jari <<hey bag head
Guide-Betty taylor...av ban tinker please
Guide-Jazz bet it was doc
Guide-Betty ty
Guide-Tinker lalalalaaaaaaa
Guide-Dawg Everyone go into your supp tools and try to forgive that av ban
Guide-Indigo very funny
Guide-Dawg type in the name of the guide that you av banned (the exact name)
Guide-Jari can't
Guide-Dawg scroll or look at the bottom
Guide-Dawg see if there is a radio button
Guide-Indigo still no buttone
Guide-Marie dont see one
Guide-Indigo -e
Guide-Dawg the spot to click will be right beside the time
Guide-Jazz no buton here
Guide-Dawg a little circle
Guide-Indigo nope
Guide-Dawg right next to the word YES
Guide-Indigo i have the word NO
Guide-Indigo and no button
Guide-Jari no button
Guide-Marie me too indi
Guide-Dawg if you have no close your browsers
Guide-Jazz no button
Guide-Dawg log back in and make sure you are loging in with your name in lower case
Guide-Dawg i.e. guide-dawg
Guide-Dawg make sure you close your browsers before you click on that link
Guide-Marie still a no
Guide-Jari no button still
Guide-Dawg ok well there is supposed to be
Guide-Dawg beside where it says no right now
Guide-Dawg and there will be a little radio button
Guide-Dawg you will click in that little circle and then click on forgive
Guide-Indigo still no button
Guide-Jazz no button still
Guide-Jari nope......... sorry
Guide-Betty jari whose name are you looking in to forgive?
Guide-Jari jazz
Guide-Betty guide-jazz?
Guide-Jari yes
Guide-Jazz taylot
Guide-Betty ok
Guide-Jazz taylor
Guide-Betty pop your guide avs back on now please
Guide-Indigo now what the heck was that...a little box popped up but it disapeared
Guide-Betty that tells you you can change your av
Guide-Indigo it disapeared so fast i didnt get to read it
Guide-Jazz me either
Guide-Betty why would you gag a member?
Guide-Jazz bad language
Guide-Tinker improper language
Guide-Indigo if i warned them for language and they continued
Guide-Marie only as a last resort?
Guide-Jari language
Guide-Taylor telling how to use illegal chat in a room
Guide-Tinker how to pirate a program
Guide-Tinker harassing someone
Guide-Doc before ANY penalty a good rule of thumb is to IM warn warn penalty warn
Guide-Doc sometimes that not practical, but you MUST warn EVERY time
Guide-Doc Either before, OR after
Guide-Doc why wouldnt you warn first?
Guide-Jazz inappropiate av
Guide-Jari so they know why they are being gagged
Guide-Tinker illegal chat
Guide-Taylor child pron
Guide-Marie because you witnessed in excusable behaviour....then warn
Guide-Doc right
Guide-Jazz then warn
Guide-Taylor porn
Guide-Jari sorry, read that wrong
Guide-Doc really nasty stuff
Guide-Indigo im sorry...brb real fast..kid needs me
Guide-Doc you gag or av bad and then warn
Guide-Tinker kk
Guide-Dawg any questions
Guide-Jari if you are called to a room for something........
Guide-Marie nope
Guide-Jari and i stops before u get there...........
Guide-Jari can you do anything
Guide-Dawg You must see the problem to deal with it
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Dawg you can however, speak with people in im anytime
Guide-Dawg and we suggest that you do that
Guide-Jari are we allowed to go to obs first
Guide-Dawg no
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Dawg go to and into the room
Guide-Dawg if you pop into the room right away quick like you generally see what is
going on anyway
Guide-Dawg most of the nasty chatters type out the text look in obs and then hit send
Guide-Dawg so being in ob is not going to allowyou to catch anything
Guide-Dawg you are better off being in the room
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Dawg penalty durations
Guide-Dawg with the exception of child porn & advertising illegal product, chats, drugs,
software etc (60 min) use the following
Guide-Dawg 2/5/10/20
Guide-Dawg at this point in time you will have asked for additional help
Guide-Dawg if no help comes keep increasing the time
Guide-Dawg gags and av bans cannot be removed by leaving vp and clearing your cookies
Guide-Dawg that is an old old vp rumor it doesn't work
Guide-Dawg guide tools and penalties are all server side
Guide-Dawg no one but a guide has the tools
Guide-Dawg there is no such thing as a guide.dll or host.dll that works in vp
Guide-Dawg the tools are turned on at the server
Guide-Dawg penalties are created at the server
Guide-Dawg and released at the server
Guide-Dawg all the little fancy programs that people seem to think work, do not
Guide-Dawg they can brag but don't believe them
Guide-Dawg I am sure you have all heard stories about getting host tools or getting rid
of penalties, it's nonsense
Guide-Indigo ok im here
Guide-Dawg I'd be happy to pay anyone in this room all kinds of money if you can gag me
in your play name with any 3rd party tool
Guide-Dawg many have tried
Guide-Dawg all have failed
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Dawg Do you have any questions about penalty duration
Guide-Jari nmo
Guide-Indigo no
Guide-Marie no
Guide-Jari *no
Guide-Taylor no
Guide-Tinker nope
Guide-Marie I have about boots tho
Guide-Dawg doc is going to be a bad ass
Guide-Tinker hahahahaahh
Guide-Jazz yes u said until help has arrived,, if we gagg do we need to send fr help?
Guide-Dawg im im I want you tell betty what you would do
Guide-Dawg gag right away
Guide-Dawg av ban right away
Guide-Dawg send a couple of warnings
Guide-Dawg how would you deal with this situation
Guide-Dawg if you are not going to do anyting tell betty that you aren't going to do
Guide-Dawg make sure that you are talking to the members
Guide-Dawg it's always best to im them first
Guide-Dawg almost eveyrone here either warned or banned immediately
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Dawg a nice im like we talked last week goes a long way
Guide-Dawg you spent the last few days in the client without tools
Guide-Dawg why go to them right away now
Guide-Tinker aw........
Guide-Dawg Need something from taylor and jari
Guide-Jari are we to send to Betty like before
Guide-Dawg Im betty with the action you would take
Guide-Dawg New Scenerio
Guide-Dawg starting from scratch
Guide-Tinker k
Guide-Dawg now what do you do
Guide-Dawg Taylor
Guide-Dawg no action?
Guide-Dawg never mind
Guide-Tinker (drooling)
Guide-Marie lmao
Guide-Jazz lol
Guide-Jazz tinker
Guide-Dawg New Scenerio
Guide-Tinker (sorry)
Guide-Dawg This av is definately actionable
Guide-Dawg for those that decided it was ok, it's not
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Dawg If you decided to eject this one to obs that's fine but they still need the
av ban
Guide-Indigo k
Guide-Dawg We don't have hosts in halsoft we have guides
Guide-Marie oops lmao
Guide-Taylor good lord
Guide-Doc anyone says gag my real pic they are toast
Guide-Jari lol
Guide-Tinker LMAO
Guide-Indigo blink blink
Guide-Jazz oh my
Guide-Indigo i was just admiring you doc
Guide-Taylor <<are u nutsssssss
Guide-Jazz there is that fish again
Guide-Indigo hes been working out i think>>
Guide-Tinker lolol
Guide-Taylor <<fingers maybe
Guide-Indigo lol
Guide-Dawg An im first is really going to make your life easier
Guide-Dawg you don't have to jump to that warning
Guide-Tinker oooooo definitely EJECT on that one!@
Guide-Dawg it's rare to instantly ban an av
Guide-Indigo lol
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Dawg in most cases with a simple im the chatter will save their av
Guide-Dawg change their av
Guide-Dawg sorry
Guide-Dawg lol
Guide-Tinker lol
Guide-Jazz ??
Guide-Dawg don't get warn and bag happy
Guide-Dawg you're gonna have a really miserable day if you do that
Guide-Dawg remember what's most important, talk to the members
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Marie okay
Guide-Tinker okies
Guide-Jazz sometimes in paint rooms the av's are questionable
Guide-Dawg before you had tools, didn't you all say you got them to change easily
Guide-Dawg continue that way
Guide-Tinker true
Guide-Indigo i didnt have to ask anyone
Guide-Jazz but they are just magad for a minute while they are grabbed
Guide-Marie I did yes in one instance
Guide-Dawg paint shops don't have a get out of jail free card
Guide-Dawg they can go private or to the adult server
Guide-Jazz ok or send the av instead of capture
Guide-Betty they have many options
Guide-Dawg showing the avatar on the family server is not one of their options
Guide-Jazz pk
Guide-Jazz o
Guide-Dawg we're not going to do the same thing with the language because we think you
understand the langage
Guide-Dawg Im them first
Guide-Dawg if someone types damnit
Guide-Dawg dont' do anything unless the very next thing out of his mouth is son of a
Guide-Tinker kk
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Dawg use common sense
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Dawg your good judgement
Guide-Dawg and everything you have seen going on in the last few days when you use these
Guide-Dawg many of our guides rarely ever use them
Guide-Dawg next tool
Guide-Dawg everyone right click doc select id
Guide-Dawg and see if there is anything new
Guide-Tinker IP address
Guide-Marie nothing
Guide-Jazz nothing
Guide-Dawg look again marie
Guide-Indigo eject?
Guide-Dawg look at the id dialog box
Guide-Marie okay the ip box
Guide-Dawg click on doc and choose ID
Guide-Jari IP address?
Guide-Marie and ignore box
Guide-Indigo oh yeah...ip
Guide-Jazz ip
Guide-Dawg everyone click the IP
Guide-Dawg (ignore has always been there)
Guide-Dawg then click save to clip board
Guide-Dawg then right click in the text box and send it to the room
Guide-Dawg ok
Guide-Dawg everyone right click on guide doc on the NAME LIST on the right side
Guide-Dawg and do it again
Guide-Dawg jari?
Guide-Dawg ok
Guide-Dawg everyone go to obs
*** [ Guide-Tinker left the room @ 22:33:52 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari left the room @ 22:33:52 ]
*** [ Guide-Marie left the room @ 22:33:53 ]
*** [ Guide-Taylor left the room @ 22:33:54 ]
Guide-Dawg RIGHT CLICK doc in the room
*** [ Guide-Indigo left the room @ 22:33:56 ]
Guide-Dawg click save to clipboard
*** [ Guide-Jazz left the room @ 22:34:00 ]
Guide-Dawg come back into the room and paste it again
*** [ Guide-Marie entered the room @ 22:34:10 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo entered the room @ 22:34:11 ]
*** [ Guide-Tinker entered the room @ 22:34:11 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 22:34:11 ]
*** [ Guide-Taylor entered the room @ 22:34:16 ]
*** [ Guide-Jazz entered the room @ 22:34:32 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc left the room @ 22:34:47 ]
Guide-Dawg everyone click guide doc in obs
Guide-Dawg and paste the ip
Guide-Dawg ok everyone locate guide doc
Guide-Dawg use the LOCATE tool
Guide-Jazz scuse me u guys i can be duhhhhhhh
Guide-Dawg right click on his name in the LOCATE BOX
Guide-Dawg select ID
Guide-Dawg and then IP ADDRESS
Guide-Dawg paste it to the room
Guide-Dawg very good
Guide-Dawg even better
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 22:39:22 ]
Guide-Dawg ok that is how you get an ip address
Guide-Jari wb Doc
Guide-Dawg did you happen to notice there were some differences
Guide-Indigo yes
Guide-Jari y
Guide-Marie yeah
Guide-Jazz yes
Guide-Dawg 255.255,255.255 is a subnet mask for the server
Guide-Dawg it's useless
Guide-Dawg it doesn't do you or anyone else any good
Guide-Dawg if you see that when you're getting someone's ip you're doing it the wrong
Guide-Dawg there are only two ways to get the proper ip
Guide-Dawg locate and if they are in obs
Guide-Dawg you cannot click on their avatar or their name in the chat list to get an ip
Guide-Dawg with the exception of the picker
Guide-Jari ok
Guide-Dawg why would we want to get someone's ip
Guide-Jari to track where they are?
Guide-Marie to trace their general local
Guide-Taylor laffin..if they are floodin the server
Guide-Jazz if they were preforming an illegal activity
Guide-Indigo to see if they are a perma-ban that somehow got back in?
Guide-Tinker who they are
Guide-Dawg wtg taylor
Guide-Dawg lol
Guide-Dawg it helps us when we are tracking down trouble makers it lets us know that not
only is indigo is indigo it lets us know that she is also another name
Guide-Tinker ok
Guide-Jazz ok\
Guide-Dawg this tool as with all tools is monitored
Guide-Indigo trouble makers and indigo in the same sentence.....hmmm
Guide-Dawg but the ip check tool log is gone over DAILY
Guide-Dawg you will be challanged for the reason on every IP check you do
Guide-Tinker lol
Guide-Tinker ok....
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Indigo so we dont just do it for the hell of it
Guide-Betty right
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Dawg 100% of the time that you check an ip it MUST be included in your report
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Dawg if you not long want to be a guide check someone's ip just for the hell of it
Guide-Dawg do not check friends ip's
Guide-Dawg do not check ips for someone who wants their own i
Guide-Dawg ip
Guide-Dawg do not get ips for friends
Guide-Dawg do not get ip's for other guides they have the same ability that you have
Guide-Dawg you may be asked from time to time by Betty, doc jules or an admin to grab a
members ip
Guide-Dawg they are the only ones that will ever ask you
Guide-Dawg and yes, you still put it in your report
Guide-Dawg i.e. guide-doc asked me to get members name ip
Guide-Dawg does everyone understand the seriousness of harvesting ip's
Guide-Indigo yes
Guide-Jari yes
Guide-Taylor yes
Guide-Tinker yes!
Guide-Marie yes
Guide-Jazz yes i do
Guide-Indigo yes
Guide-Jari yes
Guide-Taylor yes
Guide-Tinker yes!
Guide-Marie yes
Guide-Jazz yes i do
Guide-Dawg Does anyone understand why you would get an ip
Guide-Tinker yes
Guide-Taylor yes
Guide-Indigo yes
Guide-Jari yes
Guide-Jazz yes
Guide-Marie no im not clear unless its just because they are flooding the server
Guide-Dawg this is something that you will rarely use
Guide-Dawg in fact most of the time you use it you will be asked to use it by betty,
doc, jules, admin
Guide-Dawg we use it constantly for tracking trouble makers down
Guide-Dawg if you are unsure wether or not you should check an ip , ie. you think it is
bots or the same trouble maker is in two rooms, ask for a little while
Guide-Dawg it won't take you long before you know it is ok
Guide-Dawg remember this is not to be used to find out who your buddy is chatting as
Guide-Dawg you will get busted
Guide-Dawg yes we take this very seriously
Guide-Dawg it is an intregal part of halsofts privacy act
Guide-Tinker understood
Guide-Jazz yes
Guide-Dawg todate no guide has ever been asked to leave for abusing tools
Guide-Dawg of any kind
Guide-Dawg You have 100% of our trust upfront
Guide-Dawg Nobody has to earn our trust it is already there
Guide-Dawg you can only lose it
Guide-Dawg fair?
Guide-Jari very
Guide-Indigo fair
Guide-Jazz very fair
Guide-Taylor yes
Guide-Marie fair
Guide-Tinker very
Guide-Dawg everyone close your browser that you have open
Guide-Dawg has everyone got their browsers closed
Guide-Jari y
Guide-Indigo yes
Guide-Marie yeah
Guide-Taylor yes
Guide-Jazz yes
Guide-Tinker yes
Guide-Dawg ok open a new browser
Guide-Dawg go to that ^^^ url
Guide-Dawg save it
Guide-Dawg in your favorites
Guide-Dawg everyone log in to make sure you can
Guide-Dawg exactly the same as the one you were just in
Guide-Dawg only it is on the proper server
Guide-Dawg never ever go to that url in the client
Guide-Dawg always open it in a separate browser
Guide-Jari in
Guide-Jazz in
Guide-Tinker in
Guide-Marie in
Guide-Taylor in
Guide-Indigo im in
Guide-Dawg great
Guide-Dawg save it to your favorites
Guide-Jazz did
Guide-Dawg everyone click on penalties by name
Guide-Tinker done
Guide-Dawg type in guide-doc
Guide-Dawg and then click generate report
Guide-Marie penalties?
Guide-Dawg Penalties by Name
Guide-Tinker wow...........
Guide-Jari bad Doc
Guide-Dawg in vpchat
Guide-Jazz he has lots
Guide-Jari (Wink)
Guide-Dawg for the next few minutes you can all practice warnings, gags av bans and
getting ip addresses on the three of us
Guide-Dawg no penalties can exceed one minute
Guide-Dawg you can continue to send warnings although we already have penalties
Guide-Dawg this is what you've been waiting for , go for it
*** [ Guide-Doc left the room @ 22:55:59 ]
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Indigo lol we all hitting doc
Guide-Dawg lol
Guide-Taylor lol
*** [ Guide-Betty left the room @ 22:56:30 ]
Guide-Jazz ohhhhhhhhhhh i forgot to put in a time
Guide-Taylor I couldnt wait to do that
Guide-Taylor that was better then phone bonin
*** [ Guide-Betty entered the room @ 22:56:41 ]
Guide-Indigo weeeeeeeeeeeee
*** [ Guide-Marie entered the room @ 22:57:07 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo entered the room @ 22:57:07 ]
*** [ Guide-Tinker entered the room @ 22:57:07 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 22:57:07 ]
*** [ Guide-Taylor entered the room @ 22:57:07 ]
*** [ Guide-Jazz entered the room @ 22:57:07 ]
Guide-Marie ooooo we didnt go over how long they are ejected
*** [ Guide-Marie entered the room @ 22:57:38 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo entered the room @ 22:57:38 ]
*** [ Guide-Tinker entered the room @ 22:57:38 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 22:57:38 ]
*** [ Guide-Taylor entered the room @ 22:57:38 ]
*** [ Guide-Jazz entered the room @ 22:57:38 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 22:57:38 ]
*** [ Guide-Betty entered the room @ 22:57:38 ]
Guide-Indigo ahhhhh that feels sooo good
Guide-Taylor LOL
Guide-Indigo -dances
*** [ Guide-Doc left the room @ 22:58:19 ]
Guide-Tinker hahahahaha
Guide-Marie lmao
*** [ Guide-Betty left the room @ 22:58:27 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 22:58:40 ]
Guide-Indigo hahahaaaaaa
Guide-Doc do each other as well
*** [ Guide-Taylor left the room @ 22:59:00 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari left the room @ 22:59:03 ]
*** [ Guide-Jazz left the room @ 22:59:06 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo left the room @ 22:59:13 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc left the room @ 22:59:17 ]
*** [ Guide-Tinker left the room @ 22:59:21 ]
*** [ Guide-Marie left the room @ 22:59:24 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 22:59:28 ]
--DEBUG-> void CPlace::whispered(); From: Guide-Jari; Type: 0; String: how do i get
back in??; Data Length: 0
Guide-Doc dont forget the file/reconnect to get back in the room quick
*** [ Guide-Betty entered the room @ 23:00:04 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 23:00:19 ]
--DEBUG-> void CPlace::whispered(); From: Guide-Doc; Type: 0; String: 403-275-3161;
Data Length: 0
Guide-Jari ty
*** [ Guide-Marie entered the room @ 23:00:29 ]
*** [ Guide-Taylor entered the room @ 23:00:32 ]
*** [ Guide-Tinker entered the room @ 23:00:33 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo entered the room @ 23:00:36 ]
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Dawg keep going
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Dawg get it out of your system now
Guide-Dawg have fun
Guide-Tinker hahahahahaha
*** [ Guide-Jazz entered the room @ 23:00:56 ]
Guide-Jari i'm ggod
*** [ Guide-Doc left the room @ 23:00:57 ]
*** [ Guide-Betty left the room @ 23:00:59 ]
Guide-Jari no
Guide-Jari *good<
*** [ Guide-Jari left the room @ 23:01:04 ]
Guide-Jazz i booted myself,,,grrrrrrrrrrr
Guide-Tinker LOL jazz
*** [ Guide-Marie entered the room @ 23:01:35 ]
*** [ Guide-Taylor entered the room @ 23:01:35 ]
*** [ Guide-Tinker entered the room @ 23:01:35 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo entered the room @ 23:01:35 ]
*** [ Guide-Jazz entered the room @ 23:01:35 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 23:01:35 ]
*** [ Guide-Marie left the room @ 23:01:39 ]
*** [ Guide-Jazz left the room @ 23:01:47 ]
*** [ Guide-Tinker left the room @ 23:01:51 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo left the room @ 23:02:00 ]
*** [ Guide-Marie entered the room @ 23:02:10 ]
*** [ Guide-Marie left the room @ 23:02:17 ]
*** [ Guide-Taylor left the room @ 23:02:22 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 23:02:22 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc left the room @ 23:02:27 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari left the room @ 23:02:31 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo entered the room @ 23:02:35 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 23:02:36 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc left the room @ 23:02:40 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo left the room @ 23:02:45 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 23:02:46 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 23:02:52 ]
Guide-Jari ((Neener......neener.....neener......))
*** [ Guide-Doc left the room @ 23:02:59 ]
*** [ Guide-Marie entered the room @ 23:03:04 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo entered the room @ 23:03:06 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari left the room @ 23:03:09 ]
*** [ Guide-Marie left the room @ 23:03:10 ]
*** [ Guide-Betty entered the room @ 23:03:29 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 23:03:29 ]
*** [ Guide-Betty left the room @ 23:03:31 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 23:03:39 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo entered the room @ 23:03:48 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc left the room @ 23:03:48 ]
*** [ Guide-Indigo left the room @ 23:03:52 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari left the room @ 23:03:56 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 23:04:10 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari left the room @ 23:04:20 ]
*** [ Guide-Tinker entered the room @ 23:04:21 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 23:04:23 ]
*** [ Guide-Jari entered the room @ 23:04:41 ]
*** [ Guide-Doc entered the room @ 23:04:41 ]
*** [ Guide-Taylor entered the room @ 23:04:45 ]
*** [ Guide-Marie entered the room @ 23:04:56 ]
Guide-Dawg next onethat click s us to the picker is gonna be booted out of the client
Guide-Dawg lol
Guide-Dawg you know how to do that already
*** [ Guide-Indigo entered the room @ 23:05:14 ]
--DEBUG-> void CPlace::whispered(); From: Guide-Jazz; Type: 0; String: why cant i get
back in room; Data Length: 0
Guide-Marie lol i dunno how
Guide-Indigo me either
Guide-Taylor me either
Guide-Dawg ok everyone come one in
Guide-Dawg on in
Guide-Dawg let's get everyone in the room for a sec
Guide-Dawg if you are in obs click File/REconnect
*** [ Guide-Jazz entered the room @ 23:06:18 ]
*** [ Guide-Tinker entered the room @ 23:06:22 ]
*** [ Guide-Betty entered the room @ 23:06:31 ]
*** [ Guide-Betty left the room @ 23:06:35 ]
Guide-Indigo that was the most fun ive had all day
*** [ Guide-Betty entered the room @ 23:06:38 ]
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Jazz all training
Guide-Taylor lol
Guide-Marie oooooo wb everyone...i am sorry!
Guide-Dawg There are three functions
Guide-Dawg that have just recently been added for guides
Guide-Dawg 1
Guide-Dawg eject to obs is now 10 minutes
Guide-Dawg and cerberus does not stop it
Guide-Dawg 2
Guide-Dawg you can read all text from observe
Guide-Dawg cerberus etc does not block text to obs
Guide-Dawg 3
Guide-Dawg when you enter a room you don't show up as a junior guide or senior guide or
anything else in third party programs
Guide-Dawg you are just like any other member
Guide-Dawg when someone is ejected to obs
Guide-Dawg they can enter any other room and chat in im's
Guide-Dawg but they cannot reenter the room they were ejected from
Guide-Dawg any questions
Guide-Indigo no
Guide-Taylor no
Guide-Jari no
Guide-Tinker no
Guide-Marie yes is that used pretty much as a last resort too?
Guide-Jazz no but i am sure ill have many as i go along
Guide-Dawg an eject to obs is the only tool you have that will not give the member a
penalty on their account and is sometimes a kind thing to do
Guide-Dawg Remember when you have ejected to obs you havn't prevented them from chatting
Guide-Dawg they can still talk in im's and they can go to other rooms
Guide-Dawg you have just been removed from that room for 10 minutes
Guide-Dawg you have just removed the troublemaker from the room for 10 min
Guide-Dawg there are two exceptions
Guide-Dawg games
Guide-Dawg megaheads
Guide-Dawg and tours (3) if you eject them to obs they can come back in
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Tinker ok
Guide-Jazz k
Guide-Taylor ok
Guide-Dawg if you are removing a person to obs because of an inappropriate tour name,
game name or megahead name the objective has been served
Guide-Dawg if you are needing to remove people using these three things
Guide-Dawg for room disruption you do want them to remain out of the room for 10 minutes
so the room has a chance to recover
Guide-Dawg then simply eject them quickly when they return in
Guide-Betty questions?
Guide-Indigo no
Guide-Jazz no
Guide-Taylor no
Guide-Tinker no
Guide-Jari no
Guide-Marie to tours and megas will also be ejected for 10 minutes?
Guide-Marie whaaaaaaa how come im the only one with questions always........
Guide-Jazz u are not marie
Guide-Tinker lol
Guide-Marie yikes
Guide-Indigo cus we now you'll ask them so we just pretend like we dont have any
Guide-Jazz i have asked lots
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Tinker LOL indigo
Guide-Betty tours/megas/games when ejected can re enter imediately
Guide-Betty their game/mega/tour is dropped by the eject
Guide-Betty if they reenter and the problem is solved leave them alone
Guide-Tinker k
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Betty if they were ejected because they did need the full 10 mins in obs
Guide-Betty quickly eject again
Guide-Jazz ok before they get a chance to remega
Guide-Betty right
Guide-Jari where would i direct a chatter if they ask "where are the rules!?" ?
Guide-Betty in your FAQ there is a urls section
Guide-Betty there are the tos/members agreement etc urls in there
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Jari ty
Guide-Betty you will all recieve a complimentry account...BUT we are going to have jules
talk to you about that later on in the week
Guide-Indigo k
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Tinker oh.... ok
Guide-Taylor ok
Guide-Dawg You have 5 more hours of inclient training, you can go with any guide you
like with the exception of the last hour you must go with laz, rick, aly, intro, or dawg
Guide-Indigo ok
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Dawg You have one day to get your five hours done
Guide-Tinker ok....
Guide-Dawg take as long as you want
Guide-Jazz oh darn im away next week
Guide-Indigo 5 hours in one day?
Guide-Dawg (the one day was a joke)
Guide-Indigo oh phew
Guide-Jazz and all week to
Guide-Jari oh good
Guide-Jari ty
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Indigo bad dawg
Guide-Jazz i knew she had to be kidding
Guide-Tinker well i have tomorrow off
Guide-Dawg that's ok jazz you can take a week to get it done, what ever it takes it is
up to you
Guide-Dawg you might want to take a day to rest or get right at it
Guide-Dawg before yo ucan guide by yourself you need to do those 5 hours
Guide-Indigo ok
Guide-Jari ok
Guide-Jazz ok..
Guide-Tinker ok
Guide-Jazz will have to be after i get back
Guide-Dawg We have a conference that runs 24/7
Guide-Dawg one or two of you may have been invited to it by mistake already
Guide-Tinker lolol
Guide-Marie do we have to rove?
Guide-Marie or just be in there?
Guide-Dawg in the 5 hours?
Guide-Betty rove
Guide-Marie yeah
Guide-Dawg rove
Guide-Betty 5 seperate guides
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Dawg just like you did before
--DEBUG-> void CPlace::whispered(); From: Guide-Taylor; Type: 0; String: its on; Data
Length: 0
Guide-Dawg but you can go with ANY guide
Guide-Jazz pray tell me i dont have to go with nuts
Guide-Indigo except the last hour
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Dawg You may ask a guide and they may decline
Guide-Dawg that's ok too
Guide-Dawg just ask another
Guide-Jari <<Doc?? how about a date???
Guide-Dawg please accept your conference invites
Guide-Jazz ty
Guide-Jazz what is the oops
Guide-Marie the last hour has to be with one of the 5?
Guide-Dawg this conference runs 24/7
Guide-Dawg if you come on line and you don't get an invite right away
Guide-Dawg just ask someone on line to invite you in
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Dawg and if you see someone on tracker not in the conf, send them an invite
Guide-Jazz okies
Guide-Jazz now i need a scotch
Guide-Marie LOL
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Dawg not quite yeet
Guide-Dawg yet
Guide-Jazz ohhhhh
Guide-Marie scotch or scootch?
Guide-Betty ok comp accounts.
Guide-Jazz bith,,lol
Guide-Betty open
Guide-Jari open
Guide-Dawg click support
Guide-Dawg click complimentary account
Guide-Dawg follow those instructions exactly
Guide-Dawg email the details to with
Guide-Dawg from your GUIDE EMAIL ACCOUNTS
Guide-Dawg also email JUST the account number
Guide-Dawg not the name
Guide-Dawg In your emails, please include your guide name
Guide-Dawg this basic account is yours to use anyway you like as long as you are a guide
Guide-Dawg you can use it give it away, you're responsible for it do with it as you
Guide-Jazz oh ok
Guide-Dawg any questions?
Guide-Indigo no
Guide-Jari yes
Guide-Jazz i just signed up for a year,, and in advance,,lol
Guide-Marie do we wait for jules contact to sign up for that?
Guide-Dawg if you are unsure about any of this contact any of the three of us later
tonight or tomorrow no hurry
Guide-Dawg none has to be done this minute
Guide-Jari oh good,,,,,, i'm toast
Guide-Dawg no just go ahead and do it marie
Guide-Dawg that's ok jari, just contact one of us later, no hurry
Guide-Jari ty
Guide-Dawg this next bit is important
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Jari 5:30 comes too fast
Guide-Dawg from your guide to
Guide-Dawg your real name, real phone number and real mailing address
Guide-Dawg this information is for jules eyes only
Guide-Dawg NO ONE sees this but jules
Guide-Jari a NEW user name, right?
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Dawg any questions
Guide-Marie ok
Guide-Dawg yes jari
Guide-Jari k
Guide-Tinker got it (saved it too)
Guide-Dawg from time to time we might want to phone you
Guide-Dawg we will ask you for your number
Guide-Dawg it's 100% your choice
Guide-Jazz ok
Guide-Dawg you dont have to hem or haw just say no I'd rather not
Guide-Jazz wont bother me
Guide-Dawg some we have already called
Guide-Dawg and we have lousy phone boners in this class
Guide-Taylor heyyyyyyyyy
Guide-Indigo excuse me??????
Guide-Betty lol
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Taylor I moaned
Guide-Tinker hahahahaahahahaha
Guide-Dawg don't listen to what taylor and indigo say, they are really not that good
Guide-Marie lol
Guide-Taylor LOL
Guide-Tinker lololol
Guide-Betty roflmao
Guide-Dawg and marie and tinker what are you laughing about you weren't so good either
Guide-Taylor your just jelous dawg we didnt bone u
Guide-Indigo we gonna have to phone bone each other heck with everyone else>>
Guide-Marie i wasnt called! pffffffft
Guide-Tinker hahaha BUT BUT BUT i give you chew toys LOL
Guide-Taylor <<yeppers phone me baby
Guide-Dawg Jazz and Jari were at the top of the class
Guide-Jazz me either marie
Guide-Marie <<<lol
Guide-Jari huh?
Guide-Jazz hey bud >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Guide-Indigo lies....all lies
Guide-Dawg we wouldn't tell you all who we've called anyway
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Dawg that's it
Guide-Dawg remember the list of names you can go to for help at any time
Guide-Jari i need to try this voice thing........ anyone game?
Guide-Tinker sure........
Guide-Jari ty dawg
Guide-Dawg laz, rick, aly, intro, dawg, doc, betty, calanche, clancy
Guide-Jari saved to note pad
Guide-Dawg and the three of us here if you are having problems whatsoever
Guide-Dawg 24/7 anytime
Guide-Jazz i have saved to
Guide-Tinker ty
Guide-Dawg if we dont' answer we may be sleepig
Guide-Marie okay pager number?
Guide-Tinker LOL
Guide-Doc thank you
Guide-Dawg thank you
Guide-Doc welcome to guiding
Guide-Jari tyvm Dawg, Betty and Doc
Guide-Tinker *S*
Guide-Doc not get the hell out of here
Guide-Betty thankyou everyone
Guide-Doc *now
Guide-Marie wooooooo hoooooo thank you guys!
Guide-Jari pffft